The Great Choice

[written in conscious attunement]

The moment when a soul and its human expression begin co-mingling in their respective consciousness is momentous, for several reasons:

  1. It marks a major turning point in the evolutionary journey of both human and soul;
  2. It signifies a committed choice to serve in the Earth sphere as a vehicle of conscious change.

You may wonder how a soul and its human self can develop separately on the journey of consciousness. Remember, consciousness is an integration of learning, experience and insight that creates a fine web of coherence that enables a higher perspective of life’s journey, providing meaning, understanding, hope and purposeful drive to fulfil that journey. For the soul, the perspective is largely on the journey from life to life. For the human self, consciousness is what aids the journey day-to-day, and year-to-year, in the unfoldment of purposeful learning and service (the expression of your highest goodness). So, these finely-woven webs of coherence develop in quite different media, and they do not resonate together automatically.

The process in which the wisdom of soul begins to touch the yearning and hopeful human consciousness occurs initially in small steps, usually by the release of soul intent in the hope that enough of the human self can pick up that fine vibratory input, and bring it into conscious attention. This begins the journey of exploration to seek understanding and greater wisdom, direction, and perspective in human choices and actions. This happens by holding that vibratory input of soul in the human consciousness long enough to review the human learning and experience against that soul input and see what resonates, and then translate that, through consciousness, into meaningful perspectives and insights.

To be able to hold the input of soul vibration takes effort and training, because all finer vibrations will either pass through or bounce off denser material if there is no vibratory resonance. This is the human journey:  to awaken and refine the ability to perceive and validate finer and finer vibrations in the consciousness.

Remember also, consciousness develops upon our edges;  for example, on the edges of our awareness, between that which is familiar and that which is just beyond what we know; like the faint sound we can barely hear, until we focus upon it; or the visual clues life gives us that we ignore until we pause and allow our perceptions to focus and thus magnify their presence; or the subtle emotional or mental perceptions easily dismissed until we, again, pause, notice, and more fully evaluate their message. It develops on that edge between our soul consciousness and our human consciousness, the significant focus of our evolutionary journey in this era of great change. There is great need for this, to bring more soul expression into our world, and enable a positive transition in this evolutionary moment.

When a human self has developed a fine-enough and coherent enough consciousness to be able to resonate, at least in part, with soul, there is a massive acceleration in both the human and soul journeys. The human self can more readily evaluate human experience in the light of the soul’s wisdom, and thus make more soul-aligned choices, which align  the human self more and more fully to its ultimate purpose.

Remember, it is spirit that holds the ultimate intention that brings you, soul and human, into existence, and soul expresses that intention for you in each life as your purpose, not only in this life, but in the greater journey as a soul, life after life. Because your soul has chosen to serve spirit’s intent in the earthly sphere, in conjunction with Earth’s request, its major journey is to fulfil this purpose. Accordingly, your human self is here to learn and align with soul to fulfil that same intent in each life. It is true that soul learns and develops consciousness upon the soul level, but it cannot fully align with and express spirit’s intent here in our physical world, and thus fulfil its reason for existing, until it can engage more fully with its human expression. Similarly, the human search for meaning and fulfilment can never be assuaged until soul wisdom resonates within the human consciousness.

So, when human and soul consciousnesses begin that co-mingling, soul can more fully express its purpose in the world, and the human self can more fully understand and align with its purpose. When alignment with purpose occurs, no matter what level, you create a pathway of coherent consciousness (at least to some degree) through which spirit’s intent can flow – and spirit’s intent is evolutionary force, and that is why evolution speeds up through this magnificent union! This is a major turning point for both human and soul.

Thus it is clear to see why this is significant for Earth:  a human expressing love’s intention through spirit’s force and soul’s purpose, is bringing that loving, evolutionary flow into the physical body of Earth herself. However, there is another reason why the beginning of the journey of soul and human engagement in consciousness is such a profound moment, and that is because it signifies a momentous alignment of choice.

Spirit’s intent is to share love in this world, or it would neither have sought expression in this world, nor been permitted to do so. Soul’s purpose is to hold and resonate that love into the world of souls – into Earth’s Ocean of Love – but then comes the choice:  does it seek to express this into the depths of physical incarnation? Or does it remain as a holder of that love in the finer vibrating inner worlds? This choice is made in a complex interaction between soul and Earth, guided to some extent by spirit’s intent, but largely it is a decision of love made in the Ocean of Love, where both soul and Earth presence are resonating together.

