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Creating Change through Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In every moment when the lust for power, the ignorance of selfishness, the hatred of otherness, the sheer lack of humaneness within human beings creates tragedy and grief, face it with hope. Lift your response to your heart, infuse it with the flames of courage, hope and compassion that enflame your inner being with soul’s intent, and express into the world from there, whatever it is your calling, your dharma, to do.

The heart does not dictate any particular action, just that it be infused with that will, certainty and intent of soul, that comes from your heart. Then you bring into the world the very vibration that counters the forces of fear, hatred and power bent to selfish wants. You bring in the forces that enable evolution.

Human hatred and destructiveness can never be an evolutionary force, whatever the motivation. Whether attributed falsely to national need, for which it can never be – for nations are nourished and sustained in completely other ways – or promulgated as if for human need, which is also completely false, for human need is never to cause harm, destruction or devastation to others or Earth.

The capacities of human leaders to cause such grave wrongs to people and Earth, all around our world, are motivated by the remnants of the forces that brought human souls to Earth in the first wave of evolution’s call:  the forces of involution, the forces that attract the resonant soul to emerge from the Ocean of Love into the dense substance of earthly matter. Like the pull of gravity, they are motivated by love; for ultimately the call of these forces could only entice the human soul to incarnate if the song of that call resonated with the truth that soul knew.

… to help create peace, equity and hope in the world … bring your heart’s motivation into the milieu of human affairs

But the forces that draw the soul to Earth, are for that purpose only. The challenge for all life on the conscious path  is that the first forces you become conscious of are those that have influenced you in your first awareness,  so many humans remember this pull to incarnate upon Earth. This in itself is not a problem. The problem is the destruction and cruelty to Earth and all her creatures, which is caused when the human chooses this pull to incarnate as the one force they believe in, and closes off to the force that draws their consciousness upwards to refined insight and understanding, from where wisdom and compassion can arise.

Perhaps this seems too esoteric for the great challenges facing the world today. But unless you are in a position to act on the global stage in ways that can create positive change, your only option to help create peace, equity and hope in the world is to bring your heart’s motivation into the milieu of human affairs, and let your heart add to the shining, resonating vibration of care that can overwhelm those who have chosen to say ‘no’.

If you lack heart light in your consciousness, then the lure of power, greed and separateness can go unhindered, and your personal motivations can become cemented around these destructive, Earth-bound forces. Earth-bound, because they only tie you, and all you influence, to the lower worlds of human existence, in the realms of mind, feeling and physical expression. This is not the journey of the human soul, nor the journey of the Earth and all her creatures, on the evolutionary path. This is bringing the forces of a coherent, but lower, consciousness in alignment with those forces that bind souls to Earth – but not for the positive journey of evolution’s call. Instead, they serve the personal motivations of one who seeks power over light’s call; material wealth over global prosperity; total control over life’s influences personally, racially and nationally.

The bind to Earth comes from saying ‘no’ to the influence of light in the heart, and from choosing to work with those forces that are of this involutionary intention and purpose. These forces will exist upon Earth until such time as humanity has evolved sufficiently to be able to move freely between soul and physical expression as evolution’s journey needs – but this is a long way off.

For now, we need the aid of these forces, this coherent pull of involution’s force, to bring us into incarnation. Then we have a choice. For in every life, we have a choice as to how much we align our mental and emotional selves with these involutionary forces, which make us look to matter for all our needs, wants, hopes, dreams; and how much we let our heart’s resonance be felt and heard in our consciousness. This choice is not a conscious one for most, for evolution’s journey and the guiding embrace of karma give each human small, but usually obvious, options, and evolution of conscience and consciousness proceeds.

Most humans are not, in fact, captured by the force of involution’s pull to matter. It is the ones who have evolved enough consciousness to encompass positions of national, racial or corporate power that must choose. The whole structure that gives them their power is invariably, although certainly to different degrees, created by the forces that bind life to things material and of the lower worlds, where power and greed manifest in the worlds of feeling and thought. The physical body itself has no need of these excesses of greed and control, it is the emotions and thoughts that pervade it where the choices lie.

Some leaders have made the choice to work with this false power and to close to the light. They are no longer in any balance at all, and it shows. There is no longer any light to be found anywhere in their eyes, for they no longer lift their gaze to the infusing grace of evolution’s, and love’s, call from their soul. The complex path of human need and want has caught their awareness and they have chosen to ignore the light.

There is no path of personal power, wealth and control that serves evolution’s grace

There is no path of personal power, wealth and control that serves evolution’s grace. But we can serve. We, who make the majority of consciousness upon Earth, who seek with hope for peace, care and equity. We can choose to resonate from heart, and make the sound of the heart’s call louder and louder until it smashes through the lower vibrational barrier in which those of materialistic focus have shrouded themselves. The darkened ones who say no to soul, can only build their personal world of greed and power out of the substance afforded them within the milieu of human thought and feeling.

So, bring your conscious intention to changing that milieu, so their edifices of oppression, hatred, greed or whatever light-less driver motivates them, have less and less substance with which to build.

Do not underestimate the power of light that you have, for as with all things upon Earth, it is the resonance of the collective human consciousness that enables change – both from within humanity, and from the worlds of higher consciousness.

Life and light evolve in vibration that is the means and expression of all existence. As soon as enough human conscious intent is applied to awakening the awareness, need and hope of heart, then the resonance will grow, because every heart adds to the harmony of that call, and increases it in tone and volume. Then the call of the heart is more easily heard by those still learning that language, the language of life’s call, the language of soul and hope. As the chorus sounds even louder, then this resonance in the milieu of the human family of consciousness is able to resonate in harmony with Earth’s vibration, which enables the loving embrace of higher beings to send more loving light into that milieu, to respond to that call in our hour of need.

Thus, the sound of the heart is magnified, and the edifices of materialistic self-empowerment will have less and less substance from which they can be built and sustained, and they will crumble.

Therefore, in these times of great global distress, work from your heart, whether in meditation, prayer, action, donation – however your heart guides. Let your heart resonance be one of the many that will change the milieu of the world, so that those who choose not this path of evolution’s grace, will be shaken out of their castles and empires of involutionary motivation, and will remember that we are all souls with a responsibility to Earth and all life.

The sound of the many can only be loud enough when every individual with love and hope so chooses. So, do yours, from heart, and be empowered with the knowing that this is a moment where Great Change can occur within Earth’s evolutionary awakening, and humanity can take a major step upon the winding path of love’s evolution, and see the vistas of true hope and loving care that lie ahead for all.

We can all make and act upon this simple choice, for it lies within our heart, and we all have access to that or else we would have no conscience or wish for the world to be better.

So be empowered, knowing that the voice of every heart, no matter how expressed, resonates with evolution’s call, and that creates the harmony of sound we need to awaken the lighted future we hope for, and can thus create.

Be your heart, give it everything, and make your difference now.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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