Memory, Change and Renewal

[written in conscious attunement]

When you remember things, such as events, relationships, and activities, you draw upon what is constructed in your consciousness: your reflections at the time, your emotional substance that was involved, your thought structures, and what you have absorbed from the situation itself.

For every interaction we have, whether with another person, or other creatures, or the Earth and nature, are two way:  we contribute our energy (made up of our thoughts, feelings, and possibly soul intention), and we receive from what we are interacting with.

What memory you create within your consciousness is dependent upon these contributions. What substance is there to build this construct in your conscious, or subconscious self?

Why this matters is because memory is one of the greatest hindrances to spiritual freedom, healing and renewal. For memories are the structures not only of the past, but of who you are. This is how we function as mind-focussed beings; and emotionally focussed to some degree, for you can have emotional memories without the substance of thought in them. We build constructs of what we know about ourselves, about how the world we know works, and about how we can interact and follow our path ahead. We build on memory. Memory is our name for these constructs of conscious or subconscious matter.

But with memory comes all the other input from the time:  thoughts, feelings, reactions of ourselves and others, and physical experiences. Our whole being is involved in some way or the other, even if we think we are just remembering with our mind.

Every time we remember something, we re-invigorate its structure.

This can be purposeful and valuable if the memory is of something positive that nurtures and nourishes us, or of a spiritual experience that guides and inspires us.

But what of all the myriad other memories we hold?

This is where renewal becomes such an important tool in our current journeys upon Earth, for in renewal we review these constructs and cleanse away that which no longer holds light, love, hope, positivity, or purpose anymore.

Does it mean you lose the memory? No, but you loosen the tight binds the structure of the memory has upon the mental-emotional, and perhaps physical substance of your being.

Why this needs to be loosened is so that your heart can flow life force and soul love through you. This can only flow if your being is free of the mass of constructs that constrict the flow, or stop it completely.

When you renew those memories within you, you take the essence, and revitalise all the other substance to simply become part of your general radiance of beingness.

The essence of memories that matter is what your soul holds life to life, so that you can build that body of wisdom and spiritual grace within you. This is what happens when you pass over; inevitably with the help of healing angels, for we, humanity, are not good at parting with the structures of our personal consciousness that we live within so much. Yet, when they no longer support the life-flow of our true self, they need to change.

This we also see on a societal, national and global level:  attachment to what is known, even when it no longer holds truth, light or value in the world of today. But then, you must be free enough of the total and encompassing forms of memory and personal constructs of being, to be able to see the truth of the changing world, else you simply see what you have built within you, projected onto the world around you.

But change is inevitable, because Earth is changing. Whether you choose to renew yourself, and loosen the fast hold these old forms of memory have on you, or you wait for them to be broken apart from outside your personal self, is a choice – but not really, is it?

For to wait for the change to be upon you before you change, is to leave it until all the substance of the world (from which your memories are drawn and built in interaction with your own substance) is changed. That means you walk last in the cycle of change needed, and that the change can be shattering, for you feel, rightly so, that you have no control as all around you (and within you) transforms.

No, better to choose to renew in your own determination. Review your memories as they arise and distil them, use the tools given, forgive, transform, release, revitalise, and find the distilled, light-filled memory that gives you the essence of that experience, holding to you that which gives you wisdom, love, insight, purpose and clarity. Release the rest to become free flowing substance in your being, able to be infused and flow with your heart’s flow.

Then you truly awaken light within, and around you, and help the change unfold without the shattering that comes when too much rigidity is held on to.

Awaken to your opportunities, and renew.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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