Wisdom and the Flows of Mind

[written in conscious attunement]

When you think with your mind, you evoke channels of mind-flow: those learnt sequences of thought, calculation, memory, conclusions and opinions.

If there is no sequence of mind-flow to address the challenge or question you are dealing with, the flow stops, and you have no ideas. What then? In the agile consciousness and the seeking consciousness alike, at the point where the flow stops there is a reckoning, evaluation, assessment of similar situations or questions, to seek a similar answer that may work; or to experiment with a green-fields exploration drawing upon other substance of mind (i.e., knowledge). For an advanced traveller on the path, they may also draw upon lighted aspects of their being, to bring the touch of soul (i.e., wisdom), into the milieu of thought. Either pathway leads to the development of new mind-flows, or perhaps multiple flow options for any one situation, like the delta of a river.

However, for many the challenge when there is a lack of mind-flow is not solved this way. Whether through lack of intent (not enough soul push or personal drive to find the solution); or lack of experience (not enough developed substance within which to conceive of and explore options). Or lack of external leadership to guide the evolving mind to build new pathways; to feed the mind with new materials ready-made, if you like, with which to build the steps needed; or to bring into consciousness the answer or solution of most value to the world, so that a goal and then mind-flow to that goal can be conceived.

There will always be a human population that has limited mind-flow pathways. For it is not the dharma of every incarnated being to have a mind strongly developed in this way. Let us be clear: a developed mind is not necessarily an enlightened mind. That depends upon how much the mind-flows are cemented in place, compared to a mind seeking and searching and being willing to evolve the mind-flows with the nudge and input of soul and wisdom.

A mind that has less mind-flows, but in a being with easy flow from soul to heart, is likely to be much more radiant and aligned with the path of heart and wisdom, than a well-developed but cemented mind full of rigid mind-flows.

Here we come back to leadership again. The masses may be drawn to a new vision or goal by necessity, or by the charisma of heart radiance (not over-developed astral content) of leaders who can hold that vision or goal, and enunciate a pathway for the mind to conceive the steps to get there. This works for a mind of less mind-flows, and a mind of many, but cemented, mind-flows.

Here, on Earth, we are in a time when leadership matters so much: to shift the global entrenchment in certain narrow mind-flows that are now inconsistent with the times we are in, and the conscious change we must make for our and Earth’s sake.

These narrow mind-flows are globally induced and magnified by their adherence to each other. For like attracts and binds to like, and so we have a global helmet, if you like, of old mind-flows that need to change. But the change now must be global, not individual, for the problem is global, consuming the individual in the rigidity of this mass construct of old mind-flows.

If leadership will not penetrate this binding of minds to each other and the old thought pathways, then necessity will become the trigger. Necessity means hardship, whether physical, emotional, or mental, to drive the resistant consciousness to review and adjust. Leadership is preferred.

Every time you look at your challenges, Earth’s challenges, in a new light – the new light of our current times – you help break up that rigid helmet of thought matter, bound into limited but cemented mind-flows inconsistent with our world’s and personal needs today. Every illuminating thought that changes, moving out of the old sequence of mind-flows into the new, draws more loving light into the matter of global mind, making it easier for the next seeking soul to release from those old constraints.

This is how we make global change. Every thought process matters. You can make a difference. Every illuminating glimmer of light in the matter of mind within our Earth sphere, will adhere to other glimmers of light. Thus we build a network, and then an ocean of living, loving thought processes, or mind-flows, that foster the unveiling and acceptance of the global and personal solutions so much needed at this time.

Break free from the old ways, in loving tolerance. Open your heart so that a wellspring of illuminating light can infuse your mind, and gently, gradually, you will become one of the enlightened ones, breaking the old concrete that hinders global progress at this time. You will shine into the world of matter with the truth of the change, positive change, that unfolds in Cosmic, Solar and global reality now – when seen with the energy of hope, and allowed into consciousness by the un-cemented mind.

Do yours. Think with love. Analyse with heart, and wisdom will be your guide, not the rigid thoughts of the past that hold little or no truth for the now.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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