Developing Heart Consciousness Today

[written in conscious attunement]

How can you go deeply into your heart when the vibration of your mind does not support that? Even if not rigidified through old patterns of thought and personal control, just the sheer difference of vibration between mind and heart is hard to straddle in your consciousness. Yet that is the path of human evolution now.

There is a great need to go deeper, into your heart, yet you cannot leave behind your mind and emotions. Every balanced human being needs both – yet they often clash.

Growing consciousness is about bridging diversity of experience, knowing, insight and love, which have diverse vibrations, and in the process you become a centred, whole being who can encompass all that diversity.

Hence the stretch spoken of in past teachings and by past teachers: like stretching the body to enable it to reach and do more with greater capacity, so too your inner bodies need to be exercised and stretched. As with physical exercise, you must journey deliberately, yet with care and carefully discerned pace, to stretch little by little, if possible.

Sometimes the slowly-slowly approach is not possible; sometimes there is simply too much urgency, from soul and/or from global need, when dramatic shifts occur and must be dealt with.

In the end, the mechanisms are the same: consciousness must grow in those who stay on Earth. That involves reaching out, and within, to understand and encompass the new stimuli or old lessons from wherever they come, as they are vital ingredients on your journey of consciousness.

When you encompass this diversity, the next step is to synthesise. That is when all those experiences and lessons and memories are integrated into meaning. In the synthesis, and the encompassing meaning that comes with that, you reach a still-point in your consciousness where things, inner and outer, make sense.

This wholeness is the outcome of conscious development: you can reach out to others, to Earth, to past, to future, and encompass and work through your wholeness of conscious awareness to take action in the present.

Consciousness is the ah-ha moment when seemingly disparate, disconnected things make sense. They always do, when evolution of consciousness is involved, because underneath the appearance of what we experience and perceive on this path, is a plan, and the plan is filled with meaning.

Soul and teachers/co-workers on the inner are very efficient: they seek not to waste energy. We are the experts at that in our human lives, and that is also part of our learning journey. But rest assured, if you choose the path of heart, then those experiences you have that nudge your consciousness, they are all part of the one unfoldment guided by your soul and/or your inner teacher(s). Then it is up to you to seek how you can find that meaning.

You could think of it as working on a jigsaw puzzle without a guiding picture. At first, everything within your awareness can seem like disparate bits and pieces. Then as you gather like with like (all the sky bits, tree bits, house bits, people bits … whatever is in your life’s puzzle), you start to build coherence between similar pieces and identify them.

The groupings then start to paint a picture, and you can progress to assembling and seeing the wholeness: from unconnected and meaningless, to connected and meaningful.

This is the journey of consciousness, and now as we journey into the gracious world of heart consciousness, there is another level of perception needed to make sense of the puzzle.

Now you may not find the clarity you seek from the familiar inputs. Knowing you have blue sky or green grass may not be, and most likely isn’t enough. You need now to discern not only colour and shape, and identify what it might be, but you need also to perceive its depth. Does it hold deeper layers of expression? Is it enriched with layers of previous colours and experience?

To look deeper, you need to go deeper. To go deeper, you need to train your consciousness to do this.

What does that mean?

It may mean you go through a phase where many things, if not everything, seems no longer to be what you thought it was. The picture puzzle pieces you thought you knew, now shine and glint with another depth, and you realise there is more.

This is a natural part of awakening to a deeper level of consciousness. When you have perceived that there is more, then you must discern. The joking spirits are plentiful and will fall over themselves to create trickery in your exploration and search for synthesis and meaning.

The level of heart awakening that we have now is unprecedented. Even in Atlantis, when some of the Greater Hearts taught and nourished the spiritual path in the outer world, the focus was on the journey of unfolding emotion and mind, and the deeper path of heart consciousness was only open to the few greatly trained ones, and then often it was taken as a deep, initiatory event.

Now it has become integrated into Earth’s beingness, enough so that the searching ones can take this journey of unfolding heart consciousness on a daily basis, little by little.

What a blessing!

This is how the great initiations are now adapting for our new Age of the Heart – for in this pulse, everything is different. They are given bit by bit, small energy blessings and stimuli at a time, day by day, year by year, and Earth, humans and all life in our collective care take the journey of heart together.

Open your heart, go deeper; practice, patience and love will guide your awakening and reveal the splendour and deep, rich beauty of the consciousness of heart – awakening mutually within Earth, humanity, and all life on our beautiful planet.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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