The Ocean of Love & Evolution

[written in conscious attunement]

Within Cosmos there is a pulse, a life force, a breath; for Cosmos is alive, just as you are alive. Cosmos is a living, breathing entity of consciousness, like you, like planets, like stars, like solar systems and galaxies.

The mysterious emptiness humans perceive within the Cosmos is none other than the substance of consciousness unworked out, the milieu of expression yet to take form within substance. For ultimately all life force comes to inhabit and consciously express through matter within this Cosmic expression, for that is the nature of evolution at this time. Do not mistake this as meaning all life must look human as, in the conscious diversity of our universe, that is absurd. Nor make the mistake of assuming an expression through matter means a physical life form of mobility, thought, expression in the way humans perceive – for this is also not the truth.

Matter within Cosmos encompasses everything of the human consciousness – from body to soul to spirit. This is Cosmic matter, the densest level of conscious expression there is, manifest in planets, stars, humans and angels alike, not to mention in the vast number of other expressions of evolving life.

Sirius is one such focus of life within our known (to humanity) expressions of consciousness in the physical realm of Cosmos. She is full of life and holds so many life streams, expressing divinity and love, for that is the dharma of this beautiful being of our skies.

Sirius is vastly more evolved than we are upon Earth, yet she sends love our way, and stimulus via stunningly enlightened beings. For as a perfected planet on her conscious journey, beings within her embrace have not only become conscious on the Cosmic physical level, but from that wholeness they can touch into and resonate with the consciousness of Cosmic flow, the loving pulse and wave of life force that moves through the flowing substance of our universe. Physics is the same throughout our Cosmos:  as above, so below; what you see where you are gifts you with insight as to where you go, in consciousness.

The densest matter coalesces into firm shapes bound together to fulfil conscious intention – humans, animals, trees, mountains, planets and solar systems. Then there is the liquid that moves in and around these aggregates of matter, wherein there is the birth of flow, and wherein the pulse of life, no matter how feint, is born.

Thus, on Earth, within the physical expression of Cosmos, we have earthly physicality, and oceans and rivers and water of all expressions, as the life-resonating liquid within and around which we live.

In Cosmos, we have the same, and all of the physical expressions of Cosmos bathe in what we call the Ocean of Love.  So all-pervading with life force and loving intent is this ocean, it feels like nothing other than the highest divinity.

Those enlightened beings of Sirius touch this ocean, and bring that evolutionary, loving resonance down into the physical world we live within, to create the resonance and stimulus to love. To love, both cosmologically and personally speaking, is to see outside oneself and to seek to connect to another; whether another being of like expression such as another human, whether Earth and nature, our loving home, or whether that which is so far beyond our physical senses that we call it divine.

This Cosmic, loving ocean carries the heartbeat of Cosmos itself, and thus the fullness of the loving life force within which we are born and evolve.

Every great moment upon Earth, evolutionarily speaking, has been stimulated and nourished by this ocean of divinity, this loving resonance of Cosmos. Whether the incarnation of an enlightened one, like the great teachers we have seen in history, who stimulate the awakening of human and earthly consciousness; or the incarnation of an impulse that must then express through the many, like the many great world events that have changed the course of history, and thus, of evolution, and thus, of the evolving heart. Those world events, unfortunately, are mostly remembered as the shattering side of love – that love that brooks no evil expression, that is invoked when human greed, lust for power, cruelty or utter lack of Earth-care becomes too all-pervasive in its reach, corrupting the expression of love and the evolution of consciousness in all her expressions. Think of the demise of Atlantis, more recently the second world war, and beware – for the lack of Earth-care reaches strongly into the unconscious of many, who blindly follow the pull of materiality (matter without life force), and ignore the pull of divinity, the ocean of love with all its intention for evolution of consciousness contained therein.

Regarding great teachers, who can bring that resonance of cosmic love, that true vibration that evolves consciousness, there are none incarnate upon this Earth at this time. So do not prostrate yourself at the feet of anyone believing them to be God’s expression. Show respect to great teachers who stimulate consciousness and guide your evolutionary journey, but beware of the ones who claim to be more than a fellow human traveller.

The truth can be found via your heart … but beware the pull of emotional needs

Do not read anything uttered as if it is from a great deity of the inner realms, for there are very few true expressions of absolute divinity reaching into the minds and hearts of humanity directly. Most express through that great body of Greater Hearts who know the path of embodiment upon Earth, and who have evolved consciousness such that they can bridge this flowing ocean of Cosmic intent into the worlds of human and earthly unfoldment. But still, as stated, there is neither at this time a physically incarnate expression of divinity at work in this way, nor is there any great teacher incarnate claiming such, who can actually embody such divinity of the Ocean of Love into words and teachings.

The truth can be found via your heart. But, beware the pull of emotional needs, for they can blind you to what is truly true.

Thus we have the Ocean of Love, resonant throughout our Cosmos, awash through our Solar system, bathing little Earth in her embrace, and brought into a resonance we can perceive by those Greater Hearts who bridge such spans of consciousness, and show us the way to truth and knowing, within the heart.  This leads us another step forward on the great evolutionary unfoldment into this great Ocean of Love, while we are also beings of, and resonating love into, our beautiful Earth.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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