The Anchor of National Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

I am the living breath of this land’s fire, the fire of life, the fire that burns in every incarnated heart, the fire that ignites the memory of life before life, the promise of life after life – the life of soul.

For soul lives in every heart as that spark that ignites upon birth into this world, so to burn until that soul day’s end, and the cool dark of cosmic night embraces the learning and memories of a life lived in this world, soothing and healing, preparing for the new day, when the new spark is ignited.

But I am the anchor for that light, soul light. For the National Heart holds love around all in the nation’s embrace – and in the physical world, that needs an anchor of sacred vibration in matter, within which light and love enmesh, endure, and sustain all with living nourishment through this nation’s substance and ethers.

Every nation has a National Heart, infused and sustained energetically by great devas, the National Deva; and anchored somewhere to both hold the light in the matter and ethers of the land, and to enable the land to breathe and pulse its love and light back up into its higher, lighter heart.

Heart connection is always in flow. National Devas bring Cosmic and planetary love into incarnation, through National Heart, into the nation as an entity of consciousness, which it is. Then there is the point of anchor into the Earth herself. Here is the relationship between Cosmos and Earth, Hierarchies of light and the heartbeat of our planet.

The flow of heart is strong through this vehicle, for it is not on the same path of consciousness as the evolving and learning human, with all the karmic lessons that brings nations. Nations align as their devic heart-holder energises, and that is an expression of Earth’s intent. Earth’s choice and intention is clear – heart must manifest. So National Devas align and flow, and national hearts fill with light and love, and flow into the land.

Herein you have the most sacred place of any nation – where the incoming flow is received, and the national intention and love is returned. It may be one place, or many, usually co-located. Here, in this land, near beautiful Uluru, lies the anchor point for our national heart. The rock shines and shimmers, and anyone spending more than a few days there will be changed by its vibration.

In other lands, the location may be more hidden, either physically through inaccessibility, or energetically veiled.

It depends upon the nation’s dharma in the global journey. In this land, the heart stands radiant, for that is the karma of this continent. A beautiful piece of land that can hold light, thanks to the higher hearts of the indigenous people over the many millennia they have stood here, immersed in the loving light that this land can become.

I am the Rock[1]!

The Rock of heart’s edge:  the edge of consciousness, between human and light, between land and heart’s pulse, between now and future.

At my edge, future becomes now. In my being, the future lives in all its heartfelt expression.

I am the Rock and I save this land. I, the dweller of this great physical matter, I have imbued and infused myself into this substance, and thus into this land, and I hold tight to the pulsing living light of my Guiding Angel, National Deva, and together we are the dance of the living light. I pulse with the substance of this land and all it can become. National Deva pulses with living light and all that is given to enable the becoming.

Together we dance, in holy partnership, the dance of heartbeats, the unfoldment of consciousness, the blessing of all life, the sanctification of all substance.

The land lives and breathes, and I pulse. The land is burdened and scarred, and I heal, with my devic partner, sending pulses of loving light to all.

I pulse with love.

You can feel me, if you love – your dharma, your karma, and your journey as a soul in my embrace, with your feet upon my soil, and your heart touched by my pulsing grace.

Be this, your loving heart, and we pulse in loving light together, and this we need! Earth needs, our nation needs, so to incarnate loving grace for all.

[1] This refers to Uluru, a place of deep heart in the centre of Australia

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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