earth sunrays

Mothers of Light Bring Love

[written in conscious attunement]

In the crystals of consciousness I take form.

Oneness of heart.

Through the points of light in every heart, I reach Earth.

In unfolding consciousness, I become.

I am Mother, nourisher of the little ones – the small sparks of light in our world, the hopeful ones, the needy ones, the strident ones, the caring ones. Mother’s embrace reaches all who have chosen to stay.

Earth calls – many respond. Stay or go is her cry – what do you choose?

I come, for I have been called. From far away, I gather my consciousness from amongst the stars, within the loving life-blood of cosmos, through the ethers of time – for it is time.

Mother has called, Mother Earth. Mother has responded, Mother of stars, of cosmic love, of heavenly intervention, of healing grace.

The masculine consciousness has dominated Earth life in so many ways, and the forms of love and light have been built, as have forms of grasping materialism. Now the forms must hold life.

Now we come, Mothers of Light. The portal opens. We descend, one by one. We arrive, in love. We come, in flow and with truth – the truth of love, the great enfolder of human and cosmic consciousness alike. The glue that holds awareness into coherence to be conscious, that holds bodies to the Earth to grow and become wondrous beings of light, that holds light and love forever within the hearts of all.

So, we come!

Mother of Light I am, one of many. We come now, through portals opened by conscious choice.

Now we enter the age of love – and love confronts, for the love in our hearts is pure evolutionary force. The love that drags you from material comfort to realise and become your loving heart. The love that knows your pain of choice, of unknowing, of grief and uncertainty. We know every step on this path, but now there is no time left, no time to nuance the change, to utter words of comfort and bid time be the stayer of cataclysmic events, whether emotional, mental, or – we hope not – physical.

Most of the great change forthcoming is of the emotions, for when they hold light and love – the light and love of evolutionary flow, of heart – then soul and higher consciousness can be born in the hearts of the multitudes in incarnation.

Mind cannot be the truth-sayer of higher light; it makes it into something too strongly of form in this world. That is both its purpose, and its great challenge – to be of, and build in form, our physical worldly substance of thought and all its constructs – yet to surrender sufficiently to conscience to hear the voice of soul. To hear the needs of compassion. To know the living, loving Earth and all that comes from being incarnate here, the responsibility to care.

So the emotions must rise like the wave of love they can be. Yet like the oceans on Earth right now, they are filled with rubbish. The flotsam and jetsam of ignorant and selfish lives, and worse – of lives of greed, even in the knowing of the harm caused.

The wave of love descends. We, the Mothers of Light, hold open the portal. We descend with love. We incite the loving response to awaken in every heart.

Rise up!

The feelings of love and care, of righteousness in the care of Earth our home – must grow and overcome the rubbish of actions past.

Else we raise the waters ourselves, for time allows no more delay. The dilly-dally of mental trickery and self-centred oblivion are so destructive to beautiful Earth, now it is time to stop this!

So, we descend. Love descends. Hope sparkles in every wave of love that comes to you – the hope to lift your gaze and see the great change for the loving unfoldment it is. Hold on to love and ride the wave, the golden wave of hope, the violet wave of transformation, the emerald wave of healing, the blue wave of insight, the inflorescent wave of multiple colours to nourish all.

We come, with all this light, for we have heard the call. We gather our consciousnesses from the far reaches of loving cosmos, to answer beloved Earth’s call – the call of her loving and conscious souls, and deeply caring angels of love. All care, all call, we come.

Hold steady to your light. Hold steady to your hope. Find that deep point of meaningfulness in your heart, and awaken to the new dawn.

Awaken, arise, dear ones, Mother’s loving embrace descends like the thousand stars of hope and care, to reach all.

Be love, loving and loved.

We love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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