Certainty, Clarity, Conviction on Your Path

[written in conscious attunement]

You cannot understand the Laws of the Heart until you understand the flow of consciousness. You cannot understand the flow of consciousness until mind and feelings yield their attachment to what was, and let go in the new reality of the world that is to be. That world that is held in heart’s promise, hope’s vision. The world of peace and equanimity.

The one thing you can do, as an aspiring student of conscious change, is to learn what ways you flow, and where you do not. The aspects of your psychology, known or unknown, that hold the form of the past. This is tricky because as human beings we need form, we need things known and certain. Some need more, some need less, but we all seek and need those structures of being that we do not have to work out, understand, evaluate and discern. We just know them, and live within them like old, familiar clothes.

So it is a balancing act, to achieve certainty in a flowing world, to find clarity in a changing consciousness, to find courage to act with conviction to help these world changes unfold in peace, when the ripples of conscious change and global change sometimes seem to send waves in all directions.

One answer there is to all these challenges:  go to your heart, and from there immerse in the succour of the Great Mother of the Change, Kumara of Christed and Buddha consciousness, who holds every stream of consciousness in love for she is the embodiment of Earth’s soul, in harmony with loving heart of Cosmos.

 But, start with your heart.

In your heart you can find certainty even if in feelings and mind, you cannot. When changes in life and consciousness upend your firmness of stand in life – in your heart you can find the reasons, the real reasons, why this challenge is present in your life. In your heart, when you seek the higher insight, you can find the light that draws you forward in hope and love, through the changes of the now. Because in your heart you are aligned with your part of the great plan to unfold. In your heart you are the person of flow, who can let go the anchors of past certainty, and sail with the new winds of change into the ocean of love, that exists for the seeking heart.

When you loosen the presence of past, and the anticipated future built on the foundations of the past that are in your consciousness, here you can find clarity. How can you see when your inner landscape is cluttered with buildings and structures built to house this and that in your consciousness? Fine if that is where you wish to dwell, but if your heart calls you to change, or if your karma urges you to change, then you need to change your inner landscape so you can see the horizon.

All the levels of consciousness that build structures in your personal self are of your personal self. They are of mind and feelings; rarely of body itself for that is guided and driven by the other two. So to stand clear of these forms, you must seek another level of consciousness. Go to your heart. Your heart will give you vision of the horizon ahead, uplifting your gaze to the hope of the world, inspiring your steps to leave behind the past, and take only those bricks and stones with you that hold love enough to be the foundations for the future you.

Do not take this literally, unless your karma presses you to do so, but for most this is not the case. Here we talk about consciousness:  consciousness to change, to become, to evolve, into the gracious being of heart you seek.

Conscious change takes conviction, the hardest of all internal drivers to sustain. In the face of great change, only the deepest alignment with heart can keep your heartbeat strong, your head held high, your eyes clear on your goal, your body infused with the strength to act, in love and alignment with the greater heart infusion.

Conviction wavers when we feel alone in our endeavours. But on the path of conscious and global evolutionary change, we are never alone. Yet we may not have the dharma to meet in person our fellow travellers on the path, from whom we might draw nourishment and strengthen our shared conviction for the way forward. If we do not meet in person, we must meet in heart. For we must walk with conviction, to face the challenges of the deep and pervasive change we are amidst.

In your heart, seek those with whom you stand tall and radiant. You will find them, they will find you … for as soon as you activate your heart by consciously attending to this place of paradise and love within your very own being, you shine. Your light is a beacon to others, inner and outer alike, and is nourishment to you.

Imagine, that you can tap into that deeply flowing grace that uplifts, comforts, heals and guides at will? Not just at those deep moments of infusion, contact, revelation as you immerse in soul and heart, but in your day to day journey.

This is the practice of heart I encourage you to walk with. The awakening of your heart stream, the immersion in your heart’s grace, yet all the while you still function in harmony (mostly, at least), as a human being in the world, with mind and feeling (and body) your vehicle, radiant and strong on the path of the new world to become.

Imagine, and become, for now you can, in heart.

Global dispensation and karmic opportunity give every seeker greater access to heart consciousness now than ever before.

What shall you do with that?

Here lies the path ahead where your greatest loving self can infuse you, your life and our world.

Here, lies your opportunity, and choice.

Please take it, for all depends on the one choice we all must make – to be heart. And now you can be, with greater ease than ever before – so, why not?

Step forth, and become your heart’s radiance in this world, and a wondrous world it will be for all.

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Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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