Seek Love and Choose

[written in conscious attunement]

Soul … soul is love.

But like a child, a young soul loves in starts and stops, in open joy and careful consideration, as other influences take the attention.

The journey of consciousness is two-fold:

  1. the awakening of personal capacity to be love, in the consciousness sense of the word, not the partnership or sensual meaning, and
  2. the development of soul capacity to love consistently through trials and unknown experiences, and to express that love in a multitude of ways, so that the human infused with that soul can also show love in every way.

Love is the evolutionary force because it draws people and souls alike upon the path of discovery and development.

Love, inherent in the matter and substance of which we are made, of which our universe is made. It is the glue that holds and binds matter to experience, so that meaning can be discerned.

The milieu through which greater light can be perceived, lifting the eyes to the horizon and to the greater light to come; for the knowing of that light is built into all that we are made of.

Love is the guide, but choice is the means by which all beings become conscious. Choice – because without discernment, you cannot avoid the magnetic pull of matter itself, which holds you to the path of human growth upon Earth. Yet at the same time choice must be infused with the inner knowing of light, so that the attachment to the physical world and materialism in its singular form, can be tempered by the wisdom of love.

Here is where soul must act. First through the teachers who shine soul love into the world – and there have been many great ones. Then through the soul itself, no longer a reactive expression of light and love, but a considered and directive source of wisdom and awakening nourishment.

Seek love. That is the essential step to take for a life of conscious growth and service.

Seek love, the love that is consciousness, and your soul will respond; and that great bridge so beautiful in manifestation shall be built – the rainbow bridge of soul to heart within, there to radiate as the shining light that can be  seen, and felt, in those who have chosen thus.

We have many children-souls upon Earth, but they, like all children, can become radiant and loving expressions when their home is loving.

Earth is our home, let us make it loving –
          in intention
          in action
          in service
          in hope
          in choice
          in relationship
          in care.

When we hold Earth in love, we hold all, including all our young souls, and light shall fill our worlds with peace.

This, our goal, our intention, and our efforts are guided thus.

The young in soul respond, but the somewhat developed soul with the resistant personality struggles.

Materialism, consumerism, engulf the un-choosing mind and feelings, and chaos results, for love’s true expression is contained and marketed and limited – and therefore is not love any more, but desire and demand.

This hurts Earth, and young souls too, for our home is in conflict with the tussle of living love and its constrained lower expressions.

Choice, the nourisher of all expressions of true love.

Choose, your soul will notice, and your heart will shine and touch others, and our world.

Living love, the nourisher of souls and bodies, minds and emotions: call it to you and in balance seek and serve in its embrace.

Big love.

We are all here in this milieu, we all must choose. Awaken your inner knowing – choose that which holds the future, not buries the past in layers of pretence.

Hold steady, and your soul shines.

In your heart, I shine. In your heart, love awakens. In your heart, you can choose.

Soul and Love.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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