Hope from Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

When you go into your heart, you go into another world. Then, how much do you live in that world, and how much in the outer physical world of your life on Earth?

A life of sanctity takes you to the inner world, where you may live in that heart-world.

An outer life needs both, to serve the higher light and be a positive change-maker in our physical world.

Hope is the bridge. Hope bridges the inner personal heart, to the divine heart of whom you open to. Hope bridges your own heart-world to your outer-life world. Hope enables and empowers the flow of consciousness, for that is what it is.

Consciousness is all about bridging worlds, opening from one known sphere of awareness, to another. Consciousness is the encompassing of these varied and diverse worlds, and all the insights and wisdom they hold within.

Hope is what takes you from one to the other. Hope, its light, love and enfolding, infusing presence is what shakes and lifts your consciousness, so you can see other possibilities, other worlds, other futures.

Hope nourishes that within you that already knows this – for you are built of this substance of all worlds. Deep in your being you know and recognise all that is within and around you in these many worlds of consciousness.

Hope ignites the spark of light within all that you can be.

Your heart is where to go to find comfort, succour, insight and courage within your being, in this moment. Heart infuses you with what you have already become, for heart holds the light and love of all that you are in light.

Hope is in your heart too – hope is that which takes your awareness beyond, that lifts your gaze to see more, in wonder and joy. No vision or sense of the future is there without joy, for joy is the outflow of unfolding soul, and all futures hold this. No matter the journey, through shadows or light, it is the journey of soul, and soul journeys with joy. Its entire beingness is filled with the yearning to know, to become, to be loving and wise, and to become greater in light, radiance, and thus in service.

Service to our loving Earth is to give her the light that she can absorb, and with which she can also become light and build radiance to nourish all in her care.

So, we have hope, to seek and find light and the new worlds of loving grace. We have love present within our own hearts and all worlds we can reach into – the love that nourishes and comforts. We have the joyful yearning of every soul, sparkling on the pathway of unfoldment. All create a flow of loving light – between inner heart world and outer life, between loving soul and heart, between greater souls and young souls in their care, between our souls and the Earth in service – and between Earth, nourished and filled with more and more light of evolving souls, and all beings, all nature, in her care.

Hope is the flow that enables and creates, that stimulates and awakens, that shatters the clasping structures of old thought and mindset, the weighty burdens of feelings that draw consciousness down and backwards – attached as they are to the past.

Shatter all and be free. Surrender all and be re-awakened.

In this time of great change, you can choose great change; and light and love can help you let go, re-imagine your future, and become a greater soul with a big, nourishing heart shining within you.

Hope is the doorway. Your choice is to take it into your thoughts, mind, feelings, body, and seek what it is you can become. What it is your world can become. What it is you can enable and infuse and encompass – and love.

With hope, a new world can be imagined by all.

Here is where we see great contrast in world leaders. Some push with set visions built out of old matter and old forms, some awaken consciousness to envision something new.

You choose.

Some push with the old so that the old may be shattered – but still, that can only happen if enough choose not to live in that world of the old.

Choose that which is of heart, with love. Envision your choices with hope. Then you know what the future can truly be.

Immerse in the flame of hope in your heart, and never look back – and you will see and feel the worlds of joy unfold around you. Hope, and see, and we will all help create the new world we so need: our loving Mother Earth sustained and radiant, and all life nurtured and awakened, full of sparkling intention, radiant like a star, blessing with outpourings of light and love.

See, and become … see and become.

Let love and hope be your guide.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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