Your Choice in the Heart of Your Nation

[written in conscious attunement]

I come with the full force of National Heart, Heart of the Nation: intention of Solar Angels through Buddha of Earth, holding heart of Earth and pathways of incoming flow, the resurging life force from Cosmic and Solar hearts.

I, stand embodying the force of national intention, to awaken national heart – the crisis of nations, all nations, to bear.

For national heart is not just the heart I embody, but the heart of all in my grace and embrace, who stand on this land, even if not engaged emotionally, physically.

All are here mentally. That is the construct of consciousness that ties a person to their nation most easily:  the reasons for living somewhere (practical, desired, or circumstantial); and the day-to-day engagements that sustain life.

It is the emotional and physical engagements that are so fraught. Emotional engagement goes from virtually naught (in most) to emotionally imbalanced and fanatical (in a few), where, for all sorts of reasons, the tangle of emotional wants and needs has become enmeshed with an emotional idea of what and how the nation will fulfil those emotional demands.  Some political leaders, too many, sadly, manipulate this matter of emotional urging into this national existence, where it coalesces for no good to anyone. Still, this is also indicative of the need for emotional engagement with the nation, just it is unbalanced and unhealthy in this form.

Physical engagement is something mostly only indigenous peoples still hold and understand. The ability to stand on the Earth and know you are of the Earth. Most are repelled by this sense. Why? Because nation-building of the last centuries has denigrated engagement with Earth, instead, treating our great Mother of Life as a resource to be plundered and used at will, without consideration of the future from a planetary sense, just from a personal and misguided nation-building sense. The idea that a nation becomes great by denigrating the part of the Earth upon which it resides is ludicrous, and shall become more widely understood as such as more time, and most likely calamitous impacts, come to pass.

The emotional connection is what enables the flow of the inner heart to tap into not only the nourishment that flows from the National Heart, but also contributes to the greater pool of human-level heart vibration in the ethers of the national whole, which lifts all embodied here. The flow to and fro is the function of heart.

Two things prevent this:  inherent and deeply rooted guilt in the human psyche about the last centuries of abuse of our planet; and the emotional anxiety about engaging with a life of flow in engagement with a higher spiritual force. The latter mostly comes about culturally, religiously, or scientifically, i.e., from the influence of the constructs of mind, built through a scientific understanding of our relationship to Earth, which bears virtually no resemblance to the actual reality of life on Earth. This, in turn, adds to the burden of guilt, because deep down we know we need to relate to the Earth.

The physical connection is that deeply felt oneness with Mother Earth that comes with awe, a feeling of wholeness, fulfilment and oneness on a deep level with a purposeful life. It has such little relationship to the life that most people lead; whether through the built psyche of suburban life, bereft even of contact with Mother Earth, or because people are under such physical distress (e.g., hunger, war, displacement) that their connections are broken or numbed.

What to do?

Every action you take to find heart through your own being, in your nation, in a loving, wholesome way (i.e., not nationalistically, but of grace and loving oneness), you help build the substance of heart that others can then more easily find. Every time you work to heal your deep guilt – for most, unknown, perhaps even denied, but truly, it is present in everyone, – you help heal this for all.

Put your feet upon earth, the substance, and feel Mother Earth. Feel her heartbeat in your heart. Every human being can do this. And when you do this, you inevitably awaken the conduits of loving flow between your being, your heart, and your nation. For that is the embodiment of Mother Earth’s intention within which you live and breathe, and within which you are awakened, and awaken the greater heart light of both people and nation alike on a human level; and co-contribute to the unfoldment of evolutionary intention.

Open your heart to the reality of your deep, deep, loving inner relationship to Mother Earth, become a loving presence within and of your nation, and you do yours.

Put those feet, perhaps also your hands, perhaps lie upon the Earth. Do what you need to feel Earth, and reconnect to her beauty, grace and loving presence. She is here for you, as you are here for her.

We are all here in symbiotic relationship: people, plants, animals, minerals, Earth, nature, spirit, soul and body. We are in it all together! And must and will evolve together.

The more that evolve consciously, the less the challenge for all the ties between beings and Earth, the less the flow of heart is torn and disrupted, and instead is built and deepened, strengthened and increased in fullness and flow to nourish and heal all.

You, you get to choose so much.

Touch Earth and choose, that is all you need to do. Do not mentally complicate this, or astrally muddy the flows.

Just touch Earth and be of heart. One heart. The nourishing heart that gives loving balance to all life, and uplifts everyone: nations and planets, people and the tiniest of animals, plants and the very flow of water and life-force in every sphere.

Touch Earth and be of heart.

Start with your heart with intention, and the dispensation of the times shall flow you to an awakening and awareness you neither know or understand, yet that you deeply know, and unquestionably understand.

Here, then, is your path and your choice. I, I call, hearts of nations, I call to my citizens, I call to my heartbeats: beat for me, for us, for Earth, and we reawaken living light in every sphere, and loving grace just is, for all. You will see, for it shall unfold in a blink, a moment of evolutionary time, when enough choice is made. The easy choice for the aware, so do it!

All the help is there for you. Loving grace enfolds you. Be that: your loving Earth’s present and radiant heart.

In love.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

To awaken and strengthen your connection to your deep, inner heart, try our Free Start in Your Heart attunement (just 6 minutes), or our Deep Heart attunement for a longer experience.

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