Lift Your Heart’s Gaze to Hope!

[written in conscious attunement]

When you deeply love the Earth, you become part of her being.

You feel her joy and pain, but also her hope. For she has awakened a level of heart that enables hope to infuse her being, physically and emotionally.

But hope, while such a nourishing embrace, also brings with it a great confrontation – for true hope lifts your awareness to what is possible, for what there is potential for, inbuilt into the ethers and substance. And in showing this possibility and potential – the concretised mind and over-attached feelings that are entrenched in, focussed upon, the current situation, are challenged.

What do you choose?

You must choose hope, for that holds in it everything that can, and in some situations, must be, for the sanctity and wellbeing of our planet and all life to be possible.

In this choice, as always, is the pathway already trodden – the way upon which you have walked to get here. The path that is familiar. Full of the thoughts and feelings you have built and created, and evolved within, perhaps for millennia. For this time of great change evokes the transformation of not just now – but all the past that hinders the next phase of growing, evolving, unfolding consciousness, love – and hope.

That is why it is a great change.

A millennial change.

The forces of evolution that have guided and developed consciousness and capacity can no longer create the way forward. So it is not just the change of a lifetime, but the change of many lifetimes, all the journeys and lessons learned through this period past.

The milieu is changing; the whole framework of consciousness is adjusting. What we think we know dissolves, for now we move to the knowing of the heart, backed up by the knowing of mind, but not ruled by it. The knowing of heart is wisdom – for in that knowledge is also all the ethical, social and intuitive nuances that enable the knowing to be in line with the great unfoldment and evolutionary changes we are living through.

When the knowing is in line with these unfolding changes, such inspiration will come! There is so much wisdom in the ethers, ready to be born in human mind and knowing, to help and co-create the new world, a world of peace.

In the emotions, it is the attachment that hurts the most. Emotions are quick to change – they are fluid, and can move and respond easily, except when locked in, locked down, by unforgiven lessons and experiences past. This is the one single thing you can do to unburden yourself of attached and locked, anchored emotions that hinder – forgive.

All you know and have become is on the journey of hope – for hope guides all journeys of evolution, else how could you see the path ahead? The path that lies beyond your consciousness? Hope does that.

So forgive, let your emotional intelligence awaken and nourish your new journey.

Take the big step to redeem and renew, to say goodbye to the past that no longer nourishes you on your journey to greater consciousness, love, awareness – and hope.

Hope will transform our world, guide our journeys forward, nourish us with visions of the future to come – then you too can step into that new world. Be of the future not the past, and never look back.

Let them go, all those painful experiences past, let them go.

Let your heart-song sing to you. Do things that awaken your loving self. Choose things that nourish your loving self.

Then you truly become a loving cell of living hope within our beautiful Mother Earth, and all are more greatly nourished on their way.

Every choice makes the choice of others so much easier.

Every new heart of light awakened in our new world, makes more light and love for others to feel and see, and choose.

Every glimmer of hope shared enlightens the hearts of others and the Earth, such beauty and wonder to see!

Lift your heart’s gaze, and see, feel, know the hope of what already awakens.

See, feel and know through your heart – you can do this, for everyone can. Find and do those things that stir your heart with love, with hope – and the rest will follow.

That is yours to do, awaken your heart in whatever way you find nourishment.

Then hope and all its wonders of upliftment, vision, joy and belief for tomorrow, for the future, shall be yours.

Be hope. Let go the anchors and constraints, forgive and renew. Open your mind to the conscience of life lived in loving care of our planet and all life – this is our home, and must be loved and cared for.

Earth holds love and joy, and radiates with hope now in her beautiful self – so too, can you.

Be loving, kind to yourself and others, find your heart and open to the beautiful, embracing journey, full of hope!

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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