Mother and the Consciousness of Love

[written in conscious attunement]

In the deepest, darkest place where it seems there is no light at all, there is light, for there is the light of Mother. Her light is the embrace that holds stars and atoms together to build universes and physical lives. Her light is the glue that holds the plan in every form of life there is, from Cosmos to a single cell, from the universe to a simple atom.

We evaluate matter and life to be only made of what we can measure, see or hear. But that is not matter – that is just the densest expression of matter within the world in which we exist. Our whole universe is made of matter, for that is Mother’s presence, holding the blueprint of life’s journey to full consciousness, on every level. Consciousness of love, for that is the milieu of this Cosmic express we journey within.

The consciousness of creation provides the fire and force to bring Cosmic intent into the depths of physical matter, to create difference, from which consciousness arises and creates further – for that is the embodied force within.

That is not our path in this journey, in this Cosmos. The consciousness of creation is a tool, but not the achievement to strive for. But as so easily happens, when a tool is familiar, it readily becomes the purpose. Our universe and our own lives have already come into being through the consciousness of creation. Our Earth has come into being upon this pathway; our whole Solar being, all the planets and stars, all the expressions of creation that can be witnessed all around us. But creation alone is not enough, for it is not the deep purposeful drive of who we are, not the full expression of the vibrant life within, held in that deep, seemingly empty space between our atoms, our planets, our stars, our universes.

… therein lies the journey to understand that which is the light of Mother, that light that we cannot as yet see, that fills the space between atoms and stars, that is the life-presence itself of our universe:  the consciousness of love

This space is full of life and light:  the life and light of the consciousness of love, held in coherent living expression by Mother. Mother of Cosmos, Mother of planets and stars, Mother of our own living world, Mother of our own soul presence; for is not our soul made of the substance of Earth’s Ocean of Love? That love is Mother’s love, the love that enables the consciousness of creation to express here in our world. The love that holds our planet in that embrace of creative, conscious evolution. The love that binds souls to Earth for their chosen journey, and then binds atoms and the consciousness of creation together to create you as a human being, to create nature in all her living expressions, to create Earth herself.

This love is the milieu within which we are born, as beings of spirit, of hope, and of life itself. Creative force itself cannot create life, it must be able to energise the substance within which that life is born. Mother receives that creative force, and binds together that which aligns, which resonates and which harmonises with that sounding, creative note.

Where they meet – that is the heart, where creative force becomes resonant life; where directive intent becomes the sound within the ocean, the sound within your being, the hum of life itself.

That is why heart consciousness is the journey of the evolutionary perfection to come; for in the heart, you are the one with both the creative intent that brought you into being, and the loving milieu within which you exist and express. This is the place of the love that is of intention and of presence; the love that is conscious.

Ponder upon that, for therein lies the journey to understand that which is the light of Mother, that light that we cannot as yet see, that fills the space between atoms and stars, that is the life-presence itself of our universe:  the consciousness of love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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