The Search for Meaning

[written in conscious attunement]

In the search for meaning, you cannot help but turn to the inner side of life. Circumstances and physical things, in and of themselves, have no meaning; they cannot have any meaning. Meaning is a product of evolutionary intent:   it is that part of you that seeks and yearns for that which holds the light, the grace, or at the very least, the familiarity that matches what is nudging you from within.

That is why, at times, just from one day to the next, or one week to the next, your satisfaction with a job, or a place you live, or even a relationship can dissolve. The job, the home, the relationship have not changed – you have. Of course, sometimes these outer influences do change and stimulate your response, but here we are exploring how it is that you experience this need to change, when those outer circumstances have not.

Within the evolution of consciousness, we have explored already how the expression of the greater living light, the pulse from Cosmic heart, filled with intentful love, infuses all where that pulse can be perceived. Earth perceives this pulse for she is well on her way to becoming a planetary being of greater consciousness. The highly evolved beings in her inner levels have also perceived and absorbed this loving intent, and, with Earth’s embrace, help it resonate into the substance of which our souls and human selves are made.

The impulse that stimulates your need for change can be from this filtered-down evolutionary stimulus. Very, very rarely is it from the mind, even if it seems to be formed as an idea by the time it reaches your consciousness. But, of course, it has to, for you to be able to understand, choose and respond to any stimuli. Emotions can be another driver of change, because they, unlike mind, are (or at least can be) more fluid in their movement within you and in interaction with your life’s circumstances. Emotions may also be responding to the stimulus of your soul and global conscious shifts of Earth’s intention, or they may be swelling and swirling within your own personal sphere due to your own human patterning, or they may respond to both.

Even what seems the smallest change may elicit a cascade of unfoldment in your consciousness

Your task in the circumstance where the need for change arises within you, is to discern what to do, as a step on your personal journey. Even what seems the smallest change may elicit a cascade of unfoldment in your consciousness. Or it may be part of the journey to clear some of your patterning that restricts your soul and heart’s flow within you, so that the next impulse that moves through you may awaken more, both within you, and in the circumstances around you.

In talking about the basic evolutionary driver, we talk about love as that inherent quality present within all forms of life within our universe. Love drives, and enables the seeking characteristic where substance seeks connection with other substance of like vibration. Ultimately, we seek harmony, and yet it is a living harmony, able to sound a beautiful note or chord in the soundscape of life itself. It is not a static hum that never changes.

This is the fascinating edge of consciousness:  ever seeking to be in harmony, and yet ever seeking to evolve

This is the fascinating edge of consciousness:  ever seeking to be in harmony, and yet ever seeking to evolve. That is because, even if we find harmony in our outer world, or to some degree in our inner world, there is always part of us that is other, and thus that brings in another note, that changes the sound of our being, that nudges us to seek yet further. That is simply because we are not living beings in a vacuum:  we are within a great embodiment of consciousness within Earth herself; Earth is within the embracing conscious intent of Solar presence, and all is within the living, flowing and intentful love of Cosmos.

So, as you experience the nudge to change your situation, you are responding to these stimuli. Even if it is a push from within your own emotions – or from what seem to be outer circumstances that are not of your doing or in your control – the inner drive is always to try to find that new level of harmony that feels right. It all comes back to your path. Each person responds differently to life’s situations; your journey of heart and consciousness is to understand what is driving your response.

Go back to the source:  if it is an emotional reaction, what is that from? Is it because external change is needed, or internal change? Is it a reflection of a deeper nudge from your soul, or is it a step on the path of karmic rebalancing to clear patterns in your being that hinder your harmony? While you could see these as being ultimately from the same source, they are not exactly.

Your soul stimulus comes directly into your heart, or to your consciousness via trusted inner teachers and guides, or both, depending upon where you are at, and how well you can consciously journey into your heart’s embrace. Karmic stimulus involves more. It does arise in concert with your soul, because your soul must agree to the stimulus, but karma occurs in relationship with others, whether with humans, nature, or Earth herself.

Karma can be perceived as good or bad, but in truth it is neither. It is instead a rebalancing, a re-harmonising of your presence in the greater world of which you are a part. So, the determination of karma involves interaction between all parties involved, mediated by Greater Hearts who can represent the bigger picture, the greater harmony, to be attained. It is much more complex, yet follows the same principle as all evolutionary impetus:  to stimulate awakening within matter, so it can resonate with the soundscape of love’s evolutionary expression.

So, whatever the stimulus, seek the cause. Not with endless mental analyses, for as often said, you cannot analyse your way to soul and heart knowing. Just enough analysis to determine if this has a deeper stimulus. If you keep going around in mental circles, or cannot discern what to do, that is the most basic pointer to you that this is a challenge that needs another input. Similarly, if your emotional response and movement around the situation keeps looping through the same old pattern, go deeper to review.

Ultimately, you can only find certainty on your path of evolution by seeking that steadiness within your heart

Ultimately, you can only find certainty on your path of evolution by seeking that steadiness within your heart; because it sounds the note that is in harmony with who you are, what you are to become, and how you harmonise with those around you and the world you live in.

None of this is instant, for just as you do not expect a five-year-old child to have the capacity to solve university-level problems, neither can you solve deep and complex life-path issues until you go through the various levels of love’s schooling in this life, and in life-after-life. It takes time! But the more you know,  resonate with the truth of what lies ahead, and realise the goal of conscious becoming within you, the more you are able to align and harmonise yourself within life’s circumstances and relationships, and seek your heart’s loving resonance to guide you.

The challenge of evolution is that we have this drive to find harmony and resonance with that which is around us, and yet, although this is always the goal, ultimately what is around us is also evolving, and so we must adjust. Spiritual maturity comes as you realise that the drive for that inner peace, that you find when you have inner and outer harmony, is only a stage in the journey. As you attain and realise one harmony, you become a being of greater resonance, and thus become aware of more vibrations around and within you – and so the path to seek a new level of harmony lies before you.

This is why great teachers who are truly upon the spiritual path (not just people who are good at emotional manifestation and marketing), have an influence far beyond the reach of the normal human energy field. They hold in their consciousness the finer and finer vibrational notes of harmony that reach further and further into the world, and thus can be felt from afar by the sensitive student.

It is important to understand that the yearning for peace, built in that place of inner and outer harmony, is one step on a pathway of stepping stones.

Your task on the evolutionary journey is to discern the drivers of your seeking, allow them to guide you from heart, but then also accept that this is a step, not a destination, and to embrace that with love.

Do not stress over it. For all is peaceful in the loving intent of your soul within your heart. There you can find the reasons, and can gather and guide yourself with understanding and compassion on the next steps of your journey.

This is the meaning that answers all your inner questions, and that ultimately gives you hope on your journey; for here, it all makes sense, and love flows away all the challenges that stick and hinder – when you are ready, and when you say ‘yes’ to the journey.

Find your way to this loving place in your heart, and life can become more meaningful in the harmony of who you truly are, and the note you sound in this complex world of choice and challenge in which we live.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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