The Difference You Make

[written in conscious attunement]

What difference do you make?

Every soul can make a difference to the evolutionary imperative for greater loving flow to be present on Earth. How much, and how, that loving flow manifests in our physical world is a choice we have as individuals.

There is pressure from the inner worlds, because Cosmic heart has sent a pulse of loving, living light, and Earth has responded. She has opened her consciousness to this flow, at least some of it, and that means the ocean of living, loving presence in her being, the loving ocean of her soul, is filled with that Cosmic impulse. This is the pressure of the Great Change we are in, and have been in for over a century.

Earth’s soul body is expanded, vibrant, and full of Cosmic intent, blended & harmonised with the vibration of her intent:  to become a vehicle through which the resonance of Cosmic love can vibrate. This needs cooperation and alignment of her lower bodies of consciousness; which exist and express as nature, with her families of plants and animals; as the mineral family deep in her own substance of matter; as the angelic family whose role and presence we have already touched upon; and then, as the human family.

The expression through nature, and the mineral family, are closely tied to the engagement and loving flow of angels, for angels bring that flow of consciousness to guide and nourish these families and expressions. There have been crisis points where many angels have wondered if they can continue to bring that loving, evolving flow into Earth through these beings. That has not been because of those families or because of something in their relationship with Earth, but because of human action which, en masse, shows such disrespect for Earth and her life either through ignorance, or through greed.

… choice has already been made at soul level … but the personal self must also choose in order for that loving light of soul to get through

Here then, comes the extremely important understanding needed:  human choice not only affects how much of that flow from the Ocean of Love of Earth’s soul can move through and nourish our own beingness; but we impact also how freely it can flow through the angelic guides and guardians of all other life and presences upon Earth.

This choice has already been made at soul level, but because of the particular evolutionary path human beings are on, the personal self must also choose in order for that loving light of soul to get through.

So, Earth has awakened her consciousness to Cosmic love, and welcomed that nourishing, stimulating pulse of Cosmic heart bringing loving intent into her soul. Human souls dwell in the lower (mostly) vibratory levels of Earth’s soul, the Ocean of Love that holds us all in love and guides with evolutionary intent. Greater Hearts of the human and angelic families dwell in the higher levels of Earth’s Ocean of Love, holding the human and angelic aspects of this loving intent within their consciousness.

For the Ocean of Love of Earth’s soul, pregnant with that infusion of Cosmic loving intent, to infuse through the depths of that ocean into her physical self, there need to be places where that flow can move through into her body.

Our physical understanding of flow gives insight into how this works. As the volume and intensity of the flow increases, then the pressure builds everywhere that flow meets resistance. From the point of view of consciousness, which is what we are exploring, the point of resistance is where evolutionary change occurs.

Hence, we have this great Ocean of Love seeking expression into our physical world, and human consciousness is the major vehicle through which that is enabled. Some flows through angelic guides, but as mentioned, human choice can also inhibit this. Some can flow through temples and sanctuaries dedicated to love’s unfoldment, mostly held by Greater Hearts in quiet incarnation for this purpose.

humanity is the major expression of evolutionary consciousness that has the choice to open consciously to the Ocean of Love

But, humanity is the major expression of evolutionary consciousness that has the choice, collectively, and as individuals, to open consciously to this Ocean of Love because we hold the largest embodiment of consciousness within Earth’s matter. At least, the promise of consciousness.

As individuals, we can make a great difference. The pressure is felt by all, and shows as personal, group and national challenges arise, and fractures develop, as the pressure seeks release. But remember, this is pressure from the Ocean of Love, and the pressure is released by flow, and flow, once enabled, can create a cascade of force to sweep all before it.

This can be a positive and empowering experience, or a shattering one. Are you ready for more love, for more consciousness, for more responsibility as a soul expression upon Earth? Then loving flow shall empower you. Know you will never be given more than you have capacity for.

If you are not ready, the question is ‘why not?’ Many are young souls, and the pressure of choice does not weigh upon their human consciousness. Instead, they feel the pressure of the global, national and organisational (group) structures that are failing to express this needed change of intent so that loving flow can move through them, which creates societal pressures along the usual lines: international and political insecurity, financial systems, food and water supply, energy, etc.

But it is not their choice as conscious beings where the weight of pressure lies. It is with those of us who can perceive, even via the tiniest voice of conscience and consciousness, that we need to change.

When that tiny voice, or the voice of changing circumstances, or global awareness, or societal pressures, tinkles in our personal awareness, that is the sound of a choice of importance to be made. That is the point at which we need to choose an uplifting, albeit transformative, shift in our expression and beingness upon Earth; or we allow the pressure to build, whereupon, eventually, the force will burst through unintended, unguided, and may shatter and crush whatever blocks its flow.

This sounds dramatic, but is fundamentally true; whether it be a significant release of pressure, or a smaller one. We have all had life experiences that have shattered, and we grow from them. We have all had choices too, where choices made lead to significant changes in how and where we express our beingness. Mental breakdowns and related mental health challenges, on a significant rise throughout humanity, are an expression of this pressure; and they often lead to an awakening of consciousness. Personal and societal choices are needed to aid this.

Choosing a different job, or a different home, city or nation in which to live, can also be expressions of alignment with that unfolding pressure of conscious change. Every one of us is a unit of consciousness, no matter how developed, and as such we form a significant number of points through which Earth’s Ocean of Love seeks to bring that flow into our shared physical world.

This is how the Great Change unfolds:  the pulse of Cosmic love has touched and been absorbed by Earth. Her Ocean of Love is filled and energised, and seeks to flow into her physical being. Some flow can move through angels and nature, but humanity is the major vehicle of conscious choice for that loving flow to express in this beautiful world.

Your choice, smaller or greater, enables alignment in your being to that flow. And as more of your consciousness flows, others can see and perceive that, and change unfolds. Nothing we do, or choose in consciousness, is isolated from that unfoldment in our earthly and human worlds.

These choices can be inner and personal, in attitude, expression, relationship. They can be outer, in personal things such as work, and organisational effort. They can be in support of organisational and societal change, or through resistance to greed and overbearing oppressiveness, as examples.

There are many, many ways you can express your choice to align with and embrace the flow of loving intent through your being.

Simply be aware, and choose, for then you become one more point of loving flow’s expression, and as we all do this, we create a wave of loving intent that shall enrich Earth life for all.

Choose well, with discernment from your heart, for there you know.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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