The Lawmaker, Evolution and Life

[written in conscious attunement]

I am the Law that is the Earth beneath your feet.

I am the Law that is the blue sky above you. The green leaves around you, the diversity of nature, the flowing water, the blowing wind, the moving ocean, the warming sun.

I am that, for the Law, true Law, is the framework upon and within which all life becomes manifest. Because Law is life, and life is Law; because life and Law are the tools and vehicles of the evolution of consciousness.

No life can exist without the Law, no evolution can occur without life – else the substance and matter perceived in the physical world is lifeless, which is how most perceive it to be so. But it is not! For the Law is that ever pervasive vibration that holds the nuance that is the journey, and all matter responds.

Even the minerals of dear Earth, they seek each other and consolidate, for the divine law of attraction is the first Law of all evolution. To gather like with like, and then perceive what is not-like, that is the start of evolving consciousness.

Conscious growth in humans is the same: what resonates (like) and doesn’t resonate (non-like) stimulates reflection. This is at its most simple. Then you add soul – with memories past and vision of the future, and you increase the complexity of consciousness:  is what you perceive resonant because you know it from the past, or because it is your path in this moment, leading to the future? Or is it non-like because you have unfinished dharma or karma and recoil from that duty, or simply because it is not on your journey?

Ah, the wonders of conscious evolution!

So, I am that Law that holds resonance and reflects any discord, so that life may evolve.

I must embody upon every planet and star upon which life evolves. The level to which I descend is dictated by the Cosmic Law of which I am a part. Little Earth has long chosen, and been chosen, to be a vehicle of human and angelic conscious evolution, which is so unique!

Even if you can, in centuries to come, live upon and within other evolutionary planets, you shall not evolve your consciousness as you do upon this Earth. For when you go elsewhere, you enter a different Law.

This is manifest in indigenous wisdom, for they who are one with their lands are one with the Law as it manifests in their lands, and to go elsewhere is to step into another Law.

A shadow of this manifests in the diversity of national laws, and corporate laws,  although they are rarely aligned very much with the Laws of evolution. They are always behind the evolutionary impulse, for it takes time for the impulse to manifest in consciousness sufficiently to be manifest in form and societal structures.

However, many laws of the land (national laws), do support and enable evolution by enabling certain freedoms and responsibilities.

The worrying trend is those nations where the resistance to change empowers the form-builders who build with the old, to re-create the old, whether of englamoured power, influence, prestige or wealth. This does not enable evolutionary flow. Thus the current and expanding conflicts and shattering that are unfolding the world over.

The new Laws manifest through my being with nuance and tolerance, allowing a period of adjustment for consciousness to grasp the need and opportunity of the hour.

But for how long? The form-bound, consciously rigid humans cling to the old too strongly.

I, the Lawmaker, cannot give endless time for change, else the balance of the universe is lost.

So, there will be challenges ahead.

Find the resonance of my Law within you, for that is the creator of peace and the bringer of joy for you.

Then do yours, new lawmaker of the heart. For the more you align with me, the more you align with your own dharma as an evolving soul and human in this beautiful world.

Align, resonate, choose, then life’s journey flows full of love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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