In some ways, the decision could be seen as simple:  either there is enough shared intent to create a human expression, or there is not. In fact, it is complex because it is not a decision made at a single point in time, but one that is made through ongoing review and evaluation. Because the human self has to develop its own consciousness before soul can more fully engage and empower that human self to express that loving intent, both Earth and soul must await the possibilities that emerge when the first co-mingling of human and soul consciousness occurs.

Of course, the human journey is not bereft of soul input throughout its many lives. Soul provides the intent for each life, and this imbues the heart of every human with this purpose. In consultation with those who implement the Law of Karma, it imbues the seed atoms around which the mental, emotional and physical self are built with the patterns for this life’s journey, and which best guide the developing human to find and fulfil their purpose within Earth’s loving embrace.

But the final choice as to the fullness of living expression as a soul, and thus with spirit’s love, in this world of human existence can only be made when that human consciousness reaches into, and can receive, soul consciousness in whatever smaller or greater way this occurs.

Please note, this has absolutely nothing to do with how mentally-advanced and capable a person is, how emotionally pure, or how physically perfect; because these provide no measure at all of the presence of soul’s grace. These are a product of karma’s expression and human choice within that karmic embrace, and are simply manifestations to provide certain options for learning and expressing in this world. For example, plenty of people with great intellect demonstrate no resonance with soul, and make choices based on mind power alone.  Personal and global conscience do not get a look in; thus the catastrophic destruction of our planet proceeds through the actions of these greedy and heedless ones.

Because the human consciousness has to take the journey through many lives before it can co-mingle with soul, it develops its own perspective of life upon Earth. Soul does not take over the human self when this connection occurs, as stated many times, because soul cannot operate the fine-tuned interactions needed in human life to function in this world. The human consciousness is essential to the path forward on Earth, because it is the human consciousness that becomes the vehicle of soul input into this physical world.

At the point where there is co-mingling of human and soul consciousness, a momentous choice is made:  shall the human self continue, in other words, choose the path of Earth service and commit to becoming a more fully expressed vehicle of soul love and purpose for the sake of the Earth … or not?

If not, then the soul has a further choice to make in concert with Earth’s loving embrace and spirit’s purposeful intent: to stay and be of service upon the inner levels alone, or to withdraw and continue expression upon other worlds.

For those whose soul-human choice is to stay, it is only for one purpose:  to be in alignment with, and in service of, the great change unfolding upon Earth, such that the embodiment of heart can proceed in her physical self. This is the evolutionary imperative of spirit, for each individual human, for nature and all creatures through their group souls or loving angelic guides, and for Earth herself.

This is why our current time is called the Great Change:  spirit’s call sounds more loudly, energised by the loving intent of Cosmic Heart flow. At every level of incarnation, that message calls every life to resonate, and choose to align.

Of course we have many young souls, and humans young on the evolutionary journey, but they can still be part of this choice in two ways. Either their souls form into groups where through shared learning they can speed up the journey such that choice can be made. Or they choose to surrender a certain amount of personal choice, and become a non-resistant expression in the human world, moving in concert with the increase of loving flow created by other conscious souls, angels, nature, and Earth herself. In this coming era, this is just as valid a path of conscious development, as the path of deliberate conscious choice through human life after human life.

Remember:  the path of conscious development is for you to become consciously aligned with soul, and consciously contribute in Earth’s journey to become a planet of heart. Conscious alignment is a vibrational activity. Whether you reach this by the long road of in-depth human experience, or upon the road of acquiescence to the loving flows of Mother Earth, is immaterial in the loving expression of spirit’s intent. Some who have walked the long path are needed, in order to bring the wisdom and knowing of Earth’s and spirit’s intent into the milieu of human life; but in fact relatively few are needed for this to be fulfilled.

What is most needed is for the mass of humanity to stop resisting the journey of evolution and of Earth’s loving expression – by either path – and quickly! For Earth’s moment of great conscious change is upon her. She has made her choice, and over these next decades in particular, and through some centuries to follow, the choices must be made by the human family.

Make your choice now. Become conscious, or acquiesce. Choose light and heart, or Earth and heart, and align yourself accordingly. Life’s choices give you the richness of experience to nuance your choices day-to-day, so follow them to awaken your heart, and be part of the great positive evolution occurring in this wondrous world we know as Earth.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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