Soul, Greater Hearts and Positive Change

[written in conscious attunement]

In the early days of the human journey, the soul reverberates in a very gentle way, just enough to keep the human self alive; but also to sound the note, the colour vibration, of the Greater Heart’s energy field in which that soul is embraced. This vibration is of utmost importance to evolution, for the sheer existence of life itself is not enough to awaken the evolutionary impulse within any living being. It is the note that sounds within, that comes from something higher in vibration, and yet that can also resonate in our human world.

When it does resonate with something in our human journey – we have that nudge from within, that tingling awareness, that jolt to the consciousness that makes us pay extra attention, not only to what it is in our human world that triggered this, but also to what it is within us that is rattling our conscious perception to look deeper.

Without this note sounding within, who we meet, and what we experience and choose in our human existence would have nothing to resonate with, apart from previous human experience, and that does not lift the consciousness out of the human journey, and draw the attention to soul. In this case, the human journey would remain in the human world alone, and little consciousness or evolution could occur.

This does occur in some planetary spheres, where the evolutionary journey is not of such import as it is here upon Earth. Here upon Earth, her choice to become a planetary embodiment of heart consciousness attracted the presence of those who embodied within her consciousness:  to further qualify the matter of her being such that the evolution of humans and all life could be accelerated, to become co-creators of this evolutionary magnificence – to be that planet of heart.

As mentioned, every soul upon Earth is either birthed within, or re-created within (if from another planet or star), the energy field of one of the Greater Hearts.

These Greater Hearts are beings who have achieved conscious integration between Cosmic Heart (Sirius) and Earth, and can hold the resonance of both spheres as a harmony within their beings. They can hear the note of Sirius, and resonate with the evolutionary guidance and loving intent Sirius gives; and they can hold the note that resonates deep into Earth’s body, made possible by her choice.

Why couldn’t Earth do this on her own? She could – but in a much, much longer time frame. Just as with a human, if she were to evolve without the higher resonance of evolutionary intent guiding her from within her heart, then her evolutionary journey would be indescribably slower.

All planets and stars are held and nourished by spheres of higher consciousness, and as they evolve, they have opportunities to take different pathways, just like we do as humans. Earth opened the door to becoming a planet of conscious heart, and thus we are all on that journey with her. Those who understand the opportunities and challenges of that momentous decision brought their consciousness here, to both represent the Cosmic intent that supports and enables that journey, and to explore pathways to embody that intent in collaboration with Earth. In a simple way of exploring this, you could see these Greater Hearts as teachers, invited to a school wanting to excel in a certain discipline, and thus they bring their wisdom, and they bring about change in how that school operates to facilitate this.

Earth is a school for human and other consciousnesses that wish to awaken and participate in the physical expression of Cosmic Heart. The various energy presences of the Greater Hearts are like different streams of learning in that school.

So, everyone on Earth is within one of these streams, except as recently explored, those very few who have chosen a path of materially-centred greed to the degree that their soul influence is shut out. For the great majority, however, the path of evolution is awakened within one of these streams, by the presence of that nuanced and very fine vibration of the Greater Heart who holds that stream of learning.

As you develop as a soul, you will develop other notes and colours that represent the wisdom gained over many lives. But always, there is a core vibration to your soul, that is in resonance with that Greater Heart’s energy and consciousness, within which you dwell. Thus, it is always there, sounding as a deep note of truth and meaning within your own heart, because that is your soul’s gift to you.

In deep meditation you may access soul wisdom as guidance, perhaps brought to your level of consciousness by a guide on the inner levels, but this is not the same as that deep, deep note that sounds the very vibration of your reason for being alive. That you can only find by accessing your heart, where that note sounds.

This is a note that does not waiver in intent or truth. In our search for meaning and answers, we can find many certainties on our way – certainties of mind, certainties of emotions. But, unless imbued with the deep certainty in our heart, these can flip from absolute truth to shattered disbelief in a second – because they are built only of mind and/or feelings, and can thus be rebuilt or reshaped by other emotional or mental explorations and conscious awakenings.

What lies in your heart is that note of your soul that holds all the promise of your journey ahead – for that is the journey of soul, and of consciousness. As humans, we have a great propensity to build on and endlessly revisit what we have done and experienced in the past, this life and beyond. Valuable in part, for that is how we refine our insight and experience into meaningful learning that we can take forward. However, it is not always valuable, and too much human consciousness is bound up in this backward-looking exploration.

Consciousness does not develop out of this. Consciousness develops as part of the evolutionary stimulus, which shows us the way ahead. Consciousness develops so that we can build bridges between past experiences and future steps, and thus take positive and definite steps with wisdom and intent.

Those who inflict and perpetuate great evil in this world are not conscious beings at all. They may be highly intelligent, politically savvy, emotionally agile and emphatic, and thus manipulative. But without the note of soul integrating their human perspectives with the greater evolutionary plan (for their own individual journey and for all others they influence), they are not working for the light, or anything positive at all.

On Earth’s journey, her evolutionary intent is merged with and expressed through the Greater Hearts who have brought their own consciousness to this process:  to magnify the presence of their particular evolutionary expertise deep into her body, where we dwell as humans. They concentrate the key areas of evolutionary learning needed in order to assist Earth on her journey of heart.

There are many ways to evolve in consciousness, but here on Earth we are in the school of heart consciousness, and thus our lessons – i.e., the pathways concentrated into our world by the Greater Hearts – are tailored for this. Once you understand this, that will help you resonate into the journey that is yours to take, based on what nudges you from within your own heart. Therein lies all the wisdom you have gained life after life, which is held in your soul; and the keynote of the classroom, the stream, in which you are evolving, held in resonance by the Greater Heart involved.

That Greater Heart’s resonance helps your soul learn by providing the evolutionary wisdom and intent that they hold, so that your soul can review, discern and then absorb those lessons of life that are in resonance with that. Then as you evolve, you can learn to discern more about your own life choices, in accordance with what resonates with your soul, but also the Greater Heart’s note within.

When you become aware of the Greater Heart’s note within your being, no matter what you call it, then you become a human-soul alignment that draws more conscious instruction from that Greater Heart. In this way, you step onto a more accelerated path, which in the past has been called the path of initiation.

As you learn to hold more coherence of resonance in your human consciousness with both soul and Greater Heart, then that resonance may be sounded more loudly, and a greater flow of intent can flow. Thus you become of greater service, and on the path of more rapid awakening.

There are many factors involved. Suffice it to say, that this is the path to create major positive change upon Earth, and to vanquish those of evil intent. It is only when more channels are open that can let through Earth’s great Ocean of Love into expression in our human world, that the collective resonance of human expression can be swept into greater harmony.

This we need. So, start in your heart and learn to do yours with the loving light of your soul and of the Greater Heart in whose embrace you dwell shining through you.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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