Love Evolves through Form & Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

True love, the love that emanates from Cosmos, the love that enables evolution, the love you can find in your heart – this love expresses in many ways upon Earth, in our physical world.

Earth herself absorbs it to some extent, and it is her path to be able to absorb it more fully, so that she is a heart pulse herself of this great, loving force. The spiritual family of Greater Hearts of the inner worlds absorb much too, and mediate it into a multitude of streams through which all life can perceive that love, and thus evolve.

One of those great streams is expressed through spirituality itself, that stimulus of human and earthly life (including all families of nature) that is direct and to the point concerning the unfolding path ahead. Religion is one such expression of this stream of spiritual stimulus. But does it hold love? The challenge with any spiritual stimulus reaching into and incarnating, if you like, into the physical world is that in order to do so, it must become expressed in matter, else it remains only in the inner realm of the heart.

This incarnation into matter requires the building of form in the dense substance of consciousness, which, spiritually and evolutionarily speaking, is the substance of physical matter, but also the substance of human mind and emotions. The mind and emotions are included because, from an evolutionary point of view, they are builders and holders of form, thus behaving more like matter than the gently responsive and flexible substance of the higher worlds, where a type of form may be assembled to achieve certain ends, but then can be easily disassembled should that form no longer be required or serve its purpose.

we build forms for body, emotion, thought … but then the form must be able to disassemble when the spiritual, evolutionary impulse requires a more nuanced, different response

The challenge ever for the evolving human consciousness – for it is that journey on which we are focussed here, not that of the other families of consciousness within Earth’s embrace, such as animals, plants, angels, etc.  – is that to exist, it must build form. That is the means by which the incarnating soul impulse can come into existence and live in matter. The pull of matter enables this, showing how to do this via the expressions already here, around us, in nature.

As an evolving human, we build forms for body, then emotions, then thoughts, then our whole human expression. Necessary, but then the form must also be able to disassemble when the spiritual, evolutionary impulse requires a more nuanced, or even a quite different response.

How many people do you know who have experienced a crisis of some sort, inner or outer that has led to a complete reworking of the structure and certainty of their being, such that  something completely other has awoken in their awareness, in their actions, in their choices – and thus they experience and demonstrate a significant shift in consciousness? Perhaps you have been upon this path yourself. Many are these days, as the relentless evolutionary and loving stimulus expresses more and more via the spiritual family of Greater Hearts, and via Earth herself, as the Cosmic need, and Solar and Earth choice must make manifest.

Sorry if you don’t like this situation. You can go elsewhere in Cosmos if you deeply choose it, for Earth’s choice has been made and you simply cannot take an alternative pathway, or you become a cancer within her being. How would that rest in your consciousness? Or be allowed karmically, for as Earth has chosen, the range of choices possible to all living here has to fit within the energy parameters of her embrace.

This evolution does not require an instant choice and switch in consciousness, or the dissolution of the personal self so that the soul aligned presence can express. This is a process of change that occurs over centuries, even millennia for some, depending on how developed they are. The more developed a personality is, the more cancerous are the negative (i.e., anti-evolutionary) choices within Earth’s and their own being.

Thus, change is inevitable within our own consciousness, and the forms of our being that it dwells within, built of our physical, emotional and mind beingness. But this is not the only change needed. Change must also be able to occur in the forms of consciousness built around great spiritual stimuli. To date, such change is always initiated by a great teacher from the family of Greater Hearts, incarnating in order to pierce the veils of ignorance and express that stimulus in the world of human awareness.

This stimulus, manifest as a religion, or doctrinised spiritual practice, becomes a form in order to reach and touch humanity. But it is a form that can also become built over, strengthened in its concrete expression by human attachment, need or belief; and, as we know from history, also by desires for power, authority, control, dominance in the global milieu. How many ways have we seen, and continue to see to this day, the expression of a spiritual impulse no longer express that, but instead become a rationale for violence, hatred, destruction, intolerance?

Other expressions of spiritual stimuli face the same challenge. Spiritual stimuli express through all fields of human endeavour to enable positive development of human consciousness, not just through religion or spirituality. Any stimulus brought into earthly and human conscious apprehension to awaken an evolutionary step, can become solidified by layers of human self-interest, whatever expression that takes.

These forms must change! This does not mean destruction and dissolution, if the initial spiritual impulse still shines within, and can still hold relevance for the spiritual and conscious development of the human family.

Any form thus solidified can no longer flex and evolve to express the nuances of change as evolution proceeds – let alone if major shifts are required.

We are now in a period of very rapid change, over these last 50 years, and continuing for some time until a certain amount of change is achieved. Forms in personal and global or societal consciousness that have puttered along for centuries, maybe even millennia as some spiritual stimuli have, must now choose to evolve, or be crushed by the force and weight of evolutionary change; for the new stimuli need free-flowing substance in which to build the new forms of consciousness that fit the times into which we are entering.

How does a global or societal form change? Through conscious intervention of those involved, and/or the sheer volume of awakened hearts dwelling within or that care about that form, whether a religion, an expression of science, a structure of politics, or something else.

So your choice matters! Not only do you awaken your own indwelling spirit and heart’s expression, but you become an active blood cell within the body of Earth, circulating in the world of consciousness with vitality, love and nourishment, such that the great evolutionary step before us all can be taken with as little shattering as possible.

Stay grounded, but be of heart. That is the greatest, most illuminating contribution you can make. Avoid all fanciful thoughts of global or personal influence. Just be the best expression of heart you can be, and you have done yours, and love shall flow, and the great change unfold with joyful and sustaining embrace for all, including beautiful Earth herself.

Love, and be.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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