Mother and the Substance of Love

[written in conscious attunement]

In the subtlety of love that exists within the essence of life itself, there you find Mother:  Mother of the Universe, Mother of stars and planets, Mother of nature, Mother of Earth, Mother of your own soul.

Her love is neither directional, nor relational. It is not created by the loving flow of one being to another, or of one heart to another, neither is it that bubble of loving expression that exists around people in love, parents and children, families, dear friends. This is the love of intention, created by connection, opened to through the feeling self, magnified by the alignment of conscious choice and the willingness of an open heart. A beautiful and much needed love, both to connect people with each other and the world in which we live, and to stimulate and awaken consciousness through the development and breakdown of the ties we develop in this loving embrace.

But this is not her love, Mother’s love, the Mother of stars and planets, souls and Earth. We need her love because it is the essence of life itself. It is the pure embodiment of spirit’s love within matter that enables life to exist. It is the substance that we draw upon when we choose to love, and yet we know it not. Every time we love, the reverberation of that intention is made possible by the sheer presence of Mother’s love within the very substance of our being and our world. Without it, we would neither live, nor love. Without it, we cannot become a being of heart.

Heart is the place where spirit’s intentional and creative directive resonates within matter to create life – but what is it resonating with? The love that is Mother. The substance in the space between what we know and what holds purpose. The presence that holds all expressions of life within, awaiting the spark of spirit’s intent to awaken and guide.

If you seek heart only to find the directive intent of spirit, the purpose and reason of life, the guidance and succour to nourish your day, then you shall only find this half of what is your heart, and your heart awakening shall wait for another day.

If you seek heart to find that which lies between all these purposeful and directive (in other words, mind-driven) needs, if you seek that which is your essence of life itself, here upon Earth, then you start the heart-awakening journey.

That journey is one of Earth as much as it is of spirit – for heart can only be created through the presence of both.

Spirit’s spark of intention stimulates matter to create a physical heart, but that is not enough for a conscious life. Spirit’s spark must also resonate within that presence that is Mother’s love, for consciousness to be born. Consciousness is ultimately that bridge between intention and the matter within which it exists. The fullness of a conscious heart holds not only the purpose of the presence, created by spirit’s intent, but the presence of the purpose held within matter itself.

Upon Earth, for any conscious embodiment within this planetary sphere, the presence of purpose held within her matter, her physical self, is Mother of Earth. From a consciousness perspective, this is held and nourished by Kumara, the Earth Kumara.

She is the one who entered Earth as the resonance of life itself, awakened cell-by-cell through the journey of hearts on the evolutionary journey. But she was there from the beginning, or else Earth would have been but a lifeless amalgamation of rock and air, water and fire, with no resonance within which spirit’s intention could create a journey of life and consciousness.

You exist because spirit’s spark could resonate both within matter, and within Mother’s presence, to create your physical being and your physical life.

Your heart exists to circulate blood and life-giving nourishment through your physical body, and to circulate spirit’s resonance through your life stream from soul to you to Earth and back.

Thus, the awakening of heart consciousness is the awakening of your relationship with Mother:  Earth Mother, Earth Kumara. Her loving presence is the very essence of your life, as it is for all beings of life upon Earth. She is the resonance within you that enables life’s intention to create and manifest through you and that purposefully guides and energises your living experience within this resonance of her being that is Earth. She is the one who calls you to your heart, when you feel, when you know, there is more to life; when you yearn for the love that is of life’s fountain of joy itself. When you no longer know, and yet you have no doubts. Then you are awakening to the true call of the heart, and will find the true essence of life.

your loving connection to Earth creates the greatness of positive change in this world

This is not a destination, but a beginning, for then you enter the path of Earth service, becoming a vehicle of consciousness (no matter to what degree), through which the flow of your spirit’s intention can come into being, in loving relationship with Earth. This is not the spark of spirit, that directive intent that enables you to start your journey of life and consciousness. It is the flow of spirit, that can only occur when there is harmonious resonance between spirit’s love, and the substance of love that is Mother Earth within your heart.

You are embodied in the substance of Earth and thus her love. When you awaken to this in conscious intent, you open the door to this flow, and become a healer of Earth and all her life expressions, and this she so greatly needs.

No great esoteric knowing is needed, just love and intent, to guide the flow. If you love the Earth and show it, whether by hugging trees, feeling and sending love through your bare feet upon her rock or soil, or by your care and action to sustain and enable love’s expression through human action – you are upon this pathway of hope, that is of life and joy, that is of heart.

No great power, wealth or influence is needed – that is the world of personal human aggrandisement.

Your loving connection to Earth creates the greatness of positive change in this world. Whether you manifest this in the world of human activity, or in your own personal space is the choice you make in your heart. Then you become resonant with the Great Mother that is the nourishment of your life itself, and let your spirit resonate through you to fulfil that flow of life that is the conscious heart.

Become that, for the world can only become a place of peace and justice, love and joy, equity and hope, when enough hearts awaken, and the dogma of the power-obsessed mind, and the grip of the greedy and manipulative emotions, are broken. So, make your choice, and find your way to be the substance, hope and heart of the Great Change.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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