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Love, the Earth and the Last Kumara

[written in conscious attunement]

Go deep,
deep into my world,
you who see me, Logos of Earth

Nourish yourself in my fire.
Fill yourself with my love.
Heal yourself in my embrace.

So deep, deep love.

I am that love, the Kumara, the last.

I hold Earth, I am Earth, until the great change, of which I am part – yet also simply observe.

Humanity, choose!

You are but one expression of life, but you are my only expression of love – when you do this.

But oh, that is so rare. So hidden. So covered, layered by materialism in its thick, deadening grip.

You, my loves, my chelas, pupils of the world – find succour in the love that is, for many cannot see, feel or know this, it is not time. And for some it will never be.

The expression of love of such depth is evolutionary. It is pure evolution itself: the force that pushes through the hardest matter in the universe, to clothe itself in that matter and create beauty… pure love, pure flow of love, the force of evolution, the blood-flow of life itself in its cosmic existence.

Surrender to this form, this love, this existence.

Such is this time of transition.

Love shall be all – but must change matter to be within it, for matter to become garments of delight.

And love must change too, to become a vehicle in matter. It must become a form within and around which matter can be, can express.

Such is the journey of soul within the human, my love within the Earth.

Consciousness enables both.

Consciousness to allow, when looking up and within to receive.

Consciousness to direct, when in the flow with which you know love.

Then to the consciousness to empower – the mix of uniting the consciousness to receive, with the consciousness to direct. That is the path of Mastership. That is where souls train.

Souls that hold love must direct that love, and receive that love. Personalities of these souls must do the same. This is initiation. Neither directing nor receiving can occur without the other – but the integration of the two into the one beingness? That is initiation in the age of renewal. For no longer is it given, taken, bestowed, accepted … it is built in the changing consciousness of the matter infused with love, and love clothed in matter, and Earth shining like a star, a jewel of cosmic brilliance, shining in the crown of the Solar Logos.

So, such changes beset us all, planned, known or in surprise.

Infinite change is possible, but the path of love will define it.

Infinite expression is possible, but the flow of love will inform it.

Infinite creation is possible, but the presence of love shall sustain or destroy.

Love is all there is.

I am the last Kumara.

In me is the Earth and all her life.

In me is the plan and all her expressions.

In me is pure love, and all creation.

I hold this journey, this beautiful world, and now I reveal this to the listeners, and thus the changes awaken.

Listen. Love. Become. Be.

Hold the Earth and each other. So much love to become real in this world. So much change is its forerunner.

Love, be loved.

Always, you are loved by great Mothers and Fathers.

Always are you loved by I, Kumara of Earth, the last, bringing the love that shall sustain, awaken and free all.

Be free, be love, be now.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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