Clear Old Frameworks of Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

When you are willing, you are of heart.

Willing to put aside your over-active mental analysis that wants to answer why and how. Willingness to still the over-imaginative emotional body that too easily conflates, exaggerates, manipulates (even without intending to do so) the substance infusing its place and space in your consciousness.

We are beings of construction – we build. We build meaning, we put together answers to make the framework within which we feel we know. We build cupboards and basements for what we don’t like or understand, or both, and shut them away from our inquiring, conscious self. Understandable, for too many unanswered questions leaves great holes in the framework of livingness, and we can fall apart, mentally, physically, emotionally. Because the wholeness of our life force exists within this framework, and for millennia we have practiced building and extending this structure of our conscious, and unconscious beingness.

But now, all shall slowly, yet completely, change.

For to become a being of heart, you remain a builder. But you build with flow, not structures. With mind, we build fixed structures of consciousness: fixed attitudes, knowledge, understanding (answers we have concluded), language, behaviours. For the mental substance of our beings is the major framework we achieve on the evolutionary path we have walked these last many millennia. That is what we have learned to build with, it is how we become conscious, structured beings of physical form. Yes, we also build with emotional matter, because astral/emotional substance is tied most closely to the world of Earth, and is therefore part of our building milieu; but only when it can be categorised and contained in a mental structure, even if that is most rudimentary.

This is our journey of conscious awakening as a human, earthly being. We grapple with and make sense of the substance contained within our auric sphere, particularly mind and emotions, for they are the energy media we can most readily build with in one lifetime. We are of physical matter too, but that is mostly adapted and adjusted between lives, when the framework built through one life is used as the blueprint to guide  the development of the new body in the next life; one that is perhaps more able to align with the conscious intent imbued in that new framework. I say perhaps, because karma is also involved.

If, for example, you build a framework of greed and manipulation of power, karma will be invoked to create caveats on how much you can wield energy through that intention in the next life. Even within a life, such karma can be invoked. But this is a side reflection to the lesson of major import today.

For today, these last days, we are talking about the alignment, choice, and immersion in the flow of conscious heart, via the loving heart of nations to the heart of Earth.

This is a totally different building milieu to the human consciousness, for consciousness of heart is not a fixed substance with which you can build form. It only exists in motion, moving from the giver, to the receiver, and vice versa.

We can’t build frameworks like we have been used to building. This needs a totally different mindset, and is a pathway to walk with gentleness for that reason.

As a human being, you still need structure at this time. So to open to and become more heart, you need to see and realise how and why you need to adapt your structures of consciousness to align with, and cooperate with, the flow of heart.

In the first instance, observe where you feel consciously pressured. Here is your clue with heart flow: when the flow enters your conscious space, it must flow out. If it cannot, it will build up pressure. Look deeply, and find out what you can change to allow the flow through. At its most basic, look for where you can, and perhaps need, to give of yourself a little differently. If your heart sings within an organisation, community group, spiritual group – then look for how you can give service within that focus, and see if that enables your flow to flow. If you find no inner drive to do this, then simply look for ways you can connect to Earth, and let your love flow there.

First and foremost, you must let the flow through, and in so doing you adjust the forms in your being, the structures, and the flow will nourish you.

This is the ultimate path for this period of human-earthly development, to become a being of flow. The Earth needs us to become this, for that is the spiritual covenant we entered into upon incarnation here: to be part of Earth’s consciousness, and at this time, that is to be part of Her heart.

As conscious beings, we can make this happen quickly, or we may hinder and slow the process in distraction and denial. The reality is here for all to see:  the structures built of mind and energised by entrapped emotions are failing us in our world. For example, the economic model of constant growth when we live in a world of finite capacity; costing of earthly products with no care for the cost of the impact on Earth; the short-sightedness of money gain when inequality is rife. These are old forms of mind and emotion that trap many, and are used by many to further their personal aggrandisement; they are breaking our bond with Earth, our commitment to being part of her living journey.

So, wakeup to the reality and weaken the bonds of human past – they are of the past, and must adapt for the future, despite the intensity of grip some choose to have on these old ways.

Let go and adapt, or the crushing force of the flow, dammed behind walls of ignorance and choice to keep all as it has been, shall break through in a flood of change.

 We are part of the earthly being and consciousness, and must relinquish the obsession with ultimate control of our environment and world, else we become the flotsam and jetsam of the flooding breakthrough of heart consciousness that is emerging now.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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