Love and Materiality in Evolution

[written in conscious attunement]

When a human loves, it is to connect. Love is the driving push to do this in all life, whether that connection is to aggregate like-with-like vibrationally (as the elements of Earth do to create gems and minerals) or is an aspect of consciousness seeking connection. But always, it is the seeking of that which is familiar, is similar, in vibration.

That which drives you to seek, and that which you seek, changes as the substance of your being evolves, which happens through the simple reality of being built of the substance of Earth, and she is evolving, or through your own soul stimulus.

This is not about seeking the connection between partners, which is not just a connection of like-with-like. In fact, often it is not a lot to do with this. The truth is that our relationships upon Earth are very largely guided by our karma. Karma is the patterning you have built in your personal being, through lives of learning and trials, of experience and challenge, of growth and exploration. These patterns are like the fabric of our being, through which we see, feel and think, and thus connect with others.  Of course, our patterns invariably involve others, from connections made and unmade, explored and abandoned. We have journeyed in so many ways in different lives with our close soul mates upon this Earth and this has more bearing, for most, in the formation of connections and relationships in our current life.

Ultimately, love is behind the working out of all karma, and thus the evolution, creation, development and healing of all relationships. But we have different levels through which love works.

Love drives karma because karma cannot exist without love. If we have no drive to explore, to seek, to connect to that which is outside our personal sphere, we are inert, and the gracious presence of the great teacher that karma is, goes unexpressed in our presence. Love is the driver that comes from within us, and through which we seek, evolve, learn, and establish opportunities for future learning, all of which is held by the Law of Karma.

So, the driver of evolution is love, the guide and teacher and record keeper is provided and governed by the Law of Karma.

If you have a discordant relationship with another, born out of the past, karma guides how and when you shall meet and have opportunity to resolve that discord. But it is all done under the evolutionary driver of love. For to evolve is to learn, to learn requires experience. Experience always includes failures, otherwise you know not what the value is in the learning; so on the evolutionary journey, you gather both the learning and the memory of failures. This means failures in the most general and energetic sense, defined purely as those instances when the presence of your higher consciousness does not reverberate through your actions, thoughts or feelings. That can be anything from the simple check provided by emotional conscience, to the illumined soul vibration guiding your choices. It matters not what level, just that it is the highest vibration of your consciousness for where you are today on your evolutionary journey.

We make connections in every sphere, so this is not just about human to human relationships. Love is in all expressions of life upon Earth. So depending upon where we are at and what our journey gifts us, we can explore and build many connections, to Earth herself, to nature, to animals, oceans, places, experiences, etc.

The journey of evolution is to understand that all true seeking and connecting is stimulated by love. However, there is another pull upon our consciousness that is not of love. It is the pull of matter itself; a type of magnetism, if you like. Ultimately, it is a force created to enable evolution, for without it we would not be able to descend so deeply into matter; but in and of itself its focus is to become matter, deeper and denser in vibration, not to become light, of finer and finer vibration.

This is the paradox of evolution: the creator of both love, and that which makes physical consciousness possible.

Love exists to drive connection – but that is only possible if there is differentiation between where love arises, and what love seeks. Otherwise there is but one presence, and no need to seek the other, therefore no need to have the driving force of love. There is a presence of consciousness in the oneness, but that is not the journey of our universe. So, the pull of matter was created, to draw consciousness to a place of otherness, so to experience separation, so then to seek connection, and thus to evolve.

Choice is one of the most powerful opportunities for growth of consciousness, and evolution of love

The pull of matter, however, creates its own force field, and the human consciousness begins its journey immersed in this. As we evolve, and our souls, which are not pulled by the force of matter (but reside in the Ocean of Love), begin to resonate more purposefully in our hearts, then we begin to discern and differentiate. The pull of matter, through which we make many earthly connections in life after life, becomes something other than the milieu in which we exist, and we perceive love. Much of the human journey is to discern this, and then disentangle that inherent pull of matter, that feels like a connection, from the real connector which is love.

This is the difference between existing in matter, and evolving. As Earth is evolving, and has long ago differentiated the pull of the material forces from that of the driver that is love, so must we.

Choice! One of the most powerful opportunities for growth of consciousness, and evolution of love. When you feel needs, wants or yearnings, your choice is to discern and determine if it is the pull of matter, or the drive of love.

You can find this truth in your heart. You most certainly will not find it in matter, or the material things formed from that pull. Much of our world is filled with things created by this material pull, energised by the lower emotions that coalesce around perceived needs and expectations. But things can never be infused with love, and thus enable an uplifting and joyful connection of love, unless created with that intention in the first place. I am sure you will agree that most things in our material world are not created with love.

So this is a significant step on our evolutionary journey:  to discern the pull of materiality, of matter itself, from the force of love that drives us to seek. One comes from within, one pulls from without. Learn the difference and your binds will loosen, and your consciousness shall soar!

This is the evolutionary journey of love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.

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