Crystalline Consciousness and Love

[written in conscious attunement]

I am conscious, therefore I love. I love, but I am not necessarily conscious.

Consciousness is a built structure, like a crystal, built of light, joining experiences, learning, wisdom, into a network of insight, compassion and depth of being.

Consciousness can be on many levels.

Someone may have a developed soul with much consciousness, but it is not joined into the personal consciousness. That  person will have the experience of whatever wisdom exists in their consciousness of body, mind and feelings, occasionally inspired by flashes of wisdom from their soul. Or, for a young soul without much consciousness developed, a teacher or elder of theirs on the inner may spark that infusion of light to awaken more in their own consciousness.

Sometimes a person may integrate their personal and soul consciousness – this is a long journey. Each level of beingness has its own crystalline structure in which consciousness develops; reaching a point where they can then harmonise is the journey on Earth.

Do not think crystalline means anything rigid or solid, it is simply the best way to give suggestion to your mind and understanding of the beauty and order of a conscious mind.

And love – where is it in a conscious being? Love is the milieu in which consciousness develops. The substance, yet not, between the points of light that structure consciousness.

Love is the magnetic force of the universe. It holds like-things together. Consciousness is the building of bridges of understanding between points of experience, learning, journeying … love is what holds those experiences in your being, so you continue to bump into them, until you understand and learn the pattern.

This is the evolution of consciousness.

Note how it mirrors the evolution of physical existence: love of soul for evolution, growth, experience and the Earth creates your body, mind and feeling self, cohered together by this love.

Then it must change to be cohered by consciousness.

The act of soul changes to become the act of the realised and conscious self.

This is the change beginning on Earth.

The soul-infused coherence that holds together a milieu of substance and experiences, needs to change to the choice to be conscious, where what is held in love is that which forms conscious expression, intent and service. Love in action.

Love to create Earth life no longer sustains Earth. She is becoming conscious, her matrix is evolving, her body changing, her radiance of love increasing as each of her points of consciousness shake off the darkness of what has held and nurtured them, ready to rise like the flower from the soil, to shine beauty for all to see.

Earth changes mean changes for all.

Work on your consciousness. Use love to know what is in your journey and your being – for love alone holds to you the experiences, memories, capacity and lessons for your conscious growth.

So you can evaluate – is this thing nagging me, obstructing me, touching me, connected to me by love? If not, it may be the binds of old love that infused our Earth to create life. If it no longer holds light for you, let it go.

Earth is letting these ties go.

We all need to let these ties go.

Everything is and must change; the old never serves the new in consciousness. It may, in body and form, but therein lies the challenge and the great journey of consciousness: how to choose that which nourishes where you are going, not what you are.

…therein lies the challenge and the great journey of consciousness: how to choose that which nourishes where you are going, not what you are

In this rapidly changing world, this is now a choice to be made within a lifetime, not just from one life to the next.

Consciousness has to grapple with the very milieu of existence in order to grow and nourish the future. That is why so many forms of the past, of civilisations, society, government, order, are experiencing change coming from without and within.

The milieu is changing, the light that gives life is changing, we all must be part of positive changing.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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