Heart Intuition and Discernment

[written in conscious attunement]

If you want to walk a spiritual path in this evolving era of the awakening heart, you must develop your faculties of intuition. Think of it like the language of the heart, for it is that. It is not a wafty, fleeting impression from somewhere outside of you, but is your higher consciousness, expressing through your heart. This is true intuition, the language of the heart.

This is different from the other single, indeterminate nudges or messages that you may  become aware of from time to time. These are typically from inner helpers, guides or family members, seeking to draw your attention to something. It may or may not be helpful, because, as always, it depends upon their intention and connectivity to higher consciousness; and it also depends upon your past relationship, which may create filters in your own consciousness that modify the message given. Other inputs that we often attribute to intuition arise from our emotional body, in its interaction with the environment.

If you think about our human intelligence and consciousness, we can attribute our learning and growth in awareness to the five senses we have in the physical world:  touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell. These are all inputs to how we assess our situation and circumstance, and upon which we make decisions and learn.

As a spiritual being, you have many more senses, through which (if you train them) you can detect other inputs.  As they are always vibrational inputs – because that is what the inner world consists of – to perceive them, you need to do two things:  1) create enough moments of stillness in your day so they can resonate into your consciousness; and 2) train yourself in their language so you can discern.

Where your emotional body is picking up energies around you and is seeking to communicate them to your physical consciousness, you most definitely need to discern. Your emotional body is of a finer vibration than your physical body and senses, but it is also conditioned by your journey as a human being. You may have particular fears, and react more strongly in certain situations than is warranted. The same can be said of prejudices, memories of past injustices, difficult relationships. You name it, and you probably have it as some kind of residual vibration, or blockage in your emotional self. We all do. So first you must discern what you are picking up in this feeling world, and see if it has been over, or perhaps under-emphasised by your emotional self.

This is where you come to the heart. It is all but impossible to discern whether what is going on in our emotional perceptions are our reactions or a legitimate stimulus on an emotional level to aid us in our day – without having a still point in our being that enables comparison and evaluation.

You cannot truly evaluate intuition with your mind, because your mind is similarly structured with what you know, or do not know, with blockages and undeveloped areas. That is why we still walk the path of learning upon Earth.

Many people use their mind to evaluate what they pick up intuitively, which most usually results in the intuitive perception being dismissed. On the other hand, too many people consider that anything coming from a place other than the physical senses is true and infallible, which leaves them open to all sorts of inner rubbish.

Our inner worlds are as full of young and evolving beings as our physical world and, in just the same way, there are those of undeveloped consciousness who get up to mischief, or who may even have malevolence they have not yet cleared from their consciousness.

Your discernment from the heart (not of mind or emotions) will enable you to learn the language of your heart

If you perceive on the inner levels and just believe everything you see, hear, or come to understand without applying any conscious filters, you take the risk that you will attract the attention of those who want to disrupt and create mischief. They have their own personal agendas and desires, and rarely have your journey of light in their intention – even if they may be good at pretending that they do. This may also be the case with those guides and relations on the inner levels with whom you have a relationship: do not take everything they suggest as absolute truth!

You are your own person, on your own path, and, while you can certainly be gracious to those who offer advice or assistance, you do need to discern in your own consciousness.

As the Age of the Heart unfolds, and more evolutionary impetus is given to awakening heart, this is where you go for truth. If you truly go to your heart, then you are seeking that input from your soul or can evaluate other impressions and insights you have had, in the light of your soul. Even just the tiniest of glimmers of soul light in your heart will illuminate what you are wanting to understand and evaluate: because, either it will resonate with that light, or it will not.

That is the wonder and brilliance of heart intuition: just like the physical heart, it either has flow, or not. Or, if working with the vibration of light, it either resonates with your soul’s vibration in your heart, or it does not.

For big issues, you may need to unpack all the nuances, until you feel you have the right choice to take to your heart. You may have several, but what you obtain from aligning with the intelligence of your heart, is a singular answer:  either a yes, or a no; or if it is neither, it is not the right question, or the right time to ask it, or you have blockages to clear to be able to hear the answer. The more you go to your heart, the more you can train your consciousness to learn this language and discern.

On the path of conscious awakening, this is essential, or else you can find yourself in the swirls of confusion created by your own reactions and/or the unclear inputs of inner beings not evolved enough as yet to be fully illumined. The main reasons it is essential are that your five earthly senses are built for traversing life in the physical world, and cannot guide you on a path of conscious awakening. When you seek that inner awareness, you need to learn the senses that help you traverse that inner world. You need to learn the language of your heart.

Your heart is the centre of your being where your soul touches you, where your spark of life exists, and around which your physical embodiment has been built. The intention for your life’s journey is held here, for this is your soul’s knowledge, manifested in you for this life’s unfoldment.

When you have trained yourself to go into your heart, you bypass emotions and mind, and reach that place where truth shines, and discernment is nourished. As with any learning, repetition and gentleness are your best guides. It is more and more easily found, as heart consciousness is awakening around and within our world; but remember discernment. As more consciousness awakens, so too is there more disruption created by the gentle yet undeniable evolutionary pressure. Obvious in the physical world, it is there in the inner world too, on the lower levels of vibration. Use your discernment. You have enough to take you to your next step, and then you will learn more. Do not take any inner journey without it. Your discernment from the heart (not of mind or emotions) will enable you to learn the language of your heart, and hear the guidance of your soul, and thus awaken the fullness of loving light in your being to illumine and nourish your way.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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