Certainty and Choosing Light

[written in conscious attunement]

You will be wrong. On your journey of spiritual unfoldment, your mental faculties and emotional maturity cannot keep up with the internal changes occurring within you. These changes create not only those inner reflections that differ from what you know, understand and feel certain about, but also have a ripple effect on the energy around you. Hence you experience the grace of karma in action, with the stimulus that brings (most often a challenge), to help speed up the change.

You cannot become a spiritual being by staying in the consciousness you have already developed

If you did not find yourself in these challenging situations, how on Earth would you grow and evolve? You cannot become a spiritual being by staying in the consciousness you have already developed. You cannot become more infused with soul certainty and living light, if you maintain the constraints of your current personal knowledge and emotional capacity. For even if you do not perceive that your personal self is constraining, it most certainly is – for without constraints you cannot learn either.

Consciousness develops at the edge between what is perceived, and all that lies beyond. If you incarnated as a fully present soul in a human self,

1) your soul would not have learned from your many lives of experience how to work in this milieu. For this milieu functions very differently from the ocean of loving light in which your soul dwells; and

2) as a human, you would have no conscious awareness of how to express soul in this world, and would not be able to contribute any wisdom to that expression.

So, at best, you could be a little beacon of light, like a statue, but your ability to engage with the world, and express and create with light and love in it, would be pretty much non-existent. In other words, it would be a waste of an incarnation. For this incredible privilege of incarnating is given to those who want to develop that human consciousness, so that they can contribute to the evolving unfoldment of conscious presence in our world; not to be uneducated, unaware, perhaps even uncooperative, regarding this global evolutionary imperative. This is a soul choice, and a dispensation given at that level, hence this is why so many at the human level seem so unaware of the great opportunity and responsibility they have.

This is also why you will be wrong at times in choices, insights and actions:  whatever stage of evolution you are at as a soul, as a human, you have another step to take, and then another. You will be confronted with the edges of your current conscious capacity, so you can perceive the need to go beyond that in order to progress through your current challenge. Since you do not as yet have the consciousness to know, understand and enable the best choices to move forward, mistakes are an inevitable, and also valuable, experience.

As humans, we all have this curious characteristic of seeking certainty, whether mentally in rigid thought, emotionally in set patterns of perceiving and enacting feelings, or physically in the environment we set up around us; or in all three.

This is a characteristic of matter itself, and the pull it creates that binds us into this physical world, so that we can have lives in this curious milieu of human and earthly expression. Curious, because it has little resemblance to the world of souls; but none-the-less, is deeply attractive because it has reflections, vibrationally, of soul, and so we are drawn and held here as we seek.

Earth’s choice:  to seek that melding of soul and physical consciousness, so that the loving light of Cosmos can fully harmonise into the physical world

This of course reflects Earth’s choice, made many millennia ago, that resonates and hums within her:  to seek that melding of soul and physical consciousness, so that the loving light of Cosmos can fully harmonise into the physical world, and shine into the universe from there.

Every soul that sends out the impulse to incarnate here within Earth, has made a choice to be part of this greater journey of consciousness that Earth has chosen. It may not look like this on a human level, with the significant number of people who demonstrate and act out of greed, the need for power and control, and what seems like utter ignorance of the needs of Earth or of their fellow humans and other living creatures on this journey. But this is the edge where consciousness is so rapidly unfolding at this time, affecting Earth’s population en masse:  the understanding of our relationship with Earth. This is our personal and collective responsibility, and karma guides many opportunities for choice and response.

It is in itself a paradox, that the pull of Earth that gives us the wish and opportunity to be incarnated here, is also the pull that binds matter-to-matter, the force of love in action where like seeks like. This creates the inherent capacity of the human embodiment, to build within this pull, that which is familiar. Thus, we build forms of thought, feeling and our physical world that resonate with what we know, feel and find physical comfort within.

Then, as Earth’s evolution progresses, and the resonance of her being changes, what we have built comes to be in discord with her. Similarly, as we progress from life to life, and what we have learned in each life begins to cohere in our souls as wisdom, the inner stimulus for each incarnation holds new light. We incarnate with familiar patterns built out of what has worked in our previous human lives, but now our soul stimulus resonates differently, and the Earth substance from which we gather our being as we incarnate, and within which we seek to express, is also different.

This is explained in broad terms, and simplistically, for there are multitudes of nuances in how life and consciousness unfold. However,  it is important to understand the gist of it, for sooner or later you will experience the result of these changes – or perhaps you already have, which is why you are seeking.

Your task as a human is to learn and understand that what was, or what you still hold to be, a certainty, must go if you are to expand your consciousness. Not in a great sweep of dissolution, although some may take something like this path after passing away, and go through what you could call an ascension process where much of the human-built forms within the personality are dissolved. To awaken consciousness here and now, you need to make choices and consciously participate in the disassembly of old thoughts, feelings and structures you have built around yourself; and then construct new ways of thinking, feeling and being, out of lessons learned and held in the old substance.

Even just the tiniest hint or nudge of consciousness will enable this to be a conscious and positive change, because somewhere in you, you have that certainty that empowers you to face the inevitable challenges that arise from change.

This is the certainty born out of the harmonic resonance of that part of you that resonates with your soul, and that resonates with the evolving light of Earth, and thus has that deep conviction that this resonance gives. The challenge is to discern that certainty, born out of the soul-human-earthly harmonic within you, from the mind-feeling-body certainty you have from what you have learned and become as a human in this life.

This is the joy of the path, for you shall never be bored! Even if part of you wishes for this, recognise this is just old patterning and desire for the kind of certainty you had before. But it is stagnant from an evolutionary sense, and unsustainable in our evolving world and with your evolving soul in this world.

So, embrace the changes, seek the certainty that is in resonance with that deep inner knowing within your being, and be prepared to be wrong. This is not a judgement, simply a fact, for your mind-body-feeling self cannot possibly know who you will be in a year, in a decade, maybe even tomorrow – yet you make choices that influence your future based upon your current self.

If you cannot admit mistakes and welcome them as tools of learning, but get caught up seeing them as judgements of character, you solidify even further the structures in your knowing-feeling-physical self that resist change. Then, as change is inevitable – for evolution of consciousness is real – then the pressure to create change becomes greater, in order to break through the more strongly solidified, or even cemented, personal milieu.

Thus, Earth today:  much has been solidified by those of wealth and power to sustain their old ways, and added to by those who have become englamoured by this false goal of more-more-more, in a world of finite capacity. These are the significant glamours and illusions that entrap the human self, unwilling to see the true light of Earth and soul. Thus, we see the increasingly cemented forms of personal gain and societal functioning, as resistance builds to the needed evolutionary change.

We all hope and pray that enough human choice can be made to bring a loving and intentful breakdown of those barriers, and avoid the path of shattering and crushing.

Your choice matters:  if you are faced with personal choice to stay with the familiar, even when it does not seem quite right, or to awaken to the possibility of a new way, a new path, a new thought, a new emotional response – choose wisely, and let loving light guide you. Become one less molecule of human concrete, burrowing into the false security of past certainty. Become one who can grow beyond the challenges of past choices that no longer fit, and embrace the new that holds truth and light.

Use whatever spiritual practice enables you to give pause and space in your day so you can hear the tiniest nudge of your conscience and consciousness: and learn to recognise what holds resonance with that light within you, so you can forgive and forego the choices of the past and step forward in the certainty of the light, not that of the old and worn familiar.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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