The Rainbow in Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

In your heart is a rainbow. A rainbow of colours of light, energy, vibration and substance – all or some, depending upon your path and journey of development.

In this rainbow is the hue of your journey in this life, at this time. The blessing of your path. The knowing from lessons past to help you. Your experiences that give depth and texture.

This is how the heart nourishes you – with the colours, textures, vibrations of your next steps. You just have to find it.

Go to your heart, what colour speaks to you? What nuances do you perceive?

Abstract – yes, but this is how the non-physical language of soul and spirit reaches you:  with hints and nudges, visions and senses, inner resolution and determination. Then, what you do with that evokes more soul and spirit, or leaves the flame burning for another time.

In the rainbow of the heart, your heart, every heart, the greater heart can resonate. For a heart cannot be singular for it is life-giving, and the life force of soul and spirit that keeps you in physical incarnation is all pervasive, all-fulfilling in every expression, else life would not be.

Everyone has that rainbow, the seven petals, outside the inner five and three of spiritual Solar and Cosmic nourishment.

The seven petals of your heart (not the heart chakra) hold every hue, now it is yours to magnify them, irradiate them with your personal love for spirit, soul and life itself. Then the crystals of your being, born of Earth’s loving matter, shall enter into harmonic vibration with Earth’s substance, and in resonance with soul and spirit.

Now, as the Earth’s heart is touched by Solar and Cosmic love, so too is every heart upon Earth. So your heart rainbow can sparkle and shine, and be magnified in resonance and harmonic, and be part of awakening others.

So, to your heart:  awaken, and seek. What is the radiance you stand in today, this week, this year, this life? It may change often or not at all, that depends upon your journey and past training. Nothing matters but that you stand in that vibration of colour now, and then see what it shall be next time you attune thus.

When you stand in this colour, the vibration of your heart’s brightest note, you say yes to your soul and spirit. It could be as simple as wearing and remembering your colour, learning about its qualities, opening and loving that presence. Without fanaticism or intensity, for the heart is not that; yet it holds the unwavering purpose and evolutionary will of your inner development that brooks no sloppiness.

Consciousness, heart consciousness, any consciousness, can only develop when will is applied, be that externally, or internally. Externally, through lessons endowed via karma in your outer life, meeting the will that defines your opportunities and obligations. Internally, through the fire of determination that burns through you to reveal and energise choices and steps for you to take.

But in the rainbow of the heart, internal and external forces meet. For this is where you, in your personal self, and you, as a soul and spirit (the guide of what you experience as external karma) meet in co-vibration, for there they are one in the life force that defines your journey and expression.

Here the resonance deepens, for in this meeting place and space of grace, so too do you have resonance with Solar and Cosmic hearts, even the tiniest of shared vibration. For like the string of an instrument, a vibration at one end will resonate through the whole length. And neighbouring substance will become resonant too, perhaps at a different octave, but symbiotic in harmony.

Start in your heart, in the colour or colours of your heart, the gracious, loving presence you have within.

Be your heart’s vibration in colour for a day, and see what that does. Become a being of yellow-golden joy, or rose-pink love, or deep violet lawmaker, or emerald healer. Perhaps the orange energiser, or the ruby devotee, or the bright blue balancer.

There are many nuances, and the quality of the vibration and its colour speak the same  language: that of the heart, resonant from highest to lowest, expressing within and through you.

There are many ways to deepen who you are as a heart being, here is one:  through colour. Find it and learn how to become it, then radiance by radiance you shine like the rainbow you are within, and become like the Earth with her radiance shining every time rain and sun emerge together.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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