Love, Care, Need and Global Choice for Peace

[written in conscious attunement]

One of the greatest stimuli of conscious development is when you do not get what you feel is yours, or you lose something you want or need. It does not matter if it is of material origin, or personal opportunity; and it is not to say that what is lost, or not given, is wrongly grieved.

We cannot become conscious of anything if we have no interest in what lies outside the sphere in which we exist. So, unless we are driven to seek outside our sphere, we remain unconscious. That drive, in the first instance, comes from physical need for food, shelter, warmth, shade, etc. From a physical point of view, this builds a connection of awareness between us and Earth.

To develop beyond this needs soul stimulus, and that comes from the inbuilt presence of emotional need for connection and the response from relationship. Why it needs soul stimulus is because anything beyond physical need is not drawn into expression through the involutionary process that enables us to incarnate. That process draws our soul spark down into matter, and clothes it in body, emotions and mind, but it is only the body’s needs that are triggered, for that is for survival, where all the other elements of our earthly presence are in the realm of evolution.

Our body is our anchor here on Earth. All our inner elements are what stimulate our yearning and seeking for the home of souls, in Earth’s Ocean of Love. Thus they are not activated until the soul stimulus resonates through heart, to awaken those initial seed atoms around which our emotional and mental bodies are built, and begin that process of evolution where we seek that which we remember – or at least that which we know exists outside our current conscious sphere of physical existence. We seek it because it is born of love, soul’s love, which is ever there to sustain us on our evolutionary journey.

This is simplistic but essential to know, because unless we understand more about the mechanisms of evolution – meaning the full expression of evolution, which is our journey to become conscious vehicles of our souls, not the Darwinian evolution of physical forms – then we take so much longer to become conscious participants in our evolutionary journey. On Earth, now, we do not have time to dilly-dally, because she has made her choice and our conscious cooperation is needed. Hence the speeding up of those stimuli that magnify the pull of evolution – and conflict, confusion, oppression and inequity on every level from food to intellectual opportunity are stressed.

Why is evolution not a product of love and care? Of light and peace? Because, unfortunately, if we already lived in a world where our needs were met, we would not seek, and our journey and responsibility is to seek and become conscious, such that our individual and collective life upon Earth is an expression of light, love, care and peace, not just an immersion in it.

Our journey requires consciousness, because we are to be contributors to the creation and sustenance of the world of soul in the physical realms of mind, body and emotions on Earth – something many do not yet apprehend in a spiritual sense. We seek it, and hope for it, and often fight for it in our physical world, yet still there are so many injustices in the realm of physical equity. Not only equity where all humans have equitable access to what meets their physical needs, but also that we consider and weigh our needs in relation to Earth. Most of the human activity on Earth today has little consideration for her need for balanced give and take. Although many have lifted their consciousness to understand this, and action to balance this does proceed rapidly, it is still not rapidly enough.

Contrary to what many think, it is through our emotional development that we can evolve most rapidly in this current and emerging era. Hence why it is also the medium through which the most distress arises, on a global scale. This is not to downgrade the very real distress of physical needs unmet, but the way to change this is through our emotional purification and response.

Emotions are our vehicle for caring, and without care, it does not matter how much we know intellectually. Of course, care can arise in response to many situations, but it is a basic human capacity. Why? Because it is an expression of love, resonating with the seed of soul love in our emotional selves. That soul stimulus that awakens our need to seek outside ourselves for emotional connection may first be expressed as wants, where we want to draw to us the nourishment that connection brings. But it is very quickly (evolutionarily speaking) followed by care – which is the outflow of love, and this is where we realise the fullness of love, and feel the grace of soul resonate within us.

All love is a flow from one heart to another, whether Cosmic heart to our Earth’s heart, our Earth’s heart to our hearts, our hearts to each other. But it can never be an expression of love until it circulates, because until then it is not a flow, and the living grace of love cannot be bestowed. It is like expecting a person to live without blood flow:  the body can survive a short while on the residual nourishment in the cells, but that is quickly depleted. It is the same with love. Love is a living sustenance for life, and it must flow.

So, we must learn to consciously choose to be part of that flow, and we do that through our emotional responses to needs and grievances, hopes and oppressive experiences, opportunities and defeats. Of course there are many emotions that we experience, but the key is to differentiate them into inflows and outflows; and positive loving expressions, and negative reactive ones. We circulate all of these to a greater or lesser degree in our day.

It is not to suggest we immerse in our emotional journeys without focus on mind, but mind is a vehicle of learning to facilitate conscious awakening, it is not a vehicle of flow or of love. An illuminated mind can infuse a loving emotional embrace with radiance, but without the emotional element it cannot be a vehicle of love in our human world.

Our path is to become a vehicle of loving flow. When enough of us choose this path, and apply our conscious effort to evolving rapidly on this journey, we can change this world.

People and the races, nations and religions that are the aggregates of people’s needs and wants, are seeking in response to soul stimulus, because that is the evolutionary moment we are in. Humanity, as a whole, has structured much of its response to these needs through a financial medium, but although money can facilitate care and the supply to meet needs, and must be supported, on a global scale we need more love – to foster a change of consciousness such that care and equity can be empowered and bring evolutionary change.

Of course many people and organisations work with great love and care, but globally it needs to be more – to sustain those on the front line, and to infuse those still fighting for what they want through war, aggression, oppression and greed. This is the great imbalance in physical expression, for to take without giving on a national, racial or other aggregate scale is not positive.

There are too many minds in charge of these aggregations of human expressions and needs, who do not care about Earth and humanity as a whole, and most frequently do not care for their people either, other than as supports for their own self-aggrandisement or deluded nationalistic isolationism.

Justice must and will prevail, but only when enough people enact their own choices in daily life, to be part of a solution to world challenges based on care for humanity and Earth, and not just care for self and nation.

The tide of change will arise from the emotional response of humanity, when that response is sufficiently infused with love and care. But, as with any ocean, it is the wave the offers the power for change, and it does not need the whole ocean to change.

So, have hope, and join the wave of change through your own concerted effort to care, whether in five minutes of daily prayer or meditation dedicated to world peace, or in the fullness of your life given in service to this cause, or any expression in between. This is how you magnify the loving flow through, and thus resonance of, your own emotional self; and become a vibration that magnifies the wave of change so desperately needed in our world today.

A wave is created by every small water molecule receiving, and vibrating with, the infusion of energy around it, and giving that energy on to the next. Do the same with the loving grace that is here in our world, and let us not let the darkness of stagnant and un-flowing emotions expand their non-living presence further in our world. Instead, we can be part of the conscious wave that gives nourishment and equity, through love, not greed.

Unfortunately it is not an instant switch, but it can be a rapid change; that is our choice to enact.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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