Love’s Touch in Your Heart

[written in conscious attunement]

When love streams down into your being, it can be joyful, sad, wondrous, shattering in the realisations it evokes; embracing and nurturing, motivating and encouraging, or feel overwhelming, yet never so.

This is higher love, from soul or the loving family you have in the inner worlds. It evokes, creates, magnifies the full range of human experience, because love is light, the light of Cosmic intent. The light that comes with all of the plan, full of vision and insight. It carries all of the past, upon which the future is built, and out of which come the realisations of your karmic journey. It carries the fullness of truth:  the truth of what is and is not infused with, alive with, that intent we call love; to help you discern on your path. And it carries the fullness of will, so that you can never be crushed or dissuaded from taking your next steps on your journey.

So do not be sad if the light triggers so many different emotions and reactions within you. This is normal. This is love, like an enveloping embrace, illuminating deep corners, exposing challenges to your thoughts and perceptions, awakening you to more.

Love always evokes more, because it is evolutionary intent:  evolution of beingness, of consciousness, of humanity, of earthly illumination. How can this not stir you, and thus challenge those parts of you that do not wish to move and awaken, that do not know more than the structured or staid existence they have held, perhaps for millennia?

Our journey upon Earth involves much building, as we have touched on before. Humans are beings of form, of structure in matter, which is how you get to be a human being of light, love and intent, yet also of physical body, mind and emotions. So naturally, you build many experiences into the structure of who you are. We all do, no matter what evolutionary steps we are taking.

But understand this:  to hold the light of the morrow, every temple is built of the stones carved of the substance of yesterday. It takes effort to build form; but that is the pull and enticement given to Mother Earth in her journey of awakening, else no one would come and stay!

It is the inner pull of gravity, which is love. For, as love is evolutionary intent, and as Earth evolved and took upon herself that pathway of intertwining streams of life that enables nature, animals, humans and angels to incarnate and evolve, then you may understand that it is her choice, and her love, that pulls you to her – once you have chosen this wondrous experience here on Earth. This is the inner gravity, the love that pulls you to Earth, to stay and evolve upon this pathway.

You build the forms of beingness that enable you to be here.  Then the loving touch of higher light comes to you, and what you have built no longer seems right, no longer holds the light you thought it had, no longer has enough room to hold your greater awareness.

Note the parallels in much of the affluent world – and yearned for in many others – for a bigger and bigger house, car, wardrobe; but for what? Perhaps it is an inner trigger to note that you need to make changes in your conscious self, and expand the space in which you dwell as a conscious being, not just as a physical being.

The journey of conscious evolution that we are all on – for that is the journey Earth is upon – requires this growth of consciousness intertwined with the physical world. Here you meet all the pulls of nature, and all the experiences that come from that. Then, when you open to that great loving presence that is your life’s embrace of soul, of higher angels, brothers and sisters in your inner family, suddenly (or perhaps not so suddenly), you see a different world.

Then what?

This is the conundrum of living an evolving life upon Earth. Love gives love, but also shatters whatever no longer enables you to hold and be that love.

As Buddha taught, attachment causes suffering. Yet love invites us to connect and attach. Jesus taught that giving frees love the soul, yet the pull of matter tangles us with it so we find it hard to give. You can find the truths of the evolution of our consciousness into loving, present beings in the teachings of all great teachers who embody love in its many nuances, and thus give it to the world in every colour, shade and intensity.

Just know that even those words of teachers past, those steps and structures created for their gifts to reach and aid you – they are also built of the substance of the times in which they were given. They are forms, and like all forms, they must become the substance upon and with which the new temple is built.

Make space in your life for that gentle bell of your inner voice to be heard

Do not be attached to any one way or teaching, unless it nurtures and excites your soul. How do you know if this is happening? Perhaps the nurturing and stimulus comes from the holding embrace of a familiar form, familiar words, practices, ethos, principles – any or all of these. Perhaps it comes from the gentle, or perhaps a driving presence of light from your own heart, or teachings that you embrace.

How you know if this is the lighted way for you is in your heart. In your heart is all that you have learned upon your travels life after life, and the wisdom of your soul.

Make space in your life for that gentle bell of your inner voice to be heard. Not the cacophony of emotional tangles, the rigidity of certainty of thought. Go past these and listen. Listen for the certainty that is not a thought but a whole body reaction. Listen for the loving emotional touch that has no demand or pressure in it, but just is. Then, you have found love, the love that nourishes who you are as a gracious, evolving, human being.

Then you have found your answers, even if they create mixed emotions, evoke sadness, illuminate with unspeakable joy, uplift with indefatigable hope, awaken realisations that hurt. No matter the complexity, recognise these are simply the structures and stones you have built with up to now. They served you well in the past.

Now, listen to the voice of true love within you, and allow yourself to rebuild your inner temple to hold the light you are to become, and you will become that. Then you evolve, and can bring greater love and thus light to those you love around you.

This is the expression and journey of evolution’s light within you, and if you feel its nudge and pull within your heart, then you cannot walk away – for this is love. Pure love, of evolutionary intent. Pure love, of which your heart is made. Pure love, of which Earth is made. Pure love, of which your path is formed, and shines before you like a mini sun upon the waters of life.

Start in Your Heart!

Start in your heart

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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