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Heart Entrainment for Renewal

[written in conscious attunement]

Understanding vibration is key to walking a path of renewal, revitalisation, rejuvenation.

Everything is vibration – atoms function through vibration, molecules, complex proteins and substances in our bodies and our world. Music affects us through vibration. Sound of all sorts, inner and outer.

Vibration does not end with what scientific instruments can measure, the universe is made of vibrations – it is inherent in matter and substance on every level.

When you want and need, the cause comes from vibrations in your being – why is it your wants and needs are different from others? The patterns in your vibrational makeup are different, they stimulate different physical, emotional and mental responses.

To renew, your heart vibration must imbue all you do to transform.

Heart vibrations are well known. Horses can give therapy because their giant heart can entrain your own heart into a calmer rhythm. So, too, can one person to another.

So, to renew you need to entrain all of you, with your own heart. Fill yourself with heart vibrations and let your intentions move in that medium – a much greater affect is achieved!


Because heart vibration is the force of life and soul – the guiding, informing, creating force of your life itself. Your whole being knows this vibration because it is you, even if you have not brought it into conscious use much or at all. You are made of the substance that knows this vibration, and therefore when you use it, you will wake up your consciousness and your cells to that vibration of pure life vitality that you are.

Then you shake out those parts of your being accumulated over years and lives that don’t hold this vibration. They haven’t forgotten the vibration, but have built and imbued themselves with other vibrations.

This is life on Earth: we must build our lives and consciousness through the journey and experiences we have, with the matter and vibrations we encounter and create. Then we need to awaken our true deeper self to re-new the fullness of our being, to feel, see, hear and know our heart and heart’s way.

So, to renew, the heart is involved, then the learning and application of vibration to heal, replenish, clear and revitalise, absorb the lessons learned and discard those experiences we still let stick to us out of familiarity, needs, old patterns.

Take the path of renewal and change your being from inner consciousness all the way through your physical body, and become a living radiance of heart vibration. The same person, deeper, lighter, freer, more conscious.

Then what you do is touched with and entrained with heart.

This is the work we so desperately need more of on Earth now! More people to hold and emanate heart vibrations, to entrain the many who haven’t the opportunity, experience or training to take this path yet themselves.

Humanity is the vehicle of love’s expression on Earth – cosmic, living love. Of course, animals love, with a deep heart of emotional grace. But the deep, planet-changing love needed to manifest the great change in positive ways through these challenging times, requires the human consciousness that can not only consciously reach soul and spirit, but enmesh vibrationally with each other to consciously create global transformation for good.

Practice your heart attunement and entrainment, with love and grace, not with emotional demand, nor mental ’shoulds’ and will.

When you start from the heart, to become heart, you will find the right path forward for you.

You cannot find heart with mind or feelings. They can guide you to the door, give you reasons and needs to go there, but they cannot give you heart.

You need to awaken the heart-soul vibration throughout your cells, your consciousness, and let that vibration nourish your experience of heart.

Follow your heart, then you can renew, and save our beautiful planet from unfettered greed and misguided grasping and development that does not come from, or enable heart.

Heart vibration is the healer of our time. Find it and heal, become whole. Then love is within you, and you are love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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