Deep, Deep Love

[written in conscious attunement]

Deep, deep love,
from my heart,
Heart of Earth.

From Cosmos, from my soul, united with Earth heart.

From Mothers of Light, in whose hearts I dwell.

From humanity, in whose care I manifest. Care for Earth, for life. Naught else evokes love, deep, deep love. The love that creates change, that inspires grace, that uplifts eyes, that brightens the darkness of human and Earth despair.

I come. Not yet upon Earth. But my heart merges with love on the astral levels, and is already merged with Earth heart in the physical etheric realms.

I come. For unfoldment of the plan wills it, and I, servant of love, give it – the love of life, the love that gives life.

Oh, humanity – seek life, not its reflection in things, spaces and places.

Seek the life that urges growth of consciousness. Everyone has that within, for you cannot live without it: the kernel of life’s spark, knowing the fullness of consciousness, the fruits of lives’ journeys, the wisdom you are here to become.

Seek, for it matters to Earth, to heart, to future.

Earth sings her song of hope, her rumbling deep note of love resonates through every living being, how can it not?

I come!

Radiant with love, the splendour of cosmic will, cloaked and bestowed with my intent – and my intent is love. For love shall show the way for the knowing and unknowing. For love it is that lies behind every breath of care and concern, every act of kindness and compassion, every fight for freedom and justice for human spirit and Earth’s joyful expression.

I am that love, for that is my intent. My brother Gautama’s intent was wisdom, and much wisdom has grown, through science, religion, life in all its expressions. But, although all higher intentions always contain love, love was not the intention.

I began this down-flow through beloved Jesus, the truth-sayer of the love to come. But humanity, look, look at what you do with those words, in which so much love was hoped for?

Your love has become a weapon: of deceit through pretence; of hatred through separatism; of death through the falsehood of human power over life.

Oh humanity, see where you have taken love, and bring it into truth.

I bring that truth now, into the world of emotion. The truth of love. Real love, the love that sets souls free, that ignites the seeker within, that is the harmlessness that stands strong in defiance of the falsehoods of my brother of darkness.

Yes, we know each other. Your task, humanity, is to discern and choose. Because I come so deeply now, this is easier if you want it; yet also harder if you still yearn for the pretence of my dark brother, who binds you to Earth. Those binds can be of light, where in your heart you balance the pull of matter and the pull of spirit, or they can consume you with either matter, or light.

Immersion in matter alone leaves you without love, my love, soul’s love – only the pretence of love through material things. Immersion in light leaves you ungrounded, and as a human you are gifted with light and body, to become the fullness of love on Earth, not on the inner worlds alone.

You need to balance the gifts of both I, and my brother of matter.

Then you can become a vehicle of my love, and Earth’s love, and fulfil your soul journey upon this wondrous world.

I come.

Deeply. Lovingly. With heartfelt embrace, for I am the heart’s intention of love, the next unfoldment of human and earthly consciousness en masse.

The next evolutionary leap:  for humanity to become a coherent body of care and balance, compassion and insight.

Earth has committed to this step long, long ago. We, Hierarchy, have evolved to ensure this unfoldment awakens.

Now, humanity, in every heart – choose. You do not have to choose to open to me, but to love, true love, in whatever way that lives in your heart. Through your love of Earth, a great teacher, other people, life …

Love knows no bounds, it comes to all when you seek the love that is of heart.

I am there, in your loving heart.

I am there, in Earth’s loving heart.

I am there, in nature’s radiant joy.

I am there, in the rose-gold sunrise, for I bless the Earth with my love every day, so you too may become the love that is.

Deep, deep love, it is here for you, I hold it here for you. In your radiant heart you will find it, and I will be there, in love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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