Nature’s Song and Your Purpose

[written in conscious attunement]

When the soul of nature sings, the whole Earth sings, for nature is her voice. Nature is her expression in this physical world. Not us, human beings. We are not of Earth’s song, with rare exceptions, because we come to Earth as a physical incarnation of soul, and though that soul was born in Earth’s Ocean of Love, it is created from the spark of spirit and bears Cosmic intent. All human souls are created this way, as are those of other beings that circulate through Cosmos.

But nature is of Earth’s intent alone. Nature is her expression of life and consciousness. Of course, you can say that Earth’s consciousness has been enabled and stimulated by the spark of spirit that has taken her on her journey of evolution, and that is true. But because nature is not on the path of individualised consciousness, as humans are, then Earth remains as nature’s soul, and her spark of life is what creates life in all of nature.

There are some creatures who have what we call a ‘group soul’, where there are many incarnations at the same time, and the collective experience is gathered into one soul and shared with all future incarnations. But this is a soul created by Earth’s intent, through differentiation in expression of the evolutionary stimulus she has in her being from her divine spark. These group souls are creations of her spirit, not Cosmic spirit.

In the past, humans could evolve this way, through group soul experience, refining further and further until individuation was possible. That is when a spark of spirit of Cosmic intent could descend and energise the creation of an individual soul from the group soul, thus breaking up that group soul of Earth’s creation into an individual soul on the path of incarnating Cosmic intent through its own spark of spirit.

One thing we forget forever as human beings:  we are here, incarnated upon Earth, to participate in the global and Cosmic evolutionary plan

One thing we forget forever as human beings:  we are here, incarnated upon Earth, to participate in the global and Cosmic evolutionary plan. We are here to learn how to manifest that in our physical world, which is why Earth invites us to incarnate, and why our souls are born in her Ocean of Love.

We are not here to amass wealth, power or land, etc. We are not here to live a life of self-focus and greed. We are here to learn and understand, so that our true reason for being here – that which is held in our souls – can resonate through us, in concert with the harmony of Earth’s song, her song sounded through nature.

It is a tricky medium in which to hold the resonance of soul, here on Earth as a human being, for two reasons:  soul is a vehicle of consciousness, so we have to become conscious enough in our human self to resonate with soul; and we have to understand the call of the Earth to understand her journey, and thus our purpose for being here.

The journey of becoming conscious we have explored much already:  it takes place under the Law of Karma and the guidance of soul. This proceeds reasonably, as far as the masses of humanity are concerned. Recognise that for human soul-consciousness to resonate through its human vehicle, the human self does not have to become a most illumined, wise being; it simply has to have learned the lessons on its path, and become purified enough in its manifestation for the soul note to resonate. What that soul note is, and whether you need lives over tens of thousands of millennia to learn to sound a complex harmony in your human self, or a shorter journey to learn a single note, is to do with your relationship with Earth.

This is the bit most do not understand:  you are not here to become glorious in the resonance of your own soul, you are here to be part of the great and glorious symphony of sound of Mother Earth herself, as an incarnated vibration of Cosmic heart, which is her path and choice.

You are here to be part of the great and glorious symphony of sound of Mother Earth herself, as an incarnated vibration of Cosmic heart

So, your search for purpose is good, your search for soul is good, but it must relate to Earth for you to continue here! Here is where the sound of nature is revelatory. Nature sounds Earth’s call, her note, her need, her love. If you learn to listen to nature with attunement to the loving light and embrace that is her gift to us, you shall hear Earth. When you hear Earth, you have a whole new vibratory resonance to hold in your being, and thus refine and align your own note to resonate with her. Then you can truly become the glorious light of your soul, and live in the resonant sound of your note in harmony with Earth. That is true purpose.

So often we only look up, and so many religions teach us this:  the heavenly worlds of the illumined and the divine are our goal, and they are far above us. True, sort of, if you only consider your path to be one of becoming soul or higher light – whatever way you conceive this – but not true when it comes to realising your true purpose here upon Earth. As stated, that is not to become soul, it is to become your soul in resonant harmony with Earth.

Is it not just taken care of by your soul? Is it not one and the same, because surely your soul is in harmony with Earth, so if you become soul, you are automatically in that harmony? The reality here, is that as a human being you are never just soul. Only on rare occasions will a direct soul incarnation happen in the physical world. [see]

We evolve as human beings so that we can resonate with our souls. But we are still human, with all the nuances and refinements that our human consciousness brings. That is what we need to bring into our purposeful life on Earth:  all the gifts we have learned, the wisdom we have gained, the light we can shine, the love we can share, in all its complexity in our human self. That is what makes our life resonate with such beauty in Earth’s sphere. If it were just Earth’s purpose to hold light and love at our soul level, that would have been achieved long ago. But she has chosen to become a beacon of heart and light through her physical self, and so, therefore, must we, if we are to achieve the highest expression of love that we seek.

In your heart you can hear the note of soul and Earth

So, listen to nature. She sounds Earth’s loving chorus, shows us her many variations in harmony, even if through our human eyes we see creatures and systems we do not like. Look and listen with the eyes and ears of your conscious self, and understand the whole picture. Then look to what the note is that you need to add to that harmony; then you are upon your purposeful path.

A path of soul purpose will give you some direction, but it is not enough in this era of unfolding consciousness of heart, for in your heart you resonate with Earth and soul, with your human self upon Earth, and with the loving intention of your soul infused by spirit. A remarkable and truly beautiful thing!

In your heart you can hear the note of soul and Earth, when you train and learn to refine and still your personal self. Still, but not dissolved.

Be who you are and celebrate the note of your being, and become part of the symphony of Earth, singing through soul and nature, reverberating love and the path of heart throughout our universe.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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