Mind and the Mental Body

[written in conscious attunement]

Do not conflate mind with the mental body of your energy self.

Your mental body can be a clear illuminating light in which pathways of logic can be developed, because it consists of a particular substance of energy that enables this. The astral emotional body has its characteristic capacity to align and move like a fluid with a stimulus, human or spiritual.

Do not conflate mind with the mental body of your energy self

The part of the mental body most commonly accessed by the human self is a lighter substance than astral liquid, and is more like air. Unlike the emotional body, you do not get responses that continually move like waves or currents, washing over you then back again. This is peculiar to the emotional body, where a stimulus may set off a movement of that watery element, and then the momentum in that water of feeling may continue to move and perpetuate the feeling, or the backwash of the feeling. This is something to be worked upon  to create clarity and to avoid unnecessary exacerbation and magnification of feelings upon the spiritual journey – while still recognising and allowing their very valuable presence in your consciousness and actions in the world.

In the air element of the mental body, you have two possibilities of response:  a storm, or a crystalline structure that aligns the molecules of intuition and thought.

A storm of activity in your mental body could be a spiritual infusion of a mentally illuminating stimulus, giving breakthroughs to solve challenges in any field of human endeavour; or it could be a stimulus from human reactions, emotions, needs, that stirs the creative power of the mind. Note that motive here is essential, because a negatively motivated but mentally developed person can be creative in a negative sense. The mental body in and of itself does not discern. It is a builder of crystalline structures and a vehicle through which stimulus may move mental substance.

This is the great challenge of the current societal dominance of the mind, and here also, the difference between mind and mental body is important. The mind is that aggregate of feelings and reactions turned into words and thoughts, of learned knowledge, and of patterns based on emotional experiences.

You can never separate mind from your emotional self. Even if you have a purified and developed mental body, it reaches (for the most part) your physical consciousness in your brain through your emotional body. Your emotional body is fluid and permeates the whole of your being. Your mental body is like air, and is less able to permeate the astral and physical substance of your being. It can, just like in our physical world, stir and move the waters it is near, and then rely upon those moving waters to convey the information. Or, as you build knowledge, you may refine your ability to still the waters of your emotional self such that you may see or perceive the knowledge structured in your mental body. But you are always knowing through the emotional milieu of your being.

Hence the utter validity of the term “hidden bias.” People may think they have no prejudice or judgement, but as psychological studies have shown for decades, this is never true. It just demonstrates that there is so much more within our brain, mind, emotional self and mental self than that of which we are directly conscious.

In stillness and one-pointed focus, you can build much in your mental body of learned knowledge, and can then use that knowledge to build further and extend and expand those structures of what is known.

Humanity as a whole has developed a great collective body of mental capacity, having had such a significant focus on the reductive model of knowledge for so long, in seeking answers to the journey of life and consciousness, and all its challenges.

knowledge is built like a crystalline structure on the mental levels

The challenge that arises is that the knowledge is built like a crystalline structure on the mental levels. In an evolved being these structures can be stored as energetic fields, imprints if you like; however, in the earlier stages of the evolving mind, the knowledge remains as this built and more rigid crystalline structure. The paradox – and ever they exist in human conscious development – is that in order to create an energetic imprint of knowledge in the finer vibrating ethers of the mental body, the crystalline structure needs to be built and rebuilt, strengthened and energised by repeated use, which can then appear as rigidity of thought. Eventually, however,  the imprint will be created in the ethers of the mental level, and the rigid crystalline structure can be dissolved, as it is no longer needed to ensure the knowledge is sustained and accessible.

On the journey of developing the mental body, you build a lot of concrete knowledge, where the crystalline structure is strong – and fixed. The problem with having fixed knowledge, is that the world we live in is evolving, we are evolving, and so what we know and can access to respond with wisdom, needs to be able to evolve.

To change a strengthened, rigid crystalline form requires it be dismantled, consciously, or to be broken. Neither has appeal to the human personality, which inherently (for most people) seeks clarity and certainty.

When your certainty comes from what you think you know, yet that knowing no longer solves your problems, or enables you to contribute in the world, it is a shattering realisation. Humanity en masse is also going through this. Our societies, our search for answers, cures, and certainty has built a vast body of collective knowledge, but most of it is far too fixed in the crystalline structure that has been built out of what worked and could be understood in the past. This has to change.

The model built by those focussed on the power of the mind, and that now entraps most of humanity, is one that enables power, poverty (not just financial), and narrow-mindedness to envelop in rigid constraints. Change requires this mental construct to let go of old rigidity, and perceive the reality that the old model of reductively deduced knowledge is no longer sufficient to sustain Earth, humanity and all life. The challenge is that it has been so used and reused by the minds of humanity, that it is not only a rigid pattern crystallised in the lower levels of the mental body, but it has a great deal of emotional substance adhered to it.

Knowledge has been and still is seen to be the hope of humanity, solving problems and providing for all. But the faculty of knowledge, the substance of the mind, does not discern on motive, on care, on global responsibility, on anything. It is a vehicle for refining until a clear crystalline structure can be built into what we call a “fact”.

But then what? How do you discern whether what you have distilled into a fact is useful, or whether it must be expanded to give a fuller picture, where the single fact is given context and thus the possibility of more meaning and value for life on Earth?

let soul conscience be the evaluation, not your mind … knowing in and of itself does not amount to truth

The most useful way is to let soul conscience be the evaluation, not your mind. Knowing in and of itself does not amount to truth. Knowing in the whole context of meaning, evolution and conscious care of others and the Earth is the truth that enables both certainty of that knowledge, and its value in the human journey.

We have a vast amount of knowledge in the human consciousness of mind – but you need to always ask yourself, ‘then what?’ Knowledge without care invites disasters, and that crystalline structure, whether personal or in humanity as a whole, must change.

Here is where mind can be your helper, because your mind is not just the place of knowledge in your being – far from it. It is where knowledge and feelings merge. Even if you do not think you are influenced by emotions in your thinking, you most certainly are. Emotions can constrain, energise, expand, colour and dampen your thinking. Your opportunity on the evolutionary journey is to realise this, and work with the gifts you have.

Purify your emotional self and train it both to create stillness, and also to nourish you with the ripples of love and care that come from your soul. This creates a milieu of conscience and harmony within you, so that when you think and access your knowledge, or humanity’s collective knowledge, you can discern in your mind what has light and love in it, and thus what is positive in its value for you, Earth, humanity, and all life.

If you do not apply your purified emotional intelligence to knowledge, it can never become wisdom. Wisdom is the living truth, that which knowledge becomes when each discerned fact becomes part of a living whole, within the bigger picture of influence and impact that enables positive change.

Let emotions be part of your thinking journey, and help you discern what is wisdom out of what can be known. Then you are better equipped to evolve and contribute to the Great Change unfolding within and around us.

Without the transformation of knowledge into wisdom, knowledge can be used for good or evil. A mind without conscience can justify anything; just look at history, if today’s world events are not enough.

The amount of knowledge in the world today that remains unshaped into that which serves positive change is a challenge, but also an opportunity. The key is to become flexible, so that rigidity does not build up around what you think you know, cementing your thinking into the past: enable those crystalline structures of your mental body to be adapted and adjusted to incorporate the conscience needed in our world today.

This is how you become wise, and enable your soul to work more fully through you.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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