Doubt and Certainty

[written in conscious attunement]

In the loving embrace of the universe, there is certainty, for in that embrace there is all there is to know and do, to unfold and evolve through the plan. Every incarnational breath is born with certainty, for that is inherent in the force of creativity.

All artists know this. When the sweep, the flow of creativity is upon them, there is no doubt about it: no doubt about the need to express that flow; no doubt about the force and its inspiration, at its deepest level. There are myriad ways that creative force may be expressed, but still, there is no doubt within that urge to express, whether through the stroke of the brush, the chisel on stone, the expression of colour or words, the unfoldment of shape, the sound of musical notes.

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Doubt is a particularly human experience, and it comes from the evolutionary path of developing mind. This is not the day-to-day mind that processes thoughts and feelings into words, that instigates actions and reactions in daily life circumstances. Doubt comes through the development of the analytical mind, the part of our conscious self that dissects and discerns, that divides problems until there are as few options as possible, so that choice becomes easier – for the mind at least.

This is where the difference between choice of mind and choice of heart is most obvious, for in the exploration of doubt and uncertainty, this can only arise in the mind. It is so important to understand this, because doubt is one of the greatest cripplers of action and strength upon the path of unfolding consciousness, on the path to enlightenment. Doubt of choice, doubt of self, doubt of life and your circumstances, doubt of spirit/soul/enlightened teacher/God – however you relate to that higher guiding presence.

Yet doubt is also one of the greatest teachers for the human consciousness, for we only experience doubt when we seek, hope for, yearn for something to the point that our choices really matter. If you have discerned options in your life, but your mental analysis of those options yields no clarity, this pushes your consciousness to seek more depth, more information, more factors that will inform that discernment, so that the choice becomes obvious.

Here we are talking about choices of significance, not choices of small everyday things, where routine discernment will usually suffice. None-the-less, if you doubt, look into it! Treat it as a pointer, indicating a greater issue is at hand than perhaps you first perceived. How many times has a small incident triggered a cascade of realisations that create a major change in life direction? Like the saying, ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back,’ sometimes those straws do lead us deeper into life’s unfolding journey.

Doubt is the key, and not to be shunned. Uncomfortable, yes, but that is the point, for we never evolve in comfort. Yet deep within our consciousness is that place of comfort, of certainty, of clarity, of deep knowing, because we are born of the breath in which the wholeness of life before us is held; the fullness of loving expression that is ours to become.

In deep life choices, whether triggered by smaller or greater experiences, inner or outer, we experience the pressure of doubt because we know there is certainty deep inside. But how do we create certainty in our day, in our life’s effort, in our personal existence?

Our mental faculties in large part evolved through dealing with and relating to our life as a physical being, with all the physical, emotional and mental stimuli and choices that involves. We learn to discern in this world, to dissect and analyse problems, options and challenges, and make decisions. However, because our decisions affect not only our human self but also the fullness of our evolving consciousness within which we dwell within our hearts, there will always come a point when the certainty of the analytical mind is suddenly not so certain.

This is the undeniable push and urge of soul, the embodying life force within you, and which is born out of, and dwells within the vibration of that Ocean of Love within our planetary being. This ocean is a microcosm of the Cosmic intent, the blueprint created by the breath of life, that holds the certainty of all flows of life into manifestation. This certainty is the blueprint for our own lives, in their evolving expression.

We are not just here once, then gone. Any analysis can see how meaningless this would be: to bestow such diverse experiences, sufferings, opportunities upon the billions of people alive upon Earth, with no pathway upon which to learn and discern, such that all may eventually live in peace and wellbeing.

You cannot analyse your way to enlightenment

Soul is the fulcrum of all these life experiences. Soul is where the certainty of life’s blueprint exists, and is the deepest expression of this certainty into the world of matter. The pressure of doubt is urged upon us by soul, or by karma in the early stages, where soul contact of any sort is not easily attained by the newly evolving human self. Karma is the working out of that conundrum of certainty and doubt in human life, weighed up in physical, emotional and mental experiences and choices, and gifted to us upon those levels of discernment.

However, as analytical mind develops more discernment, you cannot but reach that point where analysis simply yields no clear option, where even the most mentally acute and decisive people cannot discern the best decision. This is the doorway to deeper knowing, the deeper knowing of soul, where analysis based on the human world of physical, emotional and mental experiences and circumstances does not enable choice.

Choice infused by soul contains within it the certainty of evolution’s loving intention. That which is your life stream’s joy to express. That which is your vibration, love, colour, wisdom – and most importantly – that step that takes you forward upon your journey of realisation and greater oneness with that living light of your soul, of the Ocean of Love.

You cannot analyse your way to enlightenment or soul illumination and love. You cannot evolve through mind choices alone. Mind is not made of that substance of soul, in which resonates the fine sound of Cosmic intent brought down through evolutionary beings such as the Greater Hearts and Earth herself; so that you can reach that loving intent that is pure certainty.

When you cannot find answers and discernment of options, when you are filled with doubt, you can use your mind to realise that this is your soul knocking on the door of your human consciousness, reminding you there is a deeper level to go to for this choice, a deeper level of consciousness needed to experience certainty. This is the blessing of doubt!

Welcome it as that touch of love, seeking to awaken you to yet more wonders and depth of life in all its joyful unfolding. Then the Ocean of Love’s certainty will fill you, and life will renew onto the next step of joyful discovery.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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