Kumara & Our Evolutionary Choices

[written in conscious attunement]

In the loving, living flow of light-force, and Cosmic love’s intent, the Earth Kumara embraces, nourishes and energises our beautiful planet. Just as our souls and angelic and inner guides energise and sustain us. And just how it is for us, for Earth Kumara’s gracious flow to reach deep into Earth’s body of physical matter, conduits must be opened by either consciousness, or evolution’s grace.

In evolution’s grace, we, human beings, are afforded the loving light of joy, hope and vision. Without that it would be extremely difficult for any consciousness to develop at all, for it would be contained in the physical-emotional and perhaps mental self, without light and love’s stimulus to awaken the doorways of wonder and inquisitiveness to seek what lies beyond. Once those doorways open, the soul and inner guides may bring further light and love to the emerging conscious self.

For the Earth, evolution’s grace has been the angels, who have been enabled as beings of Cosmic flow to live within and bring nourishment to the worlds of nature in all their expressions. The angels have not been part of Earth’s consciousness, until the beginning of that melding has emerged in recent times. In some vibrational expressions, most commonly in the alignment between Earth and her landscape devas, this has occurred for some centuries; but then just a few short decades for those angels involved in Earth’s opening to Cosmic love’s intention.

In her soul, Earth has committed to becoming a planet of heart many, many millennia ago, otherwise the evolutionary grace for both her and all the life she sustains (including us) would not have been awakened and bestowed in her being. But in her physical body, the channels of that grace through consciousness take time to develop, just as they do for us.

Earth Kumara energises those channels, for her love for Earth is profound, and her pure and lasting intention for coming here to this planetary sphere was to bring this love from Cosmos to her little sister, beloved Earth, so that yet another planet of heart could emerge in conscious alignment with the great Cosmic outbreath, the ultimate love inherent in all creation.

Earth Kumara became a being of love on Venus, where she merged with its soul and emotional consciousness, to develop the radiance of love to perfection in those realms of conscious expression that were the fullness of evolution’s grace for that planet. She became a planetary Kumara of love, able to hold the grace of evolution’s intent, of Cosmic love’s flow, and planetary life, in the harmonious vibration that is pure Cosmic Heart.

Now she emerges into our conscious realms here upon Earth. Her training and awakening upon Venus have given her the capacity to hold loving presence all around our beautiful planet, to merge with Earth’s Ocean of Love, to align with the intent of Cosmos, and be a conduit for the love of Cosmic Heart. She has walked upon Earth in many bodies, to touch this deep, deep matter with her consciousness, so to understand the journey ahead:  to bring Cosmic love into physical expression.

Her own physical journeys have brought the touch of her soul to Earth in small pathways – remembered through history by those she has touched and who have sought to resonate with her love in life after life, on that conscious journey of Earth service.

Now she brings more consciousness to her Earth-loving mission, for not only has evolution’s grace brought much light into the body of our planet, humanity has rapidly opened the door of consciousness to enable a greater infusion.

Does it seem like this at all, when there is so much conflict, war, greed, destruction, hate, and separativeness in our human world? Not much – but in truth, such depth of darkness only emerges in the increasing pressure and brilliance of the heart light of inevitability.

Consciousness is not rigid, far from. In fact, full consciousness requires complete freedom of flow between the higher (at whatever level that is) and the lower vehicles of the being concerned. As human soul consciousness is energised more and more by evolution’s grace – due to the increased openness of Earth in her own consciousness, and by Earth Kumara’s active intent under Cosmic guidance – pathways are sought for that love to flow along the path of intention, which is to Earth, and thus through our human selves.

When the pressure of flow touches our personal self, it meets all the constructs of our personality, whether in thought, emotion or physical habits; and where those constructs do not align with loving intent, the flow is constrained, and personal pressure builds. This is the mess of human world affairs at this time:  the old paradigms, whether personal, national, societal, religious, economic, do not allow enough of love’s flow through. Yet many humans cling to them, and in the face of evolution’s pressure, seek to strengthen them more and more, rather than move with the flow of evolution’s grace. The greater the strengthening applied by personal will and emotional investment, the greater is the shattering, for evolution’s grace cannot be denied.

We all have pockets of discontent, habits from old patterns, hopes we cling to, built in edifices of the past. Yet we also have the enduring flow of love that sustains us, and reminds us that there is light beyond the walls we have built around ourselves.

Choice! Ever the great pivot point between the emerging expression of evolution’s grace in the milieu within which we are born and live, and the inflowing love of Cosmos, Kumara, soul or guides that nudge our gaze beyond the construction of our past efforts. Yet choice is not made, until there is something to choose between.

See these troubled times as the times that are nourishing choice, and do yours to open to and awaken consciously to the flow of love, and the vision of our world to be.

Many do this. Give them your love, for that strengthens their flow into the world. But choose wisely, and if your energies are pulled to that which is built of the past, in either thought or emotion or both, beware. Not all future visions in this human world are of light either; some are projections based on personal desires for power or control, or the mental gymnastics unfettered by ethical constraints or planetary care.

How do you choose wisely? Go to your heart. Still your mind. Still your emotions. Open to that wellspring of life force within you that aligns you with the Great Change:  the choice of heart.

In your heart, you are infused with the deep, loving grace of evolution’s intent, born of Earth’s choices; and you stand in the flow of living light from your guides, your soul, your teachers that awaken the conduits of consciousness. Then you can choose in alignment with evolution’s loving intention.

If this comes with a great swell of emotional conviction, or the rigid constructs of mental certainty – return to your heart and seek truth again. Avoid those convictions and constructs, as familiar and friendly as they may seem, and align with the free-flowing certainty of the heart in conscious alignment. Then you have done yours, and you become a conduit of consciousness, the consciousness of heart, and evolution’s grace.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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