Choosing Heart for Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

The greatest step taken in the development of your human consciousness is when you realise you are not alive for your own personal self-focussed gains.

Souls are fully aware of the global milieu in which they live, and within which they have responsibilities. It is not in the nature of a soul to be singularly focussed on self, even the youngest of souls. That simply cannot happen, except in truly extreme and rare circumstances resulting from repeated human choice to deny this step and need in conscious development, and then it is an intervention of spirit and Karmic Law.

The greatest step taken in the development of your human consciousness is when you realise you are not alive for your own personal self-focussed gains

Why it cannot happen is because the vibrational milieu in which soul is created, and in which it resides, is the conscious milieu of love created by Earth and her family of greater souls and Cosmic agents of evolution. It is a milieu of amazing properties, for it has the ability to resonate with spiritual stimuli (i.e., from spirit, the higher fire of creation), and to just reach, ever so gently,  into the depths of human life in the physical, mental and emotional levels of vibration.

The Ocean of Love in which souls dwell is an unique vibration that can hold and resonate with its great span of vibrational stimuli. Of course, when you leave this life, you do not take with you all the density of thought, feeling and physical vibration, for that cannot live on the level of soul vibration. You take the refined seeds of each level of your human experience, wherein the wisdom gained, and karma earned from lessons learned and new ones created, are held in suspension until your next evolutionary step, whatever level of vibration that is on (physical or inner).

As a human, we earn and learn all these experiences and lessons within the milieu of human earthly life, and it is in this milieu where separation exists. This is another spiritual paradox, because we are not ultimately separate beings, yet our journey needs this experience so that we can truly learn to work within the physical world with the love we have as a soul.

It is about consciousness. A soul cannot know separateness, because the vibrational milieu of which it is made and in which it exists, is one of a certain kind of permeability. There is no resistance at soul level to lessons, guidance, requirements, and the giving and receiving of love. Thus, at soul level, no matter how unevolved as the soul of a human being, there is an intrinsic understanding of the need to love and care for Earth, for it is her Ocean of Love in which the soul exists.

As you enter the deeper levels of denser vibrations, wherein we are created and exist as human beings, then you enter the worlds where vibrations are not as easily interactive or permeable. For example, it could be likened to the difference between rock and air. The benefit is that you get your very own little sphere (your self) in which to play with this dense matter in which we live. You can learn and mould the substance of your being, to change it from an unqualified and single-coloured portion of Earth, into a multi-coloured radiant gem through which light can shine.

If you did not have your own sphere in which to experiment with cause and effect, care and hostility, love and separation, light and dark, hope and action, then you would not learn to hold and mould this dense matter of human life into light-giving substance. But in this sphere of matter in which you live and learn, the reality of being part of a greater whole, of having responsibilities outside your sphere, is not inherently present.

Through our hearts, where our soul is anchored, we learn to reach out and connect with others, and to care about family, friends, other life, and this gives valuable stimuli on the path of learning. Indigenous cultures often have a strong element of Earth care in their societies, for they have evolved that through wise souls teaching this for millennia. However, cultures that have become industrialised, focussed on economies, not Earth – on civilisation as a human attainment of mind and emotion without soul, where the inherent human need for their loving soul has been contained and restrained into material need and greed – these societies cruel the evolution of life, light and soul upon Earth, and of Earth herself.

This journey can never be completed until you recognise that you are a part of Earth’s loving embrace, and that you have a duty of care to her and all life

It is the balance that is needed, for as explained, a certain amount of containment is necessary in order to learn and earn the capacity to become light. But this journey can never be completed until you recognise that you are a part of Earth’s loving embrace, and that you have a duty of care to her and all life in her sphere of evolutionary force.

This is the great step of awakening, and as Earth suffers under the prevalent need-and-greed focus of human activity of this time, this is a choice that is desperately needed. This is a choice of evolutionary imperative. This is a choice of heart – for in your heart you do know.  Unfortunately, most societies do not teach this or even encourage this – whether in its most simple form of caring and sharing with others and Earth, or in its spiritual expression through meditation, self-awareness and service.

Even many so-called spiritual journeys are little if anything more than self-contained expressions of need-and-greed, coloured with spiritual words, but of little impact upon the needs of soul or Earth, or the evolution of human consciousness.

If Earth cannot evolve into the next phase of her journey, because too many humans choose not to acknowledge and act upon the basics of human life as a gift of her being, then perhaps she has to fast and purge to detoxify herself. As above, so below.

The Great Change we are in is a time of sickness and choice:  Earth suffers, humans suffer, nature and all life suffers. This is the sickness, brought on by too much self-focus and greed in the human family.

It is our responsibility, for we are the primary vehicles within which soul can resonate here upon physical Earth, and create that loving, caring balance that our souls know, where all life is celebrated and nourished. We are the vehicles where consciousness can enable choice, and choice can enable loving heart’s flow, and we can become those beautiful gems of brilliance, where our own journey is manifest as colour and light, and our souls can hum through us. Such a joyful life awaits, when we choose this!

It is not a far-off path or destination, it is possible now for everyone, for everyone can say yes to loving light. Even if that light is small, and still evolving, you can still shine.

A great step upon the way is to see Earth for what she is:  your home, your nourishment, your shelter, your caring Mother of heart. She is not inert, not endless in what she can give, not a resource for the greedy, and not a place for selfish attainment.

Remember this and choose wisely, then no matter how long or deeply you have journeyed, you can be a gracious presence of care and love, where you own soul can shine more greatly through you. Then your life can be part of the solution, not more of the challenge threatening all life through self-centred, deliberate unawareness.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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