Why Loving the Earth Matters

[written in conscious attunement]

Love is that expression of divine care from one to another, when the Law of Attraction builds the bridge for that flow. That bridge always exists between a soul and its human self, and between Earth and every soul here upon this planet – for no soul can be here without being drawn here by the Law of Attraction, and sustained here by Earth’s love. That is the gravity of spirit, that draws spiritual fire closer to earthly substance, such that incarnation can occur under the Cosmic intent of life’s expression into all realms.

Then we have love in our personal world, enabled by concordant resonance created culturally, racially, spiritually (between teachers and students), nationally, organisationally, idealistically, and in families. We build bridges of coherence so that we can share love and the grace of relationship with others, on whatever level that relationship is expressed.

the Law of Attraction … is the gravity of spirit, that draws spiritual fire closer to earthly substance, such that incarnation can occur

As human evolution has occurred, we have experienced the bonds of love, and then also the breakdown of love and resulting separation, as the complexity of human relationships weaves through and around us. Through this we learn more about ourselves, and seek deeper within to understand and grieve, and thus we find the deeper, more permanent presence of love within – which in turn expresses more deeply in our relationships externally. It is a continuous and renewing experience, from a soul’s point of view, for so much is learnt from these experiences! Even if we all wish we did not need to experience loss and separation, unfortunately without it, and from an evolutionary point of view, we would take too long to notice our inner world, and look to build the conscious bridges to and of soul.

So, we understand a little of these complex interactions and relationships in our human world, and how we evolve from them. But what about our relationship with Earth? With nature? These are just as important, if not more so, than our interpersonal relationships, but in our human-focussed world and the urbanised existence of most, we immerse ourselves in our human needs and foibles, and the needs of Earth and nature are pushed away and forgotten too easily.

The curious thing is that in doing so, we leave a great gap in the flow of love in our existence – for the needs of Earth and nature for our loving connection are utterly reciprocated by our need for the same. Without that, the Law of Attraction would not build the bridge of resonance that allows love to flow.

Many are awakening to this lack. It is not as easy to realise, for it is more subtle than the intensity of human-to-human relationships in our daily awareness. Much of this is because, in general, our whole society is built on human endeavour and human-to-human relationships. So, we not only have our own personal drivers and karmic journeys to experience in our connections with others, but society expects and conditions us to do much more. Yet this is all to do with the bubble of human life, not human life on Earth.

But we know we are missing something, when confronted with the fragility of human relationships. We are missing the love that sustains us day-to-day, as souls upon Earth – the love that many religions and spiritual practices put in the hands of their deities to bestow upon the good and the faithful, and withhold from the disconnected and disengaged. The love of higher beings is a wonderful thing that guides and inspires us to learn and seek further on our spiritual path, and that is very sustaining. But we are here upon Earth, not in the elevated worlds of light, so all spiritual nourishment can only go so far, especially in these days of evolving and awakening heart consciousness.

You cannot awaken heart just through spiritual and devotional practices alone. This is not only spiritually, but physically impossible – ‘physically’ meaning the physical world of spiritual evolution, that of body, emotional and mental substance.

Here we are talking about heart as the spiritual centre of every living being, that receives and sends out nourishment, and that lives within the physical heart of every incarnated being. This is not the heart chakra, which is another matter altogether. The chakras are points of resonance between levels of personality substance, e.g., between mind and your mental body, between emotional energy and your physical response. In time they can become purified enough to also resonate with different vibrational inputs from higher realms, and  be a wonderful vehicle of evolutionary stimulus and awakening. However,  impurified and undeveloped they can become unfiltered doorways to lower worlds and mischievous spirits. A lot of utter rubbish is promulgated by people who fail to filter their inner perceptions, thinking anything that stimulates the chakras and inner perceptions must be of a higher consciousness. Unfortunately, it rarely is, and the true spiritual journey is clouded and muddied by the untruths spouted in this englamoured certainty of false light.

