Awakening Consciousness on Your Path

[written in conscious attunement]

When you open your heart to love, you open to flow, whether from soul, or from higher emotions. If you desire – it may be motivated by a higher intent to connect, with love; or it may be created by emotional patterns only. If you seek mental connection through engagement in ideas, while not a flow in and of itself, it may be energised by a higher motivation that aligns you with a higher intent; or it may be driven by mental patterns built up over this and past lives, or by emotional need expressed through a dominant mind.

The key to evolving your consciousness is to awaken in you the discernment of the source of these desires, thoughts, actions, needs, wants. You cannot rely on what feels right, or what you consider you know as right, because feelings and thoughts are primarily created and motivated by the reality of living, creating and connecting in our physical world, for that is where we live in our human consciousness. Perfectly fine, and where not, karma will teach the boundaries and rectify the misuse of energy and force that may have occurred. This evolves personal integrity as a human being, eventually,  but as the world we live in is going through such rapid change at this time, it is not enough for those who want to stay and evolve upon Earth.

When you open your heart to love, you open to flow

To participate in this period of rapid change, to enable your capacity to contribute to positive change, to refine your actions and connections such that soul intent can guide, you first have to learn to discern between the familiar drivers of mind and feelings, and the guidance of soul.

How to do this?

Firstly, decide this is what you want. The power of decision-making in opening your consciousness is profound, because, as human beings are on a path of conscious development and not simply flowing along in the great unfoldment, there has to be choice.

Soul guidance is never forced upon the human self, unless agreed to in conscious choice before incarnation, to create certain effects. Soul is always present, and evolves by gaining the elements of higher vibration life after life, achieved through personal learning and experience from the human journey.

The paradox is that the more lives a human being has, there are both more lessons and light created that develop into wisdom in the soul, but also more patterns within the human self that build into certainty at a human level, reducing the openness to soul. This is normal evolutionary development. You could liken it to the development of a child:  as they become more developed as teenagers there is the sense (commonly) that much more is known and understood than the adults around them perceive. To mature from teenager to adult, the thinking and reactions have to change. To mature from being more unconscious of soul, to opening more to soul, also requires different thinking and reactions. You can find the reflections of our evolutionary journey of consciousness mirrored throughout our single human lives, if you look.

You, the human being, have to make a choice, and then change. This does not require great change, although it may, e.g., if you choose a path of deep religious or spiritual immersion in a life of singular dedication. For most, this is not the path, so then, what does it require?

First, the choice, as already mentioned. The choice to seek and enact the guidance of higher vision, wisdom and love. To do this you need to acknowledge there is more to life than your human motivations and experience, and for many that is not a hard choice. The rapidity of change of Earth’s body of light in which we dwell stimulates both our inner reflections and questions, and the outer world where karma guides a faster pathway through the needed lessons. These bring the human consciousness into greater alignment with the loving intent of evolution expressing through soul, and through Earth’s embrace and need.

Second, the adaptation of thought, feeling and action in the light and impulse of the inner wisdom that you can access.

Here is where, for most, the greatest personal effort is needed. Here is where you need to remind yourself of your choice, to continually bring in that note of your higher guiding light into your daily life; because the only way you can update the patterns in your thoughts, feelings and actions is to realise there is another way; and that can only arise if you continue to impress upon your human consciousness the stimulus that gives light to that other way.

This is why a spiritual practice is always recommended, to give both indication of your human choice to your soul, and to create pathways whereby your soul and/or your inner teachers may stimulate your awakening and change.

At every step, discernment is your ally

At every step, discernment is your ally. Discernment of your practice – is it nourishing your awakening, or comforting with the familiar? Check in with your self:  is the familiar truly giving you the clarity of, and nourishment for your next step, or is it part of your human patterning from past practices? Reflect, and do not be afraid to seek something new.

Ultimately, if evolving your consciousness is your choice at this time, then you will have some place or sense in your being where you can discern what guides you, from what stagnates you.

Whether the tinkling whisper of an intuitive thought, or the ever-so-gentle nudge of an intuitive feeling; or perhaps it will come through outer circumstances that force a re-think and re-evaluation of your path. Just do not ignore these stimuli. Embrace them and realise they are your guides, to stimulate greater awareness of your soul, your purpose, and the expression of that purpose in your life.

So, find the practice that stimulates your awakening to your inner wisdom and  guidance of soul, and then see how to enable that inner wisdom and guidance to be infused into your thoughts, feelings and actions. Find how to repair and adjust the patterns of your human self, so they can update to the new consciousness you seek, and not cement over you with the certainty of how you have always done things.

…find the practice that stimulates your awakening to your inner wisdom and  guidance of soul

There is a myriad of ways to do this, but one thing is certain, you cannot change your human consciousness by being absent from it; by immersing into a new found spiritual light and dwelling there; by bypassing human life in the hope your spiritual self will solve it all.

Your journey of consciousness as a human being is not to dwell in the consciousness of your soul, but to merge your human self with your soul. Then all the valuable and detailed learning you have in your human self can be present, so you can engage with and make a difference in this world, and also be guided by the wisdom of your soul that has developed and refined life and life, and is also infused with the loving embrace of the evolutionary intent of Earth’s soul, similarly infused with Cosmic intent through which all evolution unfolds.

Keep at it. Whatever your path and your choice, you have the tools in your consciousness and/or are stimulated by your circumstances to find what you need to take your next steps. That is all you need to take a path of soul realisation, to experience more grace in your personal journey, to know that deep love of soul that shines in you, and bring more of that loving light into our needy world.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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