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Evil, Darkness, the Great Change and Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

In our world we have evil, and we have darkness, and they are quite different. It is important to understand and differentiate between them because both can cause the evolving consciousness concern and perhaps fear, which is not always the best response.

Darkness is very different from evil, for true darkness, like the deep darkness of space, is simply unillumined, unqualified, unconscious matter. We all have darkness within, until such time as we have brought the vibration, illumination and coherence of consciousness to all parts of our being in our physical world of mind, feelings and body. This is a darkness we should not fear or shy away from, for this is simply the small part of our planet and our universe that we have taken on, to bring into that loving embrace and vibratory resonance that is consciousness. The darkness you find within needs exploration – with help if you need it – so that you can cleanse, clarify and bring your harmonic resonance into that part of you in such a way that it enters your conscious milieu.

Let us now look at evil. Evil is a combination of the materially-focussed forces of which we have spoken before, with emotional and sometimes mental forces aligned with them, magnifying the downward pull.

Our inner bodies (mental and astral) are the vehicles that enable us to discern and intuit the higher vibrations of life’s existence. Yes, we wobble on the way, because it takes time to refine and qualify both their vibration, and our physical consciousness, in order to perceive them. But this is normal, and is simply the journey of exploring and learning about what is unconscious within us. As mentioned before, it may appear dark, but it is not evil, even if we have done wrong by others, by Earth. If this was on the journey of exploration and learning, then it still remains as unillumined substance. Yes, it holds some memories, some qualification of energy that differentiates it a little from the deep unknowing of matter itself.

But the journey of evolution, the lessons and grace of karma, the choices we make to keep striving for positive change will help awaken, purify and redeem any emerging, undesirable patterns. This is the foundation of forgiveness, for we are all on this journey, and stumble and fumble around in many lives as we learn this great lesson of evolving consciousness within matter itself.

We take a dark turn when we align our emotional and perhaps mental consciousness, with the downward pull of the involutionary forces. This is so very different from stumbling on the evolutionary path as we learn. This is a deliberate choice, although as portrayed in the Faustian opera, sometimes the choice is seen as a means to an end, and the consciousness pretends not to realise the consequences.

Primarily, turning to evil can only occur when the emotional self is developed enough to register the pull of involution, and, usually through imbalance, to attach to that pull, and attribute to it benefits on which the emotional self has fixated.

Do not fret if you have strong desires for things – everyone does in one way or another. But, be careful if those emotional pulls extend beyond you, and involve people en masse. If you do wrong by others individually, that is sorted by your own karma, conscience, and life journey. We all make these steps and mis-steps, but they are not the creator of evil.

Evil is that which becomes so strong in its pull to matter, unqualified and unillumined matter, that it shrouds all in a lifeless darkness, denying the glimmer of consciousness to spark the realisation of light, and true life. Yet it is energised by a coherence, built around an emotional desire, or, in darker evil, around both emotional desire and mental vision – if you can call it that.

Sometimes, to the emerging consciousness upon the evolutionary journey, the presentation of a strongly-cohered emotional vibration together with an enunciated vision can seem very appealing. In the fog of life without heart’s spark of light giving us personal guidance, with the lack of any religious guidance and/or relevance to fit our current times, we search for meaning. Meaning can seem present in a coherent and vision-driven presentation – but, how does that vision affect others? How does that vision affect nature and Earth?

There is never a spiritual impulse of light, love and hope, that requires divisiveness and isolationism, cruelty in words or actions, or incitement to anger and hatred

It is quite remarkable how so many fall for an enunciated vision, filled with emotional sweeteners. Yet that vision is neither coherent, life-affirming (in the evolutionary sense), motivated by kindness, or even built in reality.

This is too often the start of what entraps the human expression of young souls, and those older souls who should know better, upon a downward-focussed journey that glorifies the material, not the truly spiritual.

There is never a spiritual impulse of light, love and hope, that requires divisiveness and isolationism (as in ‘us and them’), or cruelty in words or actions, or incitement to anger and hatred. Never!

On rare occasions there is a spiritual impulse to destroy evil, and that can come with a decisiveness and forcefulness that can be confronting. But look at the meaning and consequence, and you will understand.

