Conscience, Knowledge, Wisdom & Heart Consciousness

[written in conscious attunement]

What is consciousness, compared to knowledge, wisdom, intuition? All of these are rightfully spoken of as attributes of value on the human and spiritual path. But to awaken spiritually for this New Age that is upon us, to help it to come about, we need to develop heart consciousness.

Consciousness in general has and is part of the teachings and goal of some spiritual pathways; but most reference or require knowledge to progress on the path, and the conscience founded upon that knowledge (if not already inbuilt into the human self from training in previous lives).

Conscience is basically an assessment of right and wrong, and thus needs a framework in which to assess this, whether that is through knowledge, or emotional development and refinement. This framework is limited to what is known or emotionally conditioned; hence why some consider themselves to be upstanding citizens of conscience because of their adherence to religious frameworks, or societal frameworks, yet fail to demonstrate any conscience regarding the welfare of the environment, climate, or Earth herself; or in consideration of groups of people other than themselves.

This is why conscience alone is not enough for humanity to continue to develop in loving harmony with each other and Earth. And love, as we know it, is itself mostly conditional, based on acceptance of the framework. As we know, that is unworkable when you have need, as humanity does, for peaceful respect to be created between people of diverse religions, races and nations.

Knowledge is part of building a framework for conscience, but it can also be developed in such a way that all conscience is disbanded, in the illusion that knowledge will solve all and save all, without discernment or choice. Knowledge for knowledge’s sake can result in this. Scientific exploration is full of people with this approach, where just because something can be explored, dissected, tested, experimented on, it is. This is not in itself a problem, for surely this has led to so many benefits for the world at large. However, too often that pursuit of knowledge is driven by money or power, and any possibility of conscience tempering what is done, to ensure it does not create more harm to people or to Earth, is abandoned by the lure, or narrowing constraints, of this expression of greed.

All of this expresses the complex relationships and entanglements between mind, knowledge and emotional values, and they play out every day in our personal choices, and in the choices of governments and leaders, corporations and groups all around the world, for the betterment or harm of Earth and all her life.

When it is defensible to kill others for political gain, when it is defensible to destroy Earth for corporate gain, you know we have reached a point where change is needed. Yes, humanity has behaved thus for millennia, but the impacts have for the most part been localised. Now, these last 100 years or so in particular, the impacts not only affect humanity globally, but seriously and very detrimentally affect Earth herself.

The conscience developed and held by many societies through their religious or spiritual practices has been dispersed, diluted, or denounced in the name of development. But what replaces it?

The mind is an analytical tool, which can only analyse what it perceives:  it can easily dismiss perceptions if they do not fit the value model that it has accepted. This is why so many continue to utterly devastate the Earth, in the name of the financial gain accepted as the model essential for life. Without Earth thriving with a balanced ecosystem and climate, we will not have life, yet that is not accepted by too many of those wielding power.

To see the pinnacle of decision-making as through the mind and knowledge alone is completely non-sensical. Not only does this assume that what is available to the mind to analyse represents all the factors involved, but it also assumes that it has not been conditioned by emotional reactions, conscious or unconscious. Just because something exists as words in your head, just because you can develop an apparently logical argument based on the knowledge you have to justify the point of those words, provides no measure of whether it is valuable or complete knowledge. This is the failing of many with significant intellectual power, who have allowed themselves to be captured by an emotional driver that filters and conditions, and thus limit what the mind can analyse and decide.

So then we come to intuition. Many say they have been jolted out of certain thoughts or emotional frameworks by a sudden flash that reveals another perspective and understanding – or it may come in dreams, meditations or prayers. Intuition can increase the depth and breadth of our perception around issues or problems, or it may simply be an instantaneous warning not to do something. We bundle them all together, as something that arises from outside our consciousness.

Our ability to perceive intuitive nudges, whatever they are for, depends upon our psychological and energetic openness to them. Many dismiss intuitive insights because they are captured by their concrete mind, or emotional prejudice, and do not accept anything else. On the other extreme, some are so desperate for spiritual contact that they accept anything that seems to arise from outside their consciousness, and believe it without discernment. You can develop a balanced and valuable capacity to use your intuitive abilities by using your heart to discern, and by using physical and spiritual practices to refine and purify your physical and inner self to better perceive what is offered.

Intuition is a valuable tool for awakening consciousness, for it can stretch your perceptions, just as knowledge can – yet it is not consciousness itself.

Wisdom is another sought after attribute for seekers. Differentiating wisdom from knowledge comes down to experience. If you have learned something through the teaching of another, or through the agility of your mind to accumulate and organise information to create a meaningful framework for your life, you have developed knowledge. But knowledge in and of itself is only that, until it is tested and validated in the world of experience. Wisdom arises when we have tempered our knowledge with enough experience to discern and adjust its application to the world we live in. It can be spiritually infused, creating spiritual wisdom; or it may be humanly focussed, creating human wisdom. Often these overlap.

