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Group Consciousness, Your Heart & National Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

When you stand deep in the heart of your nation, esoterically speaking, you stand deeply on your path of evolution. For the heart consciousness of our times comes forth through National Devas, through whom the responsibility of national karma and dharma in relation to the Earth are worked out and illuminated with love.

The path forward in heart is via the group, for no individual can take the heart pressure of Earth’s transition. But all of humanity can grow in this loving light when the conscious and energetic change is infused into and born by the group.

As groups of human consciousness are as yet insufficiently formed around the path forward of heart, and are not expected at this stage to form in the near future, then the most useful group vehicle through which heart energy can be infused in human, and some of the earthly consciousness, is the Nation.

All people belong to a nation, even those displaced. Displacement of people is a great tragedy of human choice, amassing significant karma to those warmongers and non-humanitarians who treat people like commodities to trade or repress or discard according to their personal, so-called national interest.

All humans are warmly taken into the national heart if they step forward on the Earth with a wish to be of the Earth, which for most people will be their connection to society, culture, employment, religion. It matters not what way people see their chosen nation’s presence of value to their journey. All group activities such as these are inherently part of the nation, because all the effort and intent to build and create an organisation to which people can relate (because they can perceive it, feel it, see it), are always containing substance and light of the nation, as well as of its people; it cannot be anything but that.

Anything you create is built of the substance of the land upon which you stand, etherically, emotionally, mentally, and of course, physically.

So, the nation is the group that all evolve within, and the National Deva is the holder of the force and grace of love and light to be distributed and incarnated in this part of the global consciousness.

The karma of nations is an interesting unfoldment in this Age of the Heart. Nations hold the inflow of a certain amount of the evolutionary forces awakening heart consciousness, and this shall open doorways of conscious change for all beings within the nation. But will it change the nation itself, through its societal, political expression?

This is an interesting conglomeration of human evolution, national evolution, and global evolution. In particular, at the human level and national level (the levels we are dealing with here) there is unmistakable interaction and, in many cases, entanglement, of human and national journeys. Interaction, in that the light of nations can inspire humanity, and the light of a nation’s humanity can strengthen and magnify the national intention. There is entanglement for the same reasons, except it relates to the discord of parts of the human consciousness.

This is ever the complicating, yet wondrous, journey of human consciousness, because of the multitude of colours and depth of experience that can be gained in the multilevel, multifaceted human journey. But this is what creates entanglements. Granted, much learning can come of such interactions, but, in this time, they are more hindrance than assistance. They come about when, e.g., a human intention is of light and alignment with national heart unfoldment (to whatever degree fits that human being’s path), yet the implementation is muddied by unclear emotional engagement, cloudy mental engagement, diffident physical engagement, just to give some examples.

These are ever the sort of things that complicate the human path, and create the richness of karma in both its positive depth of learning, and in its challenges. But when they relate to the engagement with national heart’s intent, the entanglement can build forms that cannot hold the clarity or volume of flow of the incoming heart consciousness.

This is all very esoteric, I know, yet it is so very manifest in every day unfoldments. Look at the current challenges in the national politics of many nations. There are those seeking to cling to the past power structures and ways of doing things, and those who see and feel the way forward is different. The entanglement is there for most observers to see. But when the national karma is evoked, because the nation has said ‘yes’ to infusing Earth with more heart and love, then those entanglements become binds that shatter, for they cannot hold on in the pressure of the new light.

Thus, the interaction of human and nation.

Your part? Stand here, on the part of the Earth whereon you are, and be of heart. Then you have done yours.

Yes, it is that simple. Yes, it is that simple to be of national heart, to become a co-creator of the unfolding grace of nations, and thus the Earth. No, you do not become a global saviour, but you do become a cooperative being in the shifting consciousness of the groups within which you exist: personal (friendships), family, racial, spiritual, organisational, and national.

Remember, consciousness of heart awakens as a group event and unfoldment. You cannot achieve it singly, for that shall not be part of human growth for a very long time, if at all. For the heart is an entity of beingness and consciousness that only exists within a relationship. It can only manifest where there can be a flow in, and a flow out. Within a human being, while physically the heart is contained within the one human vehicle, energetically it is not. That is why there is great loneliness in isolation, when there is no heart resonance through which you are nourished, and nourish others, known or unknown.

So, as a being seeking consciousness of heart, in whatever way that calls to you, look to your nation’s heart for light, cooperate with your highest intentions in your actions, and relate to others as you can to re-awaken group consciousness in our world.

In these times of such intense focus on individuation in every way, this is the starting point to reinvigorate the consciousness of the group in a positive way, as a vehicle for and expression of national heart. Thus, ultimately, to join with that heart and become a radiant force, within the unfolding consciousness of Mother Earth’s loving heart of grace.

This is the pathway forward, if you seek heart. The conscious ones make the pathway clear for the many. The most shall journey simply in the flow, for when enough hearts choose and the flow truly begins, all will be flowed along with the uplifting grace of heart, and that shall change our planet for good, in both meanings of that word.

Yours, in love, a fellow traveller on the heart’s path, who can see the golden horizon ahead, and bids you walk on that path of loving light, into that grace and embrace of utmost heart.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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