The New Ways of Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In the past, religions and spiritual pathways were structured in a hierarchical way, to gently and collectively disseminate the light and grace of heart.

The call of soul went out, for most, through those forms to stimulate a response through the emotional self, to call forth the yearning for meaning, to trigger the memory of soul’s love; to awaken conscience through values formed by the group cohesion; to stimulate the memory of the greater picture of life in the context of spirit; and to nourish the spark of light within.

A young and learning humanity was only able to respond with feeling. Soul could not be felt in the human form while so much was still to be developed and learned. But the few who had walked a longer path and could hear the soul’s call more clearly have held, incarnated and stimulated the evolution of spirit’s touch through the forms of the church, mosque, temple. Whatever the form, it has then held the intention, created a physical and emotional vehicle, and, to a greater or lesser extent, radiated the light that was its to manifest, through its followers.

The teachings and emotional investment through the ages have created an inner building, a form, which becomes familiar through many lives of exposure, and that makes it easier to walk those halls. Many seekers find their succour and embrace within such a form and group.

As the awakening of heart consciousness proceeds, it is the astral, emotional forms that are most impacted in the first part of this journey of heart. Heart is a loving embrace, as was (and still can be) the emotional forms and intentions of the journey’s older ways. So, what do you choose?

Many do not find spirit’s love anymore in religions and spirituality of the past eons, because the greatest radiance of spirit comes in other ways now. But the old forms are so enticing through their familiarity and the remembered loving embrace from past lives. But, without the evolutionary intention of spirit’s flow directing and infusing these forms, they too easily become a path in name and form only, without the substance and presence of true light. It can still be nourishing for those whose choice to open heart in the new ways is not in this life. But unfortunately, it can also become a vehicle where the dark yearnings of the materially-bound personality can fill the vacuum, and distort what was loving into a beacon of this emotional, yet un-illuminated, strength that we see today in many religions. The emotions of uncertainty in these changing times feed this, and the narcissistic and overly power-focussed few prey on that to pull the susceptible in.

It becomes a battle of group energy:  the materially-focussed build group energy in old forms yet the light may not shine there; whereas the new spirituality shines brightly in many ways, but the form and the group is not coalesced or recognised strongly.

Do you choose an old, familiar form, even if it holds little, if any, love and light? Or do you step into that new consciousness where the form does not hold you, yet the love and light is strong?

This is the individual choice of heart.

The last ages have been built through the forms of emotional and mental exploration. Religion draws the emotional yearnings; science (in its most broad application) and other mentally focussed pursuits draw the mentally polarised. Yet both are equally focussed on form, in either emotional or mental matter. Both are pathways well ingrained within the human psyche, and as such, they are both limiters on the expression of heart. Change will come, but not without new forms, for people need a framework to understand life, and within which to grow personally and spiritually.

That is why we speak at length about the new world, the new vision, the new reality, of the heart-focussed world to come. It must enter the emotional and mental substance of humanity, there to gently ease consciousness out of the old ways and into the new.

In a curious way, although most think of a religion as a group activity, with group cohesion  and group expression, we will not truly see the expression of group consciousness until heart consciousness manifests.

Many have been, and still are, drawn to known religions and spiritual traditions because the group involved gives energy and life to their forms, and society gives life to their pathways, and it is either an easy step, or not even a conscious one, to be part of that form.

However, in these early days of the awakening Age of the Heart, you have to make a very deliberate choice to awaken the consciousness of heart. Heart consciousness has not in and of itself become manifest enough, or familiar enough, to become a form that is chosen easily, and the strength of society’s forms do not make it easy, although the many forms that are broken do force the gaze and the yearning heart to seek elsewhere.

Yet, when you make that choice of heart, you become part of a group that will become the greatest nourishment to the human heart ever seen. This is not a group with a built, physical form, or with a stratified dissemination of illumination built in. This is a living expression of consciousness, and it will be global, which past expressions of light could never be.

So instead of finding succour in the form, and with the group that fills and energises that form, you find it internally within your heart, and in shared expressions of the heart intention which inevitably bring people together. Those groups are agile, responding to need, and nourishing accordingly.

The last thing we need is more rigidity in this age of unfolding heart, even though sometimes we all yearn for the certainty that a formed and structured suite of concepts and emotional expectations can give.

Look for the certainty that matches your heart’s yearnings. Where does your heart sing? What does your heart’s expression create? How do you find hearts on the same wavelength? Your choices build the group cohesion that will manifest heart, in all its myriad, diverse, radiant, colourful and evolving ways. This is the dynamic expression of heart in our world. Never still, staid or tied to emotional and mental forms that will not be able to keep manifesting as the presence and flow of heart magnifies.

When you choose a path of heart, you join a global community that is your heart group, ever evolving, ever changing its expression to respond to the need of the hour, globally and locally. You join the warriors and peacemakers of heart, the nourishers and creators, the guides and mentors, the friends and collaborators – all becoming, and helping Earth become, heart.

It is an individual choice, yet it creates a magnificent consciousness of the group. Compared to the group-form and consciousness of the old ways that, while embracing with the familiar, may leave you yearning for the choice your soul is pushing you to make.

On this path of heart, you do not need to abandon all you know and do, but you do need to find and magnify the radiance of heart in all you do. This is your choice. Then the awakening and presence of heart will fill the needs of your inner yearning – and that is the path of soul and heart!

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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