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Meeting Global Crises with Heart

We hold deep heart concern for all the peoples of Ukraine and Russia, impacted by the choices of leaders; we send love and compassion to all

[written in conscious attunement]

Thoughts and feelings are challenging enough at a personal level, let alone at national, racial, or organisational levels (such as some religious foci). Here you have not only the aggregate of the personal thoughts and feelings of those contributing to these group expressions, but you also have the magnifying effect that occurs when a mass of energy coheres. In astral emotional matter, that coherence enables it to be more compelling, more dampening of any other emotional inputs or expressions within it, and more manipulative of thoughts to move them to compliance. When there is enough astral matter so aggregated on a lower level of vibration, even the good people involved find it hard to stand up to the force created.

This is the model of political power that has been in use for millennia, sadly but truthfully, because humanity has not had enough collective consciousness to counter the great amassing of emotional force. There have been many periods in history when this has occurred, and there continue to be, because those seeking power continue to work with what they know, this old way of wielding power, to achieve their goals. Their motives may be justified by a vast array of reasons, from quite negative, to what could even be seen as somewhat positive, but the means remain largely unchanged:  manipulation of emotional energy.

The fulcrum of how power is expressed and actioned on Earth is the last to change under evolutionary pressure. By its very nature, it is strong, resistant to any other inputs, and single-pointed in its energy makeup; whether as a personal expression – at its worst in an abusive relationship – or as a national political expression through the manipulative conduct of single individuals, or of the few that aggregate in leadership groups and feed each other the reinforcing glue of misplaced thoughts and feelings. The latter expression applies to organisational and racial groups as well.

In the new age of consciousness, birthing now around and within us, leadership will express in a different way

Any act of leadership that evokes human response risks being this. However, if the motives are pure and as much light as possible is brought to those being asked to join and follow, then the same lower astral energy is not evoked and created to blanket and blind those involved. Energy of a higher astral level acts the same as that of the lower:  it can aggregate and become a mass of lighted and uplifting intent, to inspire people to be part of positive change. The problem is that not only is there still so much unworked out lower astral energy in humanity, as individuals, but also there are masses of the same, aggregated and adhered to in racial, national and organisational psyches.

To wait for the personal purification and illumination of astral matter throughout humanity such that these racial, national and organisational emotional coherences of lower vibration can be dissipated is a long journey. Too long.

To hope for enlightened leaders – even those who expect the second coming of their religious leader – who would sweep the world with positive change and cleanse the lower astral of all these problematic aggregates is unrealistic, for two reasons:  1) there is no possibility of cleansing these heavy emotional aggregates with any speed without shattering – whether personal, organisation, racial or national – because the lower astral is so much a part of, and intertwined with, the physical awareness of self, and this is not desired; and 2), this is an aggregate of human choices, and as such is the darkness in our corner that each of us must cleanse.

But, as mentioned, we cannot wait for individual personal purification to release the problematic aggregates.

So, what to do?

In the new age of consciousness, birthing now around and within us, leadership will express in a different way. The model of single-pointed and narrowly-expressed power will not be the way forward, where one leads and others follow.

The expression of power will come through the heart and is a magnetic pull of life-affirming vibration. Those who lead will show and emanate greater heart vibration, so that others around them may be able to perceive this note and presence of living light, and make their own choice in their own heart.

It may sound similar to the astral method, but it is vastly different. When lower astral energies are magnified and manipulated by powerful leaders, this sets up emotional currents and waves that can be impossible to resist by all but the more conscious of those in that flow. Many will think they have chosen to be part of it, but instead, they have been manipulated by the compelling, seemingly irresistible forces of the emotional energy in which they are immersed. This is not a choice; it is a reverberation of the surrounding emotional intent that filters into the mind as ideas.

An emanation of heart energy does not set up waves and currents that can get magnified by an emotional charge. Heart energy expresses as a hum, a vibration of light that just is; or as a flow. As a flow of heart it pulses, and the space between each pulse gives stillness, in which you can become self-aware and bring heart awareness to your choices and actions. Clarity and strength of heart enables others to perceive it, and as more align and choose heart, it will become more radiant and diverse in its presence on Earth.

While as yet not strongly formed in the psyche of humanity, this is the way forward for those who seek to contribute through consciousness and energy stimulation:

1)  Find your own heart resonance and work from that;

2)  Find those around you who similarly seek and care, and create a space where your collective heart resonance can be nourished and grow; and

3)  Seek those of great heart on the inner levels, and sit within their loving embrace.

Then take action, whether through meditation where you can send heart light to heal, release, transform and create resonance in the awakening consciousness of those around the world in need; or through your own personal or organisational actions, to bring heart intent into those actions to create positive change.

make effort in your day to hold the presence of heart alive in your consciousness, and with it, energise the positive change you hope for in the world

If you are not in a dire situation of conflict, war or famine, where focussed physical attention may take all your effort for survival, try to make effort in your day to hold the presence of heart alive in your consciousness, and with it, energise the positive change you hope for in the world.

Because the note of heart is energised by evolutionary intent, it can create greater change than if we try to change old emotional binds simply with other emotional energy; or with the mind, which is usually bound up in either the emotional patterns of the past, or the power-wielding patterns that no longer enable the degree of positive change needed, as already explained.

This is not to say that an illumined mind is not beautiful and enlightening; but mind enlightenment is not the means by which egregious leaders will be moved from their path of action. Their mode of power and manipulation, while it may be driven by a certain brilliance of mind (if you can call it that), is astral, which is how they seek to sweep all those into compliance around them. This is also not to say that heart energy will miraculously lift their consciousness, intention and mode of operation. But in the time we are in, with the evolutionary forces that are at work, for those of us who work in an energetic way, this is our best option.

Not only is heart the centre of evolutionary expression at this time, but it is also the vibration of life. No matter the mental or emotional binds any individual wraps themselves in, ultimately life force is what keeps them alive, and heart is the vehicle for that, so it can never be closed down as a source of light.

So, work with your heart however you can. Fill your intentions with heart-felt prayers, affirmations or mantras; use heart-centred meditation as your gathering place and from where you send out that heart intent by whatever means you have access to.

At this point in time, every heart-intentioned effort is desperately needed. Please do yours.

Some ways you can add more heart to the challenges of our global situation:

  1. Go to your own heart, and radiate from there; we offer a free heart attunement you may like to use.
  2. Work from your heart in Earth healing, by yourself or with others. We offer a short Earth healing meditation you can download, or you may like to participate in the Earth healing services offered by Heart Flow Worldwide.

For your reflection …

You may also like to read this excellent article Russia’s Ukraine invasion is not just about borders or power, as it gives insights and an example of how what is described in this passage may manifest.

Please note:

  • This is written in conscious attunement, and at times may be given directly from an inner source. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.


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