Mind has a tendency to seek more knowledge when what it knows proves to be insufficient to solve the problems of life’s journey. But at some point the accumulation of knowledge simply does not offer enough depth with which to understand and solve these challenges. Depending upon your journey and the frameworks within which you function, you may come sooner or later to the need for more depth and wisdom in your life – more easily or through challenge, but it will come.

Experience tempers run-away knowledge and enables adjustments; intuition and conscience open pathways for reflection and choice, and allow for life expression with more depth and wisdom.

But what, then, is consciousness? Consciousness is what coheres all of these elements into a meaningful whole. Consciousness enables intuition to be perceived and discerned with meaning; for knowledge to be used as a tool not a goal; for wisdom to reach into the fullness of who you are.

We consider the time we are conscious in our daily life as when we are awake:  when we can consciously utilise the five senses that enable our interaction with the physical world. Consciousness on the spiritual path means awakening your awareness to the senses you have in the inner worlds. Both require a certain ability to focus. As you most probably have experienced, it is possible to be physically awake without being conscious with all your senses. It is also possible to be awake but focussed on the inner worlds such that you are no longer conscious of physical experiences, something some seek through meditation.

Consciousness requires choice, whatever level it is on.

Consciousness is a synthesis of all the knowledge, wisdom, intuition and perceptions we have, such that we can make sense of all these factors, or at least have the opportunity to do so. That is the path.

Why heart consciousness is of such importance is because it is so vastly different from the path of consciousness evolved on the human journey so far, where for most the focus has been upon developing consciousness on the level of mind and emotions. But now, that is not enough . It is difficult for those with wisdom and insight to dissuade people in power, whether corporate or government, from pathways of destruction and harm. Unconscionable actions proceed because the mind is distorted by knowledge based on past frameworks, or limited by emotional desires not in harmony with life on Earth today – and they are untempered by the conscience required to meet our current earthly and human needs. For the most part humanity is not living in sustainable harmony with Earth, let alone fulfilling our purpose here, and this requires a shift.

The consciousness we exist within as humanity is a bubble of mind, emotion and our physical existence, and for all the reasons we have discussed – without a higher perspective, when mind and knowledge are seen as the pinnacle of human development – we cannot develop the global conscience we need now. Even the religious and spiritual traditions in our world are for the most part frameworks of individual thought and emotion. Certainly some enable greater spiritual perception, but many do not; some awaken and develop conscience, some do this only within their own constructs and still allow hatred and destruction of others, and of Earth.

However, through heart consciousness, so much will change, because heart is the point in your being where your soul resonates. As you awaken heart consciousness, you cannot but awaken perceptions of higher meaning, beyond the usually well-intentioned but nevertheless constructed frameworks of meaning built in the human world of existing religions, spiritual pathways and thinking.

Through the awakening heart, we learn to wake up in the world touched by soul, where true meaning and purpose of life arises. We learn to expand the senses we work with to those infused with soul, not just what we know or intuit in our physical world of thought, emotion and body. Through awakening our perceptions to these finer vibrations of soul, we will awaken our loving relationship with Earth. Some have this already, but not enough. The machinery of the false economy built around money alone, and of power built of control over land, possessions and people, is not yet disrupted enough for those who should know better to choose more wisely.

But soul presence is inevitable, it is just a matter of how long, and how destructive, is the path humanity takes to get there. It is not that everyone will suddenly become soul conscious – that is not the next step. Rather, it is to awaken to whatever degree of soul infusion is yours to receive, and live in resonance with that in your life.

Soul is of the Ocean of Love of Earth’s being, and it knows the plan of Earth and your part in it. Heart is the vehicle of resonance in your being where you can perceive that vibration of soul. This is where conscience will develop that includes Earth in the evaluation; where knowledge will be stimulated to expand beyond that which is constructed in thought alone; where wisdom and experience will align more and more of your being with what is right, just and loving for Earth and all life. And where intuition will bring the gifts of the heart, where the focus is not on self-development of love and light, but on global development of love and light.

Utopian? No, because Earth’s choice has been made, and humanity’s path has been formed; the choice and variation comes down to how much every one of us chooses and strives for contact with that infusion of heart that will awaken our consciousness to all there is in the world of love to be. Then we become part of that Ocean of Love here upon Earth, and make the transition of consciousness easier for everyone else.

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Please note:

  • This was written in conscious attunement and sometimes comes directly from a being on the inner. Any use of “I” or “me” is not a reference to me personally, but to the being from whom the message was given.
  • The publication date is the date the transmission was received, unless indicated otherwise.
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