Deep heart attunement

Go Deep, and Become the Resonant Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

Stand upon this Earth.

Go deep into this Earth.

Deep through your being, for you are of the Earth, her depth is in you.

Go deep and feel her, feel you – your essence, your powerhouse of life force that is love – for Earth is love. Earth, the planet of physical life, is utmost love, for love is the creator of life, and the deepest, deepest life is that which is evolved when the physical substance of the Universe, infused with love, is its foundation and manifestation.

This is Earth: Love. This is you: Earthly love. You are the depth and breadth of the livingness of our Universe, but you must go deep, deep to feel it, be it, act with it.

Deep through the heart not the mind, the feelings. Deep through the heartbeat of your being, where soul and body meet in divine creation. Deep, deep, deep beats your soul heart, for that is the life-giver of your human self. Deep, deep you must go to feel that – the pulse of loving life beyond your physical pulse. The heartbeat of endless compassion beyond the thump, thump in your chest.

The resonance of a thousand Halls of Learning in the song of life, sung by every heart, carrying the vibration of knowing and wisdom into this world of matter and great heart to be, where the concert of every heart’s resonant voice hums with such beauty that the planet shall be saved, the darkness shall be shattered.

It is only the heart song, intentfully resonant, that can create this, and only when sung in harmony with others.

This, the journey.

Find your pathway to go deeply, deeply into your own resonance, into Earth’s loving resonance and heartbeat. Take your steps to slow down your mind and feel with your heart, to still your swilling emotions. For even if you are mentally polarised and do not know this, your emotional body is not only moving, evolving, creating in the sphere of astral substance, it is undeniably part of the emotional oceans of all of Earth’s humans, together with some of the Earth herself (although this is less activated, whereas human emotions are globally so very labile, which can be good, or difficult).

Then you can touch, feel, become resonant with that which is the source of wisdom for time ahead, the Age of the Heart.

It is so not possible to evolve heart by seeking ever higher contact with the finer and finer vibrations of consciousness, for that is not where the heartbeat dwells; and it is the song of the heart, its heartbeat, you must seek. Not the presence of heart – but the resonance of heart.

The presence of heart can be found in the vibrations of soul, but it is not the incarnation of heart, it is the gentle pervasiveness of that fineness of rhythm that nourishes, yet does not awaken.

Soul is a vehicle of heart’s presence, and sometimes of flow, depending on dharma. But it is never able to be the heart, for in the evolutionary intent of this beautiful planet, the ultimate journey is one of being one with heart and with Earth. Thus it is only as you become one with the Earth, as you feel her, know with her, love with her, that you walk the path of ultimate soul expression – and become a living, pulsing, resonant heart here, in and of this wondrous world.

So, go deep. Find your resonant heart inside your body, inside the consciousness you have that is of the material and substance of the Earth herself.

Your mind will rebel and seek the vibrations of knowing and reason, your feelings may bring discomfort, for the depth of resonance is greater than they can encompass or even harmonise with. So you must choose – mind, feelings, or heart. Heart where you are all and everything, the Universe, the Earth, and all in between – and yet also so deeply and personally individual, shining your light, and most of all, adding your resonant heartbeat to the great orchestra of love that shall bring into beingness every human and angelic learning and choice of light, to build the new world, the New Age, the great change … all through the heart.

Go deep, my friends, go very, very deep, for therein lies the only pathway of joy for the soul that stays to be part of loving Earth, the heart-planet to be. Go deep, and you will be that.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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