Your whole existence is an expression of your soul intent aligned with Earth’s intent, and your inner heart flows that intent in and through you

So, do not confuse the heart chakra with the heart that we speak of, it does not have the function of the heart centre that really matters in our discussion here. The heart centre is your wellspring of spiritual life – but only because that life force flows through your heart. Heart only exists in flow. In its most physical expression, this is the life force and spiritual vitality that keeps you alive, for you are not a living being by virtue of a heart and blood alone. Your whole existence is an expression of your soul intent aligned with Earth’s intent, and your inner heart flows that intent in and through you to attract and sustain the physical, emotional and mental substance that creates your human self. Thus, you come into existence. But this is a physically-focussed existence, and the heart’s flow is limited to your body and inner vitality.

That is not enough now. Earth is evolving, humanity en masse is evolving (even if it looks otherwise from the behaviour of some on the world stage). We are at an open door of human and planetary evolution, and that doorway is the heart.

Why it matters so much is because we can no longer safely evolve human mind, bolstered by emotional alignment, without the conscience of heart. Emotional conscience is too easily overridden by strong minds, and great harm comes to Earth, our home, through what is now too many unconscionable choices humanity is making, allowing and following.

Heart is the fulcrum upon which soul, and planet, balance; upon which human and nature balance, because it is the point through which all life is created, energised, loved and sustained. Realisation of this in conscious choice saves our planet, and saves our spiritual existence.

We can no longer continue as incarnated souls upon Earth, if we treat her like an unlimited resource for our greed that is not of need. We cannot stay if we refuse to seek heart conscience in our own decisions and actions, and of those we allow or support in our world.

Your choice really matters, for at the end of this life, and over the next short phase evolutionarily speaking, this choice will be an evaluation used to determine who has future lives here. Of course, many do not believe in or care about future lives, but that does not change the fact that the impacts of our choices will occur.

Earth’s evolution to become a planet of heart is proceeding, and we, humanity, are part of that. Our role in this unfolding development is to bring consciousness into the deep worlds of matter, the physical, emotional and mental matter of our human existence, and of Earth’s physical body.

But now Earth needs more spiritual vitality in her physical body, just like you do when you evolve to a finer vibration; so that your whole being resonates with that greater love, and not just with your mind or emotions, for that leads to disconnection and illness.

We, humanity, have a significant responsibility to enable, support, and magnetise the loving flow of spiritual vitality into the Earth. Nature does this – but we are destroying nature. So not only do we need to become more aligned and cooperative with this spiritual flow, because that is our spiritual dharma here upon Earth, but we must magnify it to make up for the amount of loving vitality needed by Earth that we destroy in our abuse and destruction of nature.

This is the call of nature, the call of Earth, the call of our hearts. For if we align with this loving flow to Earth and nature, we too are nourished, and step through that doorway of conscious evolution to become beings of greater grace and light.

As said so many times, heart consciousness, and love, happen through flow. Now we need to realise and consciously engage in the greater loving flow of humanity to Earth, our home, and magnify that with our intent.

Then the great circulation of spiritual heart on our planet will build in flow, and sweep the darkness of stagnant cells, whether humans within Earth’s body, or cancerous cells within our own human bodies, into that flow – there to be energised, revitalised and re-infused with the love that is life.

Love nature, love Earth, and open to this great Cosmic flow that is life in its fullest loving expression, flowing all the way from the intent in Cosmic heart, through the life force of Solar heart, to Earth; there to reach all the way to her physical heart through nature and humanity in conscious cooperation, bringing that flow and vitality into the deepest depths of manifest incarnation. From there, it flows back, and the circulation that sustains and awakens all life becomes complete.

This may be a great Cosmic picture easily dismissed – but you are here, here upon Earth, and you are part of this great unfoldment through the simplest of balanced and personal actions:  to simply love Earth, love nature, and make your earthly choices accordingly.

This is not hard, and it will create great positive change.

No sweeping brilliance of an illumined soul teacher can achieve this, because it requires the choice of humanity. So do not abdicate your personal choices, assuming your god, prophet or teacher will return and make it all right. This infusion of heart needed by Earth and all her life (humans included), can only be achieved by heart cooperation of the many, because every small and intentful flow enables cooperative change and global infusion, and every positive choice magnifies the outcome.

It is your small every-day choices that matter, in this Age of the Heart, as to whether you stand in love upon Earth, or remain separated from the one loving flow that sustains us all, the flow of love to Earth herself.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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