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Emotional Discernment and Intuition

[written in conscious attunement]

If you want to understand intuition, look to your experiences and the input of your every day.

Variations in vibrational tone and level are the language of your inner perceptions. The learning to be undertaken is how you perceive and receive their presence into your conscious self, or perhaps how your conscious self reaches out into the worlds of finer vibration. Either way, this is how you learn the language of your inner self.

The study and awareness of emotions is well developed for many – at least for predominant emotions – but the usual focus is on labelling them and using the mind to change them if that is wanted or needed. For example, anger is one we learn about from a very early age, as the temper of a two-year-old manifests when challenged with limitations. Then we learn from the swings and roundabouts of wants and desires, love and loss, hope and disappointment, grief and joy, and many more.

Variations in vibrational tone and level are the language of your inner perceptions

To learn the language of vibration and thus intuition, you need to go beyond the words that describe these emotions. You need to bring another level of discernment into your awareness, and that is the vibrational note of the emotion.

Emotions are fluid, mostly: being relatively quick to flow and recede when stimulated. Your emotional self is a vibrational body around you and interwoven through your physical self, and responds to the vibrations in the environment, and to causes arising in your personal consciousness.

From the environment, you pick up vibrations with which your emotional self can resonate. This varies, depending upon your experiences and learning from your many lifetimes, upon the learning journey you have incarnated with in this lifetime (where karma gives opportunities and restrictions to empower your experiences), and upon the emotional substance of the family and society into which you were born. All of these give you familiarity with certain emotional vibrations because you have grown up with them, and had opportunities to expand or refine your emotional awareness through the lessons learned.

Familiarity leads to two possible pathways as far as consciousness goes:  either it leads to awareness of the familiar emotions when they arise, or they simply become part of the lived experience and do not become part of your consciousness. For example, if you grow up in a family filled with stress, you may not recognise stress as an experience, unless it is more extreme. If you were immersed in love and care, you may not have noticed it was there until something changes. If you regularly experienced fear or trauma, you may shut them down in order to reduce the challenge of those feelings (until they may re-emerge, e.g., through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). There are many examples.

Emotions that arise within you are built out of the same substance as those we have just described:  the emotional milieu of your upbringing, and life in general. This is the substance available to you to work with. However, they can become qualified by your intention – whether that is to direct their flow, for example to a person or situation; or to magnify their flow; or to merge different emotions into one reaction.

We also have many experiences locked up in our emotional self that may hinder flow, stopping its expression until the flow is dammed so much that it may burst out, with unintended consequences. Or we may have built channels and confined our flows to certain well-worn expressions. These are usual in the human emotional body, and affect our ability to engage with, and work from, a higher intention of love and light that needs the freedom to express the fullness of emotional vibration, unhindered by these limitations.

What you pick up in the emotional environment could be likened to living in water. You might only notice it when there is difference, e.g., it becomes cold or hot, or if you bring your focussed attention to it; or you may not notice it at all if your focus is elsewhere.

This outlines the general development and experience of emotions, although life’s journey gives much more depth and nuance to your emotional development.

Now let us come to working with emotions as a language of vibration. Here, the descriptive label you may have given them does not necessarily help. What matters is what the level of vibration is:  is it higher, finer in note and sound, or lower? Is it a mix, where a higher note may create a resonance with a lower note so that the two sound together?

For example, let us look at devotion. It can be a very finely vibrating quality that uplifts the devotee and touches those around them with that upliftment. Or it may be a controlling kind of devotion, where a person has been forced into that expression by their life’s circumstance or by their need to repress other emotions, or both. This is not an uplifting energy, and those around them may feel constrained, criticised and maybe even condemned, if they do not apply a similarly heavy-handed discipline.

Which is best? That entirely depends upon your personal journey and karma, and both expressions have their challenges and can lead to much personal growth of consciousness. The journey of consciousness is to learn to differentiate based on their vibrational note, not on the descriptive words used.

The same can be said for many emotions. They can be finely vibrating, they may be singular and pure (pretty rare), or mixed in their levels of vibrational expression. We have plenty of emotional experiences in our lives to explore these subtleties, and this is a valuable place to begin the journey of discerning the vibrational truth, and develop the foundations of intuition.

You have no doubt already had intuitional experiences, and can also use those to review and explore how that input reached you, and what it taught you.

Emotions are the easiest inner level of beingness to explore, because we have so much more awareness in our physical consciousness of them, and how to use them. Still plenty more to discover though, as the emotional body of humanity as a whole has just about every expression you can have in this vibrational milieu, and much of it needs a good cleanse.

Because emotions are of a fluid vibrational expression, one of the experiences we have most often is simply that:  the movement of emotional substance. In and of itself, this can become something that is sought, for in its own way that can be a stimulus. The challenge comes when the stimulus is on a lower level of vibration, unlabelled, unknown, but somehow appealing. Because emotions are fluid, and because they interact with the emotional energy environment in which we dwell, they can become a current, a river, an ocean of flow, swirling around in the ebb and flow of all the people who seek, or do not resist, this experience.

When it is a lower vibration, it can lead to mass coherence of human reaction that can become a negative expression. Always, such a mass coherence of lower energy is shaped and given direction by those of more purposeful intent, who know, at least in part, what they are doing, for example, a political or religious leader stirring up a crowd.

Before participating in any mass movement, reflect on what the driving intention is – for there will be one. Dig deeper and reflect on every layer of your own response, and on what is promised, given, taught, expected by the body of energy and those who guide it.

The challenge with such amassed emotions is that they get to a level where the mass movement creates its own currents and waves of flow, and the originating intent can be hard to perceive. This is challenging for humanity at this time, when there are so many means to communicate and thus create and stimulate this emotional coherence.

The positive is that this emotional coherence is what can also create great positive change on Earth and within society; but only when enough of humanity clear their heavier emotional vibrations, through personal intentional change, or karmic experiences.

So, the exploration of emotional vibration not only changes you and awakens in you more understanding of the language of intuition, but also you change the milieu of human emotions globally. If we all make a little effort, then the tide of change would have more gentle and positive currents through which to reach humanity and the world in which we live.

This is a good place to start on a journey of consciousness. Heart light needs to flow, and emotions are the vehicle through which our heart’s expression can reach deeper into this world, and bring that loving light.

Find ways to use awareness of heart to help you discern, for when you truly go to your heart, you can perceive those emotional energies that are not of a finer vibration, and learn how to activate your discernment.

In terms of changing vibrations of a lower level, everything from spiritual practices and healing, to psychological therapy can help. You have to seek that which resonates for you at this point in your journey. Use your increased emotional awareness to discern!

When you seek with heart’s intent, you will find pathways and practices that aid you – just remember to never ‘set and forget’ – for as you change, so too may the pathways and practices you need.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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