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Hills and Valleys on the Path

[written in conscious attunement]

On the journey of the heart, you walk a path through hills and dales. Where you are atop the hills, the vista is full of sunlight and wonder, and clarity of the path ahead. In the vales the path may wend through gardens of beauty and serenity.

But then your path also leads to chasms and mountains, and deep valleys of darkened shadows. Every writing about the spiritual journey, in every tradition, expresses this truth.

For the path of your heart is your path through all you have been and have become, all you have hoped for, and all you have realised. It is the place in your consciousness where the reservoir of your experiences as wisdom and learned lessons, held by your soul, interact with you in your personal consciousness in this life.  Both the lessons of your soul, and your personal reservoir of experience, bring hills and valleys, darkness and light.

For while your soul is of light, the wisdom it holds can only become light in your personal consciousness when the vibration of that wisdom can ripple and resonate through your being unhindered. But that is unlikely, most unlikely. For that is our journey, to realise what we are and what we can become, and make it true in our personal consciousness.

So the light of soul is just that, and may uplift us to the hilltop where all is wondrous and clear. But journey on we must, and so we take our next steps with that upliftment and vision in our consciousness, yet our path takes us to the vales and valleys where we may wonder where on Earth we are going. But this is how we bring the fullness of our personal consciousness into resonance and flow with our soul, and become a being of wisdom and clarity, light and love.

You have to take those moments of illumination with you into those places in your consciousness that, as yet, do not resonate or flow with that vibration of loving light.

This is the normal and expected path of spiritual development.

The hopefulness that finding spirit and soul will uplift you from all challenges of a human life, to a place of bliss and clarity for ever onwards, is not reality. But do not be sad! For how else shall you become a wise and radiant being of higher consciousness, if you do not take the path that brings integration of that higher presence into your personal self, of your wisdom into the reality of life in a complex world?

You are here in incarnation for two reasons:  to learn, and to help.

This life here on Earth is not just a paradise or a hell through which you exist and then it is over. To incarnate here is an honour and a privilege, given to few who seek it. For to stand upon this Earth in harmony with her evolving heart is a beauty and joy unachievable elsewhere in our Solar system. Only on Earth, through her choices and the evolutionary imperative from Cosmic and Solar loving embrace, can you feel the joy of Cosmos in a physical body.

That is the gift and paradox of life on Earth, for the physical is the hardest place in which to bring and resonate with the deepest, loving vibration of heart; and yet it is the most profound, once achieved.

But remember again, to be here is a blessing. To be challenged is the journey.

Take it on with knowing, and you turn your darkened valleys into experiences from which to learn, and the steep mountains into challenges from which to strengthen.

This is hope.

Hope comes from knowing deep in your true self within, that all is purposeful and with opportunities.

However, in the interaction of personal karma (the lessons and pathway of your journey), with the karma of nations and races – here we have the complexity that can sometimes be unfathomable. For not always can your personal karma be laid out to give you an unhindered journey of personal development.  For we are here on Earth as part of the Earth and her growth, and as part of the nations and races, and many other group expressions of existence, all of which earn and journey through their own karma and lessons. As individuals, we are caught up in these journeys, and like the pebble in the river when the flood comes, much can be dislodged and disrupted.

But in the heart, we can still anchor to our own light and do our best to be of heart on our journey. Within that we can find our dharma (purposeful actions) with regard to our nation, race, religion and group. Do we vote, protest, pray, activate and agitate? Do we join in, or stand back and give our service from within? There are many ways to engage from your heart with this world we live in, with all its challenges and created chaos.

But one thing is certain:  you walk with your own heart’s love, to the degree you choose and enable in your life; and that is your pathway to active peace, and your service to this beautiful, if not challenging world in which you are graced to live.

Find your heart’s blessings, and from there, how you shall gift them into this world, then you have done yours.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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