Justice and Sticky Guilt

[written in conscious attunement]

Justice. What is it really? Many feel justice is achieved when someone is punished by the law, and often that is true. Of lesser validity is when justice is meted out personally, when one feels justified in mistreating another – leading to violence, racism, misguided nationalism, religious intolerance, and other acts of prejudice.

As indicated in the word, this arises from a pre-judgement, making it inevitably personal – whether individually, or collectively by the group involved. A picture is formed, and promulgated within groups, based on personal perceptions, assessments, experiences, all of which are filtered through one’s own memories and knowledge, and the constraints of one’s own karma and consciousness.

The inevitable failure of this to align with and empower true justice is why humanity has long sought and created laws to bring order, and has invested in the value of wise citizens to make judgements based on the agreed laws.

Ultimately, it is human conscious change that must occur, to enable the re-imagining of what a lawful society means in the unfolding Age of the Heart

But this is all changing now. Change is obviously needed, for even though most countries have laws and a legal system that enable justice in most situations, there are two obvious failings:  the power of individuals and corporations to manipulate law to enable their continued unethical exploits of people and Earth; and the need for more pervasive and effective global law, as the global community grows in interactions in both positive and negative ways.

The difficulty with the law, is that it is one of the hardest expressions of social structure to change, when it is on issues of societal interest. Unfortunately, many laws are changed to suit certain empowered individuals and corporations, but society at large does not notice, or perceive the need to care.

Ultimately, it is human conscious change that must occur, to enable the re-imagining of what a lawful society means in the unfolding Age of the Heart.

The laws present in nations at this time are largely created and interpreted mentally. Some nations still apply laws on an astral level, but very few. The challenge with both is that they are, and must be, implemented through the assessment of mind and emotion, for that is the milieu in which they exist. Emotions we know can be swayed in many ways. The mind too, as it unfortunately can justify anything if so pre-conditioned.

Of course, in society we choose those who make judgements of law in the perception and hope that they will be impartial, and many are. But they are human.

Some people turn to their god to mete out justice, trying to find a higher administration of law, but there is no god in charge of physical law courts, or that can justify humanly motivated retributions.

True justice comes from soul, because this is where there is both insight into the pattern of causes, and interaction with the Board of Karma, which holds and implements the justice of soul.

On Earth, soul is the giver and taker of life, in concert with the Law of Karma. Soul is of the Ocean of Love, the milieu of life’s birth itself, upon and within Earth. When soul breathes out, life is created; when soul calls, that life is drawn back from human expression into the sanctuary of love’s embrace.

Karma is the law that enables consciousness to grow

Karma is the law that enables consciousness to grow, through the experience of constraints and other lessons to rebalance life’s journey, if the law of life and love has been broken.

There is a great distance between the administration of karmic law, actioned from the world of soul, and the machinations of law on a human level, although you would understand there is much intermingling as karma manifests in our personal lives.

The challenge is as described:  too many individuals and corporate entities wield power over human law at this time, and their greed, their materially focussed idealism, is causing harm to Earth, and to many souls. On this scale, it goes beyond the implementation of karmic law on an individual scale, and great global challenges arise.

Humanity needs to wake up and care on this greater scale. Some, many in fact, are awake to this need, but not the masses needed to turn around the sluggish and entrenched systems of law, to force change and to meet the needs of both human and global evolution and their challenges.

The forces of involution that draw souls to incarnation become something completely else when overly energised by the emotional and mental drive of greed.

Greed is the one primary driver that sucks people into actions against the law, against the law of soul. When the laws of the land do not align with the justice of soul and karma – at least enough to enable rebalancing under the law of karma – then justice is not achieved.

Greed is the one primary driver that sucks people into actions against the law of soul

As the world of souls evolves into greater presence in the consciousness of humanity, as the great shift to heart consciousness unfolds, then the justice of soul must be embedded more deeply into the laws of nations, and those who administer them, and into the world as a whole.

This can only come from human demand, for too many legal systems and those administering them, are enmeshed in either the rigidity of tradition and society of the past; or, of more challenging and worrying concern, have been captured and are manipulated by political greed, typically the lust for power.

To do yours to help this transition:  meditate on justice, true justice, that of heart and soul. In that, you redeem and release guilt! So many of humanity fail to act, out of the oppressive weight of guilt that feeds doubt, even fear; and let darkness creep by into greater and greater amalgamations of lawlessness on a group, corporate, national or global scale.

To discern justice, you must discern guilt. Guilt is the great awakener of conscience, but unfortunately it is also sticky in that it is hard to let go of, even when the conscience, and thus consciousness, has been awakened.

Humanity as a whole is burdened by many layers of guilt, whether consciously apprehended or not (as it most usually the case). Much of this guilt arises from the wars of the 20th century, where evil and the combat of it has left many human life streams with residual trauma; or where political greed has unjustly waged war and entrapped many in the clutches of their own wrong deeds.

Therefore, when you meditate upon justice, apprehend any guilt in your being and seek to learn the lessons of conscience it has for you. If there are no lessons that you can perceive, then let it go. Guilt is our own internal prejudice; we pre-judge ourselves based on the residues of past memories we have not yet released. Now we need to for-give:  to give to our future that which we can offer from our current place in time, whether in our day, or in our life. That gift is the freedom to become soul, unencumbered by the weight of burdens past.

The paradox is that the stickiness of guilt arises from our human uncertainty about justice:  we rehash the past, from this life, or often unknowingly from past lives, because we either do not remember, or do not believe that justice has been meted out by soul and karma, and its lesson has been finalised. If it is not finished, then we can work to perceive our wrongs and rectify them consciously. If it is finished, we can release it.

This is the path forward, as individuals, as groups, as nations, as a global community, so that we can release the sticky binds of guilt that hinder our ability to fight for and demand the true justice we need for our times. The justice that holds both the light of soul’s intention for individuals, and global heart for our world, so desperately needed at this time.

In your heart you can find the understanding of justice, for there your soul nourishes you with truth, and from there you can free yourself from guilt’s fetters, and trust in your strength to empower positive change within and around you.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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