If you feel drawn to something that offers an emotional coherence with a vision that appeals, look very, very carefully.

One of the greatest drivers of evil in this world is greed:  people with an unfettered greed for more power, more wealth, more land, more people aligned with their vision or in their control, more self-aggrandisement.

One of the greatest drivers of evil in this world is greed

This is born of the pull of the forces that create us, the involutionary forces that draw us into incarnation. Beautiful forces for which we must be grateful, but not ones that we should re-energise with conscious intent and emotional charge when we are on the evolutionary path. This is the distortion that is anti-life, and thus what we call ‘evil’.

These are complex times, and multifaceted in the opportunities presented to us to awaken our life force, and grow in consciousness. This is a product of both us and Earth (and all her life streams) reaching a point of great transition, where the great unfoldment of spirit may deepen into the world of our existence. This is a great and profound change, for it shall bring into closer reach that touch of the true light that uplifts and nourishes us all – but we have to choose it. Earth, all life, humanity – we have to choose this, for the light of spirit is never imposed, else it will burn and harm, and not enable the evolutionary process that is underway.

This is the magic of consciousness and choice:  when you choose, the door opens and light floods in. It is as simple as that, at a soul level at least. It can be this simple in our personality selves, but usually our patterns from previous lives, and the presence of our unconscious substance (darkness, as we have called it, the old experiences and lessons not yet completed), restrict the inflowing light to small rivulets or trickles.

Whatever our experience, ultimately there is only one simple fork in the road ahead, needing one simple choice:  to walk in the light. Then however your path evolves, whatever your past and future require you to learn, know that you will be on your true evolutionary path.

If you pray for this, meditate upon this, or simply hold this as your mantra – to walk in the light – then you will. You will receive the help and nudges you need to avoid the entrapments of those who have not chosen light: those who spin stories that empower themselves, for their own grand vision that holds no light or love; those who weave entanglements of personal desire and greed in with religious motives, which is ridiculous and should be called out for what it is – for material yearning will never achieve spiritual salvation; and those who weave emotional confusion into conspiracies to disrupt soul and light, to create division and disillusionment.

If you seek, want, pray for, meditate on, affirm in your day that you want to walk in the light, and then review your choices in your heart, you will give yourself every chance to see and differentiate what is true and necessary (even a disruption, when caused by the light and evolutionary forces), from the entanglements of the dark forces – that is, matter unillumined, and clothed in manufactured human desire.

Thus, you help Earth and all life, for the more who choose this path of light, the less substance those who have chosen to bind themselves to greed of one sort or another, shall have  with which to work.

On this choice:  never rely on your mind, for mind alone can justify anything if the emotional drivers are strong enough. You can see this frequently with otherwise intelligent people who become completely immersed in conspiracies, who cannot enunciate a thread of logic to cohere their theories, or the theories they believe, yet they do not notice; or they attribute the gaps in logic to some great divine intervention or plan yet there is no divine energy within it.

Sometimes we cannot understand or make sense of upheavals in life, yet somewhere there is intention behind it. But there is never spiritual intention behind people who cause devastation, destruction, oppression or divisiveness; or who incite hatred, greed, selfishness or separatism on the world stage.

You will know in your heart! Your task is to make sure you give space – even just the shortest of quiet moments can be enough – where you still your thoughts and emotional impulses, and listen. Listen to the deep core of your being, the resonating light in your heart, the resonance of truth in the light, and follow that.

In this time of Great Change, you cannot blindly follow or rely on other human beings in roles of leadership, or organisations, or theories about the plan for the world, unless you verify their authenticity in the light of your heart. Your choice, your evolutionary step, your enlightenment for Earth and all.

This is the difference between evil and darkness:  evil drags all in its grasp back into the dullness of unevolved matter, shrouded in and bound there by emotional binds and mental contortions. Darkness is unevolved and unqualified substance, and in you it is simply that substance ready for you to illuminate and love.

Our yearning as humans for coherence and resonance with others of similar thought and feeling is natural and positive, just make sure that yearning does not draw you into groups where you no longer find your own light, and discern carefully in your heart, for your sake, for the sake of the Earth.

There is much resistance to this incoming light of spirit in some who hold or yearn for power. Beware.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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