Emotions and the Heart Path

[written in conscious attunement]

In your search for inner meaning, for spiritual truth, for greater love within and around you, do not get caught in the human glamour that seeks instant solutions. It is a curious quality of the human emotional body that it can be so quick to sweep consciousness into a one-pointed need, desire, yearning, hope. However it manifests, if it arises emotionally and seeks an instant response, beware!

Instead, train your emotional self to engage in a one-pointed way with your goal as a path with many steps, and to understand that at every step, you will become wiser, have more insight and experience, and have more capacity to work with. Then you may grow to perceive your goal differently, with greater nuance, and with more clarity and depth.

When your emotional self is demanding, needy, perhaps even desperate, engage it with this reality of taking a journey that will lead to the hoped-for destination, and yet with the knowing that your path as a human soul does not have a singular destination. Your task is to take the journey of consciousness, not to be instantly conscious, loving, wise or whatever it is you seek.

Spiritual glamours flow around the world just as do political ones. Always the promise is of something that is in fact quite unreal. Yet, everyone needs to be inspired and given hope somehow, to motivate engagement. This is the tricky challenge of conscious development at this time.

Enough of the collective consciousness of humanity has been developed so that higher ideals and pathways can be impressed vibrationally upon the emotional mass of human consciousness; which is why we see similar threads of hope, intention and action all around the world, in many industries and fields of human endeavour, and in individuals alike.

But then, what to do with it? How to respond? Recognise that your emotional self needs something with which to bond; that is its fundamental urge. Of course, it is stronger in some than in others, but inherently this is its primary mode of operation.

Emotional energy is mobile, can be labile, and can be purified enough to resonate with soul intent. If not purified enough, if full of too many predetermined patterns and rigid structures of response built of past challenges, failures, fears, angers or guilt, then soul resonance cannot sound easily, if at all. Then the sweep of astral energy stimulated by the overall impress on humanity by evolution’s call and opportunity,  instead of inspiring positive evolutionary action, can get funnelled into these existing channels, magnifying the old.

We all have astral patterns (as we do in mind, but that is not our topic today), so we all have this experience to work with. However, if you take the emotional impression you receive into your consciousness as something to explore, not rush into, you give yourself space to perceive the nuances, and reflect on your own personal reactions – also known as ‘constraints’.

This is all about the bigger issues of life, and not the smaller emotional ripples that occur within and through us in daily life –although this can be applied there if you choose. It takes effort though, so from an evolutionary point of view, from a spiritual consciousness point of view, apply your resources and effort to how you handle the bigger issues.

Emotional drive is needed to create personal change, and spiritual evolutionary growth, because it is this medium in our personal sphere that we can fairly easily recognise, but that can also resonate with soul. In addition, it is the closest energy milieu to our physical selves. It pervades our physical selves, and as such is the greater vehicle through which we may effect change within our physical selves.

if you choose a path of heart, you cannot work with your body by mental discipline alone

Much is made of using the mind to discipline and control emotional urges – and this is true and good, to a certain degree. But, if you choose a path of heart, you cannot work with your body by mental discipline alone, because it simply is not close enough in vibrational level to be able to harmonise with your physical self. It can condition and shape your emotional self, and impress upon your brain certain thoughts and perspectives that you can enact through your body. But, your energy field of the mental body – which is not your mind, but as said, may impress upon your mind – your mental body does not nourish your physical self, and you need to nourish your physical self to be able to walk a spiritual path.

Your body is your temple, built out of eons of experiences and lessons learned, and is the only means you have through which to be here and effect positive change upon our world and your own future. Even if we perceive ourselves as thinking beings, and live much in the mind, we cannot do any of this without being anchored in the physical world through our physical self.

You cannot fully incarnate spiritual intent without emotional matter:  it is part of your human embodiment, and it is the loving embrace that keeps your physical temple sustained and engaged in the journey of discovery that is life.

This is where the melding of the two major pathways of spiritual development needs to occur. The devotional path, relying much on emotional engagement to draw the aspirant along the path; and the more mentally-focussed path of detachment from the emotional to create the stillness and illumination for the journey.

Both are (and have been) excellent pathways, but neither of them is the pathway of the heart. You cannot walk the path of heart utilising strength of mind alone; neither can you engage with this journey using emotions as your primary driver.

Heart is the in-between energetically, and physically as well, when you consider we mostly feel emotions impress upon our solar plexus and lower chakras (gut feelings), and perceive thoughts in our head.

Heart is a different vibration to both mind and emotions, yet it infuses, and needs, both. And your body needs all aspects of your consciousness to be sustained in walking a path of heart.

So, when emotional drivers touch you from within or from around you, and you want to walk a path of heart, then you need to engage your heart’s discernment to give the fullness and intention to your way of responding. Do not rush off in the first flow you perceive – yet do not stop the flow, for your physical self needs it; that is its life force, and lets your temple shine. Then you can become like a radiant cell, present in Earth’s body of consciousness, and illumine the possibilities for others around you.

Take your emotional journey with heart, embrace your mind, and you can find your way through the sweeps and flows of emotional movement within and around you, as the Great Change unfolds upon Earth.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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