Humans & Angels Co-Create Love

[written in conscious attunement]

When angels and humans meet in mind, creativity ensues.

When angels and humans meet in heart, then it is love that unfolds. For love that inspires – that evolves life to a higher consciousness, that embraces all life in the journey of light – that love is a flow and a presence. Angels create flow, humans create presence. Angels live to move energy, light, love. Humans evolve to hold light, love, energy.

Both are needed for evolutionary love to descend from cosmic embrace to personal touch. Both humans and angels must meet in heart to unfold the grace so needed at this time.

The presence of love created by humans fills the space and creates the place in which we reside – our homes, our cities, our countries, our world. This we can do individually and collectively.

Angels bring the sparkle, the texture, the nuances, the feel – like the brush of a gentle breeze, the tingle of a gracious moment, the movement that shifts consciousness to new worlds. Yet it is not possible if the place and space is not infused with the presence of love.

We have a magnificent cooperation! And we do need more.

As a human, you don’t need to try to bring angels into your world, just be loving. You don’t need to seek to move love – unless you are a human-angel (an angel incarnate in human life) – for that is a strain on the human body and beingness.

Find a place in your being where you can be present in the love that holds all life, that loves all existence – and let it be in your being. Then you will shine into the inner worlds like a beacon, a torch of brilliance – and the angels will find you, and together love will manifest, through flow and presence.

This we need so much more of on Earth: the love that is evolution. The love that creates life changes for good, conscious changes for awakening, choice changes in our world for a better journey.

Open your heart and let love be there.

Do not strive, push with mind, drive with desire – just be. Practice will let it unfold with ease, for the times are great for evolutionary love to manifest in our day-to-day world. This is where the great change must be born.

As partnerships develop between humans and angels, such great love shall awaken in our world! The love that evolves  … and creates change, for you cannot awaken heart without unfolding change.

Angels, devas, are here to facilitate their part in this great unfolding. They see the light and the future – because they are beings of flow and movement. Their awareness is always upon where the flow goes and what it creates, so they are always imbued with the sense of purpose. Even the smaller angels, where their purpose may not be defined in conscious constructs, it is always there in intention.

Angels are the bringers of joy, for in the movement of love, joy appears. When the brush of love touches your being, your consciousness is awakened, your vision momentarily is of cosmos, your insight is of wholeness; you feel touched by the fullness and blessing of being alive. Every cell reacts with light!

Like a magnet (which love is, as a magnetic force), this touch of light draws to it the joyful vibrations of your being, and aligns them with the greater vision and embrace, even if just momentarily.

Your cells are born of the matter and substance of Earth, and Earth was born of the evolutionary will to create in matter – with love. So this love is in every cell, every atom. It simply is, like the electrons and nuclei of atoms. The very substance we, and all, are made of knows this love.

Angels help us remember. We just need to shine the light so they can come, then you shall feel their blessings, your cells will sing, your heart shall hum with the Om of all time’s knowing, and joy fills you!

Joy is infectious – for its sparkle ripples through time and space to touch all, past, present and future.  Joy of heart helps lift and loosen the burdens carried from the past, and loosens the fabric setting the patterns for the future. It vibrates all around, and all can feel that. You cannot stand in the waves of the ocean and not feel them, or in the touch of the breeze and not know it. We feel our world and these movements around us; go to heart and feel the movements of angels’ loving flow. It is there for us all.

Share the love, through joy. Find your heart, and awaken your loving light. Our world will be enlivened and renewed to nourish all, in all ways needed.

Thus say the angels, in their call to their brothers and sisters in humanity, come and meet in heart!

Let us be love and change our world, release the past, envision a new future – one where love, the evolutionary force, guides and inspires, so all can awaken and choose with enlightened conscience and gracious insight.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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