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Your Heart Awakening on Earth

[written in conscious attunement]

When you touch heart, yours or of the Great Ones, your life can never be the same. For you have touched that wellspring of meaning, love and hope, and the vibration now lives in your consciousness.

It is a life-changing moment, for like with a magnet, the substance of your being begins to align with that vibration and resonance.

All the cells and conscious and unconscious substance in your personal auric sphere are awakened. This is not likely a great revelatory moment in terms of grand visions, insightful purposes, manifested wisdom. But yet it is, in the slow infiltration of those facets of soul and light as the heart resonance echoes through who you are.

For the most, it will simply feel like relief, for your searching is over; or awakening, as if from sleep; or deep peace, where deeper meaning and love give succour.

This is the touch of heart. This is the journey’s beginning, when you say yes to opening to that wellspring within. Then the song starts, the song of heart: the resonance of your soul’s love through the golden radiance of meaning and hope, unveiling the illuminating light of the journey ahead.

The hum of love can touch all of you, for you are built of that love’s intention, of your soul love. That is why touching this place, this note within, brings relief: you find that part of you that you know yet you don’t, and for as long as you don’t know it consciously, you seek. Deep down, you seek.

When you have awakened to that resonance within, the harmonic is established and you cannot look back, and go back, for the light awakens and enriches. The love embraces and nourishes, and to turn away is pain. To step forward to more is joy.

Nothing may change in your outer life, but you become a more radiant being. You hum within on a deeper, richer, note. You shine, in life’s journey, with the wisdom that unfolds in gracious steps upon the way.

It is a simple step, and all can take it. You just need to want it, and choose it, and your soul’s grace shall hum in your heart. Practice with it and deepen your conscious connection. Serve with it, and your flow magnifies. Every day can be of service if you love Earth, for that is the ultimate destination of all heart expression.

Heart awakens and stimulates in resonance, but also in flow. Flow comes after the resonance has created a radiant vessel. Then the flow begins, and of course must flow through you to be a flow. Holding it back turns flowing light into dams of stagnation, and this is not wise.

And every being incarnate upon Earth must let that flow through into the Earth, with love, with care, with hope, with activism, with Earth healing. Whatever way you stand in this world, in your stream of loving heart flow, so you must choose.

But the flow goes to Earth because it is her heart pulse within which our own hearts become alive in light and the vibrant hum of life itself.

Hers is the heart that circulates life blood into and through this planetary being. So to be of heart, to awaken heart, you are awakening to that living, loving, life force that is the Heart of Earth herself, and letting your being become a conscious lover of Earth and life. Then you have done yours!

The nourishment from higher hearts is there, but only Earth’s heart flow pulses through your heart, when you open and seek in your heart life here in this physical world.

Here, heart is nourished from the heart of Solar and Cosmic spheres, but that expression rarely manifests through any one human heart. It is the flow guided and radiated by the Masters of Wisdom in their loving embrace of Earth and those under their tutelage; and the flow wielded by great angels in their evolutionary guidance of Earth’s and nature’s unfoldment in conscious and physical realms.

Thus the flows are many. But for you, dear reader, the flow is of your soul, within the great Heart of Earth; and you are of this momentous shift and awakening of consciousness the minute you say yes, and choose to reach for heart, your heart, Earth heart, or your Master’s heart.

Wherever your heart guides you, follow, and seek, and choose heart, and you shall shine and hum like the being of grace and love that you